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February 2, 2024
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IP Vanish review

February 2, 2024

IP Vanish review

By Albert Ślusarczyk

IP Vanish review

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    Pros of IP Vanish:
    • Advanced encryption and a variety of security features such as split tunneling, VPN kill switch, SOCKS5 proxy, automatic startup, and DNS leak protection.
    • No-logs policy ensures user privacy by not retaining any user activity or browsing behavior.
    • User-friendly interfaces with support for unlimited simultaneous connections.
    • Strong performance in terms of speed, making it suitable for streaming, torrenting, and gaming.
    • Multiple platform compatibility including Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, and Linux.
    • Competitive pricing plans with a 30-day money-back guarantee.
    Cons of IP Vanish:
    • Limited accessibility to some streaming services, potentially reducing its effectiveness for users looking to access all streaming content.
    • Previous security controversy regarding the handover of log information to the U.S. government, though this issue has been addressed with a revised no-logs policy.
    • In comparison to alternatives such as NordVPN and Surfshark, IPVanish may lack in terms of server network size and extra privacy features.
    • Customer support and client application could see improvements for better user satisfaction.
    • Despite offering competitive pricing, there are cheaper alternatives available in the market with similar or better features.

    IP Vanish short summary

    IPVanish VPN stands out as a robust VPN service, offering advanced features like split tunneling, a no-logs policy, user-friendly interfaces, and unlimited simultaneous connections. This position it well for those prioritizing privacy and unrestricted internet access. With substantial investments in speed and compatibility across numerous platforms, IPVanish supports various online activities including streaming, torrenting, and gaming. Despite its past security controversies, IPVanish has strengthened its policies to assure user privacy. Its performance is commendable, maintaining about 80% of the original speed in key locations, which is notable when compared to competitors. The ability to stream services like Netflix and support P2P downloads on every server highlights its versatility. Additionally, its commitment to user privacy is evidenced by a rigorous zero-log policy and top-notch AES 256-bit encryption. While IPVanish holds a competitive edge in terms of speed and privacy offerings, alternatives such as NordVPN and Surfshark present their unique benefits. Therefore, for those seeking a blend of speed, security, and reliability in their VPN choice, IPVanish emerges as a formidable option worth considering.

    Looking for a VPN that doesn’t compromise on speed and security? Our latest IP vanish review offers a concise, no-nonsense evaluation of its performance in key areas like speed, streaming, and security. Find out if IPVanish stands out in the crowded VPN market without spoiling the details.

    Key Takeaways

    • IPVanish VPN offers robust features like advanced encryption, split tunneling, a no-logs policy, and user-friendly interfaces with unlimited simultaneous connections, appealing to those seeking privacy and unrestricted internet access.

    • IPVanish proves to be a strong performer in terms of speed and compatibility across various platforms, supporting activities like streaming, torrenting, and gaming, although with some limitations in streaming service accessibility.

    • Despite facing previous security challenges, IPVanish has reinforced policies to ensure user privacy and offers competitive pricing plans, suggesting it’s a valuable investment for those prioritizing speed and privacy, with alternatives like NordVPN and Surfshark offering differing benefits.

    Unveiling IPVanish VPN

    IPVanish VPN, as its name suggests, aims to make your online presence invisible to prying eyes. It packages advanced encryption, access to restricted content, online anonymity, and a no-logs policy in a user-friendly format. The year 2024 has seen IPVanish VPN making strides in terms of speed and flexibility. It now boasts excellent speeds using WireGuard on its servers and has optimized its network performance for online education.

    Reviews of IPVanish VPN are generally positive, highlighting its ability to maintain around 80% of the original performance in key locations. In this IPVanish review, we will focus on the IPVanish android app, which has garnered praise for its user-friendly interface and advanced features. However, skepticism remains. Can IPVanish VPN truly fulfill all these promises? We’ll examine its performance to find out.

    In theory, IPVanish VPN appears well-equipped for a top-tier VPN service, boasting extensive server locations, advanced encryption, and a user-friendly layout. Yet, its performance in real-world conditions is what truly matters, and we’ll explore that later. For now, let’s identify the primary target audience for this service.

    Target Audience and Unique Offerings

    Primarily, IPVanish VPN is best suited for English-speaking individuals. But its appeal extends beyond just linguistic convenience. It is user-friendly due to its ease of use, speed, and security. The advanced features it offers, such as:

    • Split tunneling

    • VPN kill switch

    • SOCKS5 proxy

    • Automatic startup

    • DNS leak protection

    • Multiple connection protocols

    A VPN provider can make it a potent tool for those seeking a comprehensive VPN experience.

    One arena where IPVanish VPN shines is in its capabilities for streaming and torrenting. It has the power to stream Netflix, unblock other popular streaming services, and is highly suitable for torrenting with P2P-friendly servers. It provides unlimited simultaneous connections, allowing users to access various streaming services while torrenting.

    Gaming represents another domain where IPVanish VPN demonstrates its capabilities. With optimized gaming servers, DDoS protection, split tunneling, a VPN kill switch, a SOCKS5 proxy, automatic startup, DNS leak protection, multiple connection protocols, and an option for a dedicated IP address, IPVanish VPN aims to deliver a secure and seamless gaming experience. Is its performance consistently flawless, though? We’ll delve into that shortly.

    Getting Started with IPVanish

    IPVanish VPN is compatible with various devices and platforms such as:

    • Windows

    • MacOS

    • iOS

    • Android

    • Linux

    This broad compatibility range makes it accessible to a wide array of users. But compatibility alone isn’t enough. How easy is it to get started with IPVanish VPN?

    The process for Windows users is notably straightforward. Here are the steps:

    1. Create an account and sign up.

    2. Download the IPVanish windows app.

    3. Log in with your credentials.

    4. Connect to your desired server location.

    MacOS users follow a similar process, with an additional step of finding the installed IPVanish icon at the top.

    Linux users can utilize the setup guide on the IPVanish website, whereas iOS and Android users can install the official VPN apps from their respective platforms and adhere to the on-screen instructions to establish a connection.

    Clearly, IPVanish has customized its installation process for every operating system, ensuring a straightforward setup and facilitating private internet access for its users.

    Navigating the User Interface

    Once you’ve installed IPVanish VPN, you’re greeted by a user interface that’s as functional as it is visually pleasing. Equipped with advanced encryption, the ability to bypass restricted content, online anonymity, a no-logs policy, unlimited connections, split tunneling, a kill switch, optimized server locations for streaming, and a user-friendly design, IPVanish also offers static IP addresses for users who require them.

    The interface is characterized by a simple graphical interface that allows users to quickly select their preferred server location. The iOS app also offers a seamless experience for iPhone and iPad users. For those who like to personalize their VPN experience, IPVanish provides customization options, including protocol selection.

    For newcomers, maneuvering the IPVanish VPN interface is a cinch. By logging into the app, connecting to a location from the home screen, and selecting a VPN location or server manually using the provided options, users can easily mask their real IP addresses to ensure online privacy.

    Built to Last?

    IPVanish VPN offers a host of security features, including split tunneling, a VPN kill switch, SOCKS5 proxy, automatic startup, and DNS leak protection. It also includes multiple connection protocols such as WireGuard®, IKEv2, OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec, and PPTP, while offering top-notch AES 256-bit encryption to protect against data sharing, censorship, and government interference.

    Is it trustworthy, though? IPVanish VPN enjoys a reputation for reliability, thanks to its broad server locations, notable customizability, and robust security features. Aside from encryption, IPVanish safeguards user privacy by preventing DNS leaks that could reveal a user’s activity and upholds a rigorous zero-log policy, ensuring they do not track, record, or retain any logs of customer VPN activity or browsing behavior.

    IPVanish In Action

    In terms of performance, IPVanish VPN supports streaming across a variety of platforms such as:

    • YouTube

    • Spotify

    • Sling TV

    • Kodi

    However, it may face challenges with certain popular streaming services like Amazon Prime, potentially limiting its usefulness for some users.

    For torrenting enthusiasts, IPVanish is a suitable option as it allows P2P downloads on every server and does not ban or block users for torrenting. However, it may not offer the highest performance specifically optimized for torrenting.

    In the context of online gaming, IPVanish can enhance the experience by:

    • Ensuring a secure and private connection

    • Reducing latency

    • Retaining up to 70% of the initial internet speed, which is crucial for a smooth gaming experience.

    Real-World Speed Tests

    In terms of speed, IPVanish VPN delivers an impressive performance. It provides fast speeds on long-distance servers, and it is worth noting that these speeds can even exceed those of NordVPN, a well-known competitor.

    How does it stand against other VPN services? Renowned for high-speed performance, IPVanish boasts quick upload speeds, low ping times, and dependable VPN protocols, making it an excellent choice for gaming and torrenting.

    Of course, several factors can affect the performance and speed of IPVanish VPN, including:

    • The location of the VPN server

    • The user’s physical proximity to the server

    • The availability and distribution of VPN servers

    • The selected IPVanish VPN settings

    • The stability of the VPN connection

    Streaming and Torrenting Capabilities

    Regarding streaming, IPVanish VPN can unblock a number of popular services like Netflix, Disney Plus, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, and ESPN+, but it falls short in unblocking Hulu.

    For torrenting, IPVanish offers support for P2P file-sharing and torrenting on all its servers, along with robust security features to safeguard users’ identities and activities during these exchanges.

    To maintain impressive speed, IPVanish offers fast download speeds, keeping around 80% of the original performance in key locations, and allowing unlimited bandwidth for torrenting on all its servers.

    Security and Privacy Proving Ground

    Aside from its performance capabilities, IPVanish upholds a rigorous zero-log policy, which means they do not retain traffic logs, session details, or any information that could potentially identify users, thereby upholding a robust level of user data protection.

    In terms of encryption, IPVanish employs various encryption protocols such as:

    • WireGuard®

    • IKEv2

    • OpenVPN

    • L2TP/IPsec

    • PPTP

    Additionally, it enhances user data security with AES 256-bit encryption, a standard also utilized by the U.S. government.

    Despite a previous security breach in which user logs were disclosed to authorities, IPVanish has strengthened its policies and remains committed to enhancing user privacy.

    Is IPVanish Worth Your Investment?

    Regarding pricing, IPVanish VPN uses a tiered structure that includes a Monthly subscription at $11.99, a Quarterly subscription at $29.99 every three months, and a Yearly subscription at $89.99 per annum.

    Compared to ExpressVPN, IPVanish VPN’s annual plan is significantly more affordable, starting at $3.25/month, and it’s known to offer faster speeds.

    As for payment methods, IPVanish VPN accepts most major credit cards and PayPal. If you’re unsure about committing to a subscription, IPVanish VPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and typically processes eligible refunds within 3 business days.

    Alternatives to Consider

    Some recommended alternatives to IPVanish VPN include:

    In terms of performance, NordVPN is widely regarded as having superior performance compared to IPVanish, offering faster speeds and a wider range of features.

    When comparing pricing, IPVanish offers a more competitive option with its annual plan costing $4.32 per month, while CyberGhost’s six-month plan is priced at $6.99 per month.

    In terms of security, Surfshark VPN offers more reliable security, better speed results, and advanced security features in comparison to IPVanish VPN. Furthermore, Surfshark has a lower monthly cost and is a preferred option for streaming.

    The Final Say on Privacy and Performance

    Ultimately, IPVanish VPN is recognized for its extensive ipvanish servers locations, high degree of customization, and swift speeds optimal for streaming. However, there are areas for improvement including its less optimal client application, lackluster customer support, and a desire for more comprehensive privacy features among ipvanish users.

    Despite its drawbacks, IPVanish prioritizes user privacy by implementing strong encryption and IP/DNS leak protection, while adhering to a strict no-logs policy to ensure user privacy.


    In a nutshell, IPVanish VPN is a comprehensive VPN service that offers a host of features designed to protect your online privacy. From its robust security features to its wide range of server locations, IPVanish VPN is designed to keep your online presence invisible to prying eyes.

    While it’s not without its flaws, IPVanish VPN’s commitment to user privacy and its efforts to constantly improve its service make it a formidable contender in the VPN market. Whether you’re a casual internet user or a power user looking for advanced features, IPVanish VPN might be worth considering.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1Is IPVanish a trusted VPN?
    Yes, IPVanish is a trusted VPN with a reputation for being one of the best options for torrenting, providing fast speeds, and high security measures.
    2What is the IPVanish controversy?
    IPVanish was involved in a controversy in 2016 when it handed over log information on a user to the U.S. government despite claiming to have a no-logs policy. However, its no-log policy has since been audited and verified by an independent cybersecurity firm.
    3Is NordVPN better than IPVanish?
    NordVPN is considered better than IPVanish due to its larger server network and better access to streaming services, while IPVanish has had issues with unblocking certain platforms and a past scandal regarding its no-log policy.
    4Why would someone use IPVanish?
    Someone would use IPVanish to secure their internet browsing, access content with freedom, privacy, security, and anonymity, and to improve their privacy and prevent tracking of their online activities. It also allows P2P traffic on all of its servers, has fast download speeds, and provides value with the ability to use it on multiple devices at the same time.
    5Is IPVanish worth the money?
    If you're looking for a VPN with good value and a robust server network, IPVanish is worth considering. It provides solid performance and works well for streaming, but lacks some extra privacy features.
    IP Vanish review

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