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March 8, 2024

Kinsta review

March 8, 2024

Kinsta review

By Albert Ślusarczyk

Kinsta review

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    Pros of Kinsta:
    • Utilizes Google Cloud Platform for high-performance hosting.
    • Features like fast load times, strong security measures, and user-friendly managed hosting plans.
    • Offers free premium migrations and an easy site setup process.
    • Includes automated free Cloudflare SSL, DDoS protection, and DevKinsta for local development.
    • Provides 99.9% uptime guarantee.
    • Accessible customer support and a 30-day money-back guarantee.
    • Dedicated resources for each WordPress installation ensure better performance and privacy.
    • Advanced security measures with proactive and reactive protections.
    • Global presence with 35 data center locations at no additional cost.
    Cons of Kinsta:
    • Premium pricing starting at $30 a month, which might be steep for smaller projects or beginners.
    • Incorporates overage fees for bandwidth, potentially adding to costs for high-traffic sites.
    • Though Kinsta's offerings are robust, cheaper alternatives are available offering excellent performance.
    • May not be the best fit for every project or need, with alternatives like WP Engine, Bluehost, DreamHost, or InMotion Hosting sometimes providing a better match depending on specific requirements.

    Kinsta short summary

    Kinsta stands out in the managed WordPress hosting space, leveraging the robust infrastructure of the Google Cloud Platform to offer scalable solutions and impressive performance stats. With features like 99.9% uptime guarantee, automated Cloudflare SSL, and DDoS protection, Kinsta caters to both newcomers and seasoned developers. It simplifies website management through a custom dashboard and provides tools like DevKinsta for local development, alongside free premium migrations ensuring seamless site transfers. Security is a prime focus, with daily backups, proactive malware removal, and adherence to strict privacy standards. Global data center options further boost site speed and reliability. Real-world user experiences confirm Kinsta’s claims of fast load times and consistent uptime, making it a viable option for high-traffic websites that prioritize reliability and support. While its premium pricing may deter smaller projects, the breadth of features and performance enhancements justify the investment for entities demanding top-tier managed WordPress hosting.

    If you’re seeking a managed WordPress host, Kinsta’s premium services promise top-tier performance. But do they deliver? Our Kinsta review provides clear insights into its speed, security, and support to inform your decision without wasting your time.

    Key Takeaways

    • Kinsta is a top-tier managed WordPress hosting provider utilizing Google Cloud Platform, designed for high traffic sites with features like fast load times, strong security measures, and user-friendly managed hosting plans starting at $30 a month.

    • The platform offers a wealth of tools for both beginners and developers, with an easy site setup process, free premium migrations, a custom dashboard for management, enhanced security features such as automated free Cloudflare SSL and DDoS protection, and DevKinsta for local development.

    • Kinsta boasts impressive performance stats with Google Cloud’s C2 machines, offering 99.9% uptime guarantee and fast content delivery, backed by a committal to customer satisfaction through accessible support and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

    Kinsta: A Comprehensive Introduction

    Kinsta is a game-changer in the realm of managed WordPress hosting. As a hosting provider, what sets it apart is its backbone - the Google Cloud Platform, a powerful hosting platform. Leveraging this robust infrastructure, Kinsta provides scalable Kinsta WordPress hosting solutions across 28 global data centers. But that’s not all. Kinsta’s reputation as a managed WordPress hosting service is built on fast loading times, high security measures, and a stable, user-friendly interface. In the competitive world of WordPress hosting, Kinsta stands out as a strong alternative to WP Engine.

    So, who’s Kinsta for? If you prioritize website security, support, and uptime, Kinsta might just be your match. It caters to small-to-medium businesses, web development clients, and individuals who seek high-end managed WordPress hosting. Sound like you?

    With managed hosting plans beginning at $30 a month, Kinsta, a hosting company, targets serious, high-traffic sites. Now, that might seem steep compared to other hosting providers. But, Kinsta is designed for serious business. Its WordPress hosting packages come packed with features like daily backups and free site migrations, all aimed at improving global performance and reach for high-traffic sites.

    While Kinsta’s offerings seem promising, it’s crucial to verify their validity. Consequently, we’ll evaluate Kinsta to ascertain if it matches its hype.

    Setting Up Your Site with Kinsta

    Launching your WordPress website with Kinsta couldn’t be easier. You can create a new WordPress site right from the dashboard in just a few minutes. But what if you already have a WordPress site elsewhere? No worries! Kinsta offers at least one free ‘Premium’ migration with all plans and expert migration services to ensure a seamless transition with no downtime.

    For developers inclined to construct websites locally before online deployment, In that case, you’ll love DevKinsta, Kinsta’s free local WordPress development suite. And if you’re nervous about launching your shiny new site, Kinsta has got you covered. You can create a staging environment for your website, accessible through the ‘Staging’ area in the site settings.

    As for SSL certificates, Kinsta simplifies their installation process. All you need to do is generate a CSR and RSA key pair in the ‘Domains’ section in MyKinsta, and Kinsta will take care of the renewal before expiration.

    Kinsta's User-Friendly Dashboard and Features

    MyKinsta, also known as the Kinsta dashboard, is an ideal solution for web project management. It’s custom-built and designed to handle everything from apps and databases to managed WordPress sites. And it’s not just for users - developers are given a wealth of features, like REST API access, integrated WordPress debugging tools, and granular customization like PHP engine switching.

    MyKinsta offers the following features:

    • Project management

    • Analytics tools to monitor usage of app bandwidth, CPU, and RAM, and server logs

    • SSL support for custom domains

    • Collaborative tools for optimized site performance and management

    A top advantage of MyKinsta is its emphasis on simplifying routine hosting management tasks. It’s designed to be intuitive and less complex, sparing users the headaches of server administration.

    Advanced Security Measures at Kinsta

    Kinsta takes security matters seriously. It provides an automatic and free Cloudflare SSL certificate, with wildcard support for true managed WordPress hosting plans. As a top managed WordPress host, Kinsta handles the renewal for users.

    But Kinsta’s security measures don’t stop at SSL certificates. It combats DDoS attacks with an enterprise-level firewall and active monitoring. And if your site does get infected with malware, Kinsta provides free malware removal services across all plans.

    Kinsta’s security measures also prioritize backups. They’re performed daily and include a comprehensive snapshot of the site’s environment, from files and databases to redirects and NGINX settings. Plus, if you want to store backups externally, Kinsta offers a one-click manual backup process.

    What about privacy standards? Kinsta’s got them covered too. Its security measures are certified with SOC-2 Type II compliance and adhere to GDPR and CCPA privacy standards. And to top it all off, Kinsta ensures secure connections with encrypted SFTP and SSH, and offers a hack fix guarantee.

    Kinsta's Global Presence

    Kinsta’s global reach is one of its most salient features. With 35 data center locations around the world, Kinsta offers customers the flexibility to host their website anywhere they choose. And the best part? Choosing from these data center locations is included in Kinsta’s service at no additional cost.

    However, choosing the optimal data center can be confusing. Kinsta recommends using the GCP Ping tool to make the best choice. And remember, the location of your current visitors can significantly influence your choice of data center for improved performance.

    Evaluating Kinsta's Speed and Uptime

    Kinsta excels in terms of speed and uptime. It leverages Google Cloud’s top CPU servers and Premium Tier network, providing up to a 200% performance improvement for hosted sites. Plus, with a fully-managed CDN with over 260 global locations, Kinsta ensures faster content delivery.

    Kinsta isn’t just fast - it’s stable too. It can scale its containers instantly to handle surges in website traffic, maintaining stable response times. And users have reported a significant drop in response times after migrating to Kinsta, with improvements from 400 ms to approximately 50 ms.

    But don’t just take our word for it. Performance tests using tools like GTMetrix and Sucuri’s load time tester have shown Kinsta’s hosted sites achieving average load times of less than one second. It’s no wonder Kinsta is widely regarded as a very fast WordPress host.

    Kinsta's Load Time Test Results

    Delving into the load time test results reveals more. Kinsta recently upgraded to Google Cloud Platform’s compute-optimized C2 machines. This move promises significant performance improvements across all plans. Internal benchmarks showed performance boosts from 30% to 200% after transitioning to C2 machines.

    Even highly optimized sites benefit from the C2 machines. One example saw a reduced average response time from ~250 ms to ~130 ms. And Kinsta’s Edge Caching technology cuts time to first byte (TTFB) by an average of 50%.

    In speed tests, Kinsta demonstrated its robust server infrastructure by achieving very speedy load times for WordPress sites, emerging as the second fastest host in some tests. Plus, all plans feature Kinsta’s proprietary Application Performance Monitoring (APM) Tool, which aids clients in identifying and resolving issues that could slow down their websites.

    Kinsta's Uptime Guarantee in Practice

    Kinsta guarantees a 99.9% uptime, supported by a Service Level Agreement. If downtime exceeds 43 minutes in a month, Kinsta offers service credits upon request. And Kinsta doesn’t just make promises - it keeps them. Real-world tests, including those using UptimeRobot, have shown Kinsta consistently achieving 99.99% uptime or even 100% in some instances. In addition to their impressive uptime, Kinsta also provides excellent phone support for their customers.

    And if Kinsta’s uptime falls below the guaranteed 99.9%, customers are eligible for service credits. This compensation mechanism ensures peace of mind for any downtime experienced. Plus, Kinsta’s engineers are poised to respond immediately to restore service if uptime monitoring detects any disruptions, ensuring quick action is taken to uphold their uptime guarantee.

    Is Kinsta Worth the Investment?

    Thus, does Kinsta justify the investment? The answer depends on your needs. Kinsta’s pricing is on the premium side, but its extensive features and managed services may justify the cost for sites that require high performance and security. However, there are cheaper alternatives available that offer excellent performance, making Kinsta less suitable for smaller projects or those just starting out.

    Remember, Kinsta’s pricing structure incorporates overage fees for bandwidth, which could mean additional costs for high-traffic sites. But users have described Kinsta’s system as stable, with improved server response times and near-perfect uptime after migration.

    Kinsta has shown commitment to resolving issues, as evidenced by its response to earlier reported downtime. It’s recommended for established sites with consistent high traffic, suggesting strong performance under demanding conditions. Plus, Kinsta prioritizes fast and knowledgeable WordPress support, which has significantly reduced support tickets and improved customer satisfaction. Support is accessible through multiple channels and has been praised for quick and comprehensive responses. And with a variety of hosting plans backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee, Kinsta caters to different needs and levels of service.


    In conclusion, Kinsta’s managed WordPress hosting platform offers robust features, including a user-friendly dashboard, advanced security measures, and a global presence. Its speed and uptime are impressive, and while its pricing is premium, it may be justified for sites requiring high performance and security. However, cheaper alternatives are available for smaller projects or those just starting out.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1Why is Kinsta so expensive?
    Kinsta is expensive because it provides premium services such as dedicated resources for each WordPress installation, unlike ordinary shared hosting. This ensures better performance and privacy for your website.
    2How secure is Kinsta?
    Kinsta is very secure as it employs proactive and reactive measures to protect websites from fraudulent requests and DDoS attacks. Additionally, all sites on Kinsta run in isolated software containers, ensuring 100% privacy and added security.
    3Do I need Kinsta?
    Kinsta is not perfect for everyone, and you may want to consider alternatives like WP Engine, Bluehost, DreamHost, or InMotion Hosting based on your specific needs.
    4Is Kinsta a reliable source?
    Yes, Kinsta is a reliable source with great features and an SLA-backed 99.9% uptime guarantee. Try it out if your site is growing in traffic.
    5What is Kinsta?
    Kinsta is a managed WordPress hosting platform that uses Google Cloud Platform for reliable hosting solutions.
    Kinsta review

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