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NordVPN review

By Albert Ślusarczyk

NordVPN review

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    Pros of NordVPN:
    • Offers strong security features like Double VPN, Onion over VPN, and CyberSec for enhanced protection.
    • Strict no-logs policy confirmed by independent audits by PricewaterhouseCoopers AG Switzerland and Deloitte.
    • Extensive server network of over 5,500 servers across 59 countries, offering users a wide range of options for global connectivity.
    • Excels in streaming and torrenting with dedicated P2P servers and the ability to bypass geo-restrictions on platforms like Netflix and Disney+.
    • Includes features like an automatic kill switch and DNS protection to maintain security.
    • User-friendly interface and easy setup across various devices and operating systems.
    • Offers a free trial for Android and a 30-day money-back guarantee for other devices.
    • High user rating on Trustpilot, reflecting positive customer satisfaction.
    • Customer support with prompt response times and a knowledgeable team.
    Cons of NordVPN:
    • User-reported issues with connection speed and consistency, affecting browsing and streaming experiences.
    • Variable success in unblocking certain services like BBC iPlayer, with users occasionally needing to clear cache and restart the service.
    • Concerns regarding past security incidents, notably the March 2018 security breach, though no user details were compromised.
    • A reduction in internet speed while using the VPN, which may impact activities that require high bandwidth.

    NordVPN summary

    After rigorously testing NordVPN, I found it to be a solid choice among VPN services, offering exceptional security features like Double VPN, CyberSec, and a strict no-logs policy, confirmed by independent audits. While some users reported variable connection speeds, NordVPN's extensive global server network with over 5,500 servers in 59 countries generally provides reliable and fast connections. This network benefits users looking for streaming and torrenting capabilities, with dedicated P2P servers and effective unblocking of platforms like Netflix and Disney+. However, success with BBC iPlayer may vary due to active blocking efforts by the service.

    The user interface of NordVPN is intuitive, featuring an interactive map for server selection. It supports up to 6 simultaneous connections, with a range of subscription plans devoid of specific price mentions here but includes a free trial for Android and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Despite historical security concerns from a 2018 incident, NordVPN has maintained high user trust, reflected in its impressive Trustpilot rating. Security-conscious users will appreciate features like the automatic kill switch and robust DNS leak protection.

    In conclusion, while there are occasional speed dips and a past security hiccup to consider, NordVPN’s strengths in privacy, security, and user-friendly interface make it an excellent VPN choice, particularly for users prioritizing online anonymity and safe streaming/torrenting activities.

    Does NordVPN live up to its security claims and user expectations? In this NordVPN review, we cut through the noise to evaluate its encryption, privacy practices, and connection speeds. Our comprehensive testing provides a clear picture of where NordVPN excels and where it falls short. Get ready to find out if NordVPN is the VPN solution you’re looking for.

    Key Takeaways

    • NordVPN offers strong security features like Double VPN and no-logs policy, but has faced some user-reported issues with connection speed and consistency.

    • The VPN service provides an extensive server network with easy setup and various subscription plans, including a free trial for Android and a 30-day money-back guarantee for other devices.

    • NordVPN excels in streaming and torrenting with dedicated P2P servers and unblocking capabilities, though it has had variable success with services like BBC iPlayer. The service also prioritizes customer support and has a high user rating on Trustpilot.

    NordVPN Exposed: Promises vs. Reality

    When it comes to promises, NordVPN seems to have them all. Here are some of the features they offer:

    • Next-generation encryption

    • Strict no-logs policy

    • Threat protection

    • Double VPN

    The performance of these features under real-world testing conditions is what we aim to reveal.

    NordVPN, as a vpn provider, is known for its strong security features. The Double VPN, Onion over VPN, and CyberSec features are touted to make it more secure than other VPN services. But on the flip side, there have been complaints of inconsistent speeds, connection problems, and doubts about their no-logs claims and security audits.

    The promise of a strict no-logs policy is one of the key selling points of NordVPN. But how transparent is NordVPN about its privacy policies? Well, the company has undergone independent audits by PricewaterhouseCoopers AG Switzerland and Deloitte, confirming that it doesn’t retain usage logs of online activities or IP addresses.

    NordVPN’s promise of an automatic kill switch and DNS protection is another point of contention. While these features are certainly impressive, concerns have been raised about VPN connection drops. This is something we will delve deeper into in the later sections.

    Overall, it seems that while NordVPN does bring a lot to the table, there are some areas where it falls short of the lofty claims it makes. However, we shouldn’t jump to conclusions yet. We must first subject NordVPN to rigorous testing.

    Getting Started with NordVPN

    The process of setting up NordVPN is quite simple. The step-by-step guides provided on the NordVPN website can guide you through the process. Alternatively, you can use the ‘Quick Connect’ feature for an automatic connection to an optimal VPN server.

    When it comes to pricing, NordVPN provides a variety of subscription options, including:

    • 2-year plans

    • 1-year plans

    • 6-month plans

    • 1-month subscriptions

    These plans cover the use of NordVPN apps on various devices.

    Wondering about the payment process for these subscriptions? NordVPN simplifies this with a user-friendly interface compatible with various operating systems. This includes a NordVPN Network Manager GUI for Linux platforms, providing a graphical frontend for both NordVPN vpn service and the system Network Manager.

    For those who are unsure about making a commitment right away, NordVPN has a solution. The company offers a free trial specifically for Android devices. And for all other devices, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee. This ensures that you can try out the service and decide if it’s the right fit for you before making a commitment.

    The User Experience: Navigating NordVPN

    The design and interface of NordVPN’s app significantly contribute to the user experience. Let’s examine both the aesthetics and functionality to evaluate NordVPN’s overall performance.

    NordVPN’s server network is extensive, with over 5,500 servers spread across 59 countries. This offers users a wide range of options for global connectivity. However, some users have reported VPN connection drops, which could affect the overall experience.

    App Aesthetics and Interface

    The aesthetics and interface of the NordVPN app play a vital role in the user experience. Let’s dig deeper into these elements.

    The NordVPN app features an interactive gray world map with city markers representing server locations. This design aims to provide a smooth, fast, and user-friendly experience for NordVPN users.

    The aesthetics and interface of the NordVPN app have been enhanced over time. The company has implemented security patches and introduced new features in the Windows app. Additionally, the iOS app has been redesigned to include a one-tap connect option, providing a more convenient and efficient way to connect to NordVPN servers and ensure privacy protection.

    Server Network and Selection

    NordVPN’s extensive server network and the server selection process are pivotal to the user experience. We’ll investigate these factors more closely.

    NordVPN stands out among VPN service providers due to its extensive server selection. With over 5000 servers in 59 countries, users have a wide range of options for global connectivity. Further, real-time server load indicators help optimize connection speeds.

    NordVPN ensures high server performance by utilizing advanced protocols and optimization techniques. The VPN service is compatible with various devices, including Android TV, for a seamless streaming experience.

    To measure VPN speed, NordVPN offers a VPN speed test and comparison tool. In tests, NordVPN has demonstrated impressive performance, with an average download speed of 196 Mbps across different locations. Additionally, NordVPN provides a password manager called NordPass to help users securely store and manage their passwords.

    NordVPN in Action: Speed and Security Tests

    Now, we will subject NordVPN to rigorous testing. In this section, we will evaluate NordVPN’s speed, security, streaming, and torrenting capabilities.

    NordVPN offers the following features:

    • VPN speed test and comparison tool to assess its speed

    • Impressive performance, with an average download speed of 196 Mbps across different locations

    • 256-bit AES encryption and next-generation encryption in IKEv2/IPsec protocols

    • Robust DNS leak protection, as demonstrated by passing DNS leak tests

    Streaming and Geo-Unblocking Capabilities

    A primary use of VPNs is to circumvent geo-restrictions on streaming services. We’ll evaluate NordVPN’s effectiveness in this area.

    NordVPN is known for its high effectiveness in bypassing geo-restrictions on Netflix. It also performs well with Disney+ and other streaming platforms, allowing users to access a diverse range of content without encountering any issues.

    While NordVPN can unblock Amazon Prime Video, its capacity to do so in various regions is presently restricted. Users should stay updated with the latest information from NordVPN regarding regional support for Amazon Prime Video.

    However, NordVPN’s ability to unblock BBC iPlayer varies. Although it can provide access, users may encounter difficulties as BBC iPlayer actively attempts to block VPN services. If users face issues, they can improve their success by clearing cache and cookies, and restarting the service.

    Torrenting and P2P Support

    A VPN’s impact on torrenting and P2P file sharing is another key consideration. We’ll scrutinize NordVPN’s performance in these areas.

    NordVPN does support P2P file sharing and torrenting. This showcases its commitment to enabling these activities.

    NordVPN offers dedicated P2P servers in 47 countries, providing a wide range of options for users involved in torrenting and P2P file sharing. To ensure secure torrenting, NordVPN implements strong security measures including various VPN protocols, such as:

    • Perfect Forward Secrecy

    • IP address concealment

    • P2P traffic encryption

    • A strict no-logs policy

    • A kill switch feature

    These measures help protect against potential threats and prevent the exposure of the user’s IP address.

    The Bottom Line: Is NordVPN Worth It?

    After testing NordVPN, we’ll balance the pros and cons to gauge if it’s worth the investment. NordVPN offers several advantages, including:

    • Excellent privacy and security features

    • A kill switch

    • No DNS leaks

    • Double VPN for enhanced protection

    • The ability to connect 6 devices simultaneously

    However, a potential disadvantage is a reduction in internet speed while using the VPN.

    In terms of customer service, NordVPN proves to be reliable. With prompt response times to negative reviews, often within 24 hours, and a knowledgeable support team, NordVPN’s customer service is highly reliable.

    NordVPN enjoys high user ratings, achieving an impressive 4-star score based on 30,060 reviews on Trustpilot. Still, potential users should be aware that NordVPN experienced a security incident in March 2018. While thorough investigations revealed no evidence of compromised user details, it’s something that potential users should be aware of.


    In summary, NordVPN offers a comprehensive suite of features that cater to a wide range of user needs.

    From a robust server network to an intuitive user interface, from effective geo-unblocking capabilities to reliable torrenting and P2P support, NordVPN checks many boxes. However, potential users should be aware of the occasional speed reduction and the past security incident.

    Overall, NordVPN appears to be a reliable and secure VPN service that justifies much of the hype around it. However, like all products, it’s not without its drawbacks.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1Is NordVPN trustworthy?
    Yes, NordVPN is trustworthy as it uses 256-bit encryption to keep your connection safe from hackers and snoopers. It has also received great reviews from leading experts for its strong pro-privacy stance and feature variety.
    2What are the cons of NordVPN?
    Yes, NordVPN can slow down loading speeds, especially on servers with congested users, affecting the overall browsing experience.
    3Is NordVPN worth getting?
    Yes, NordVPN is definitely worth getting as it provides highly reliable VPN service with features like military-grade encryption, high speed, and great online security tools. These make it a worthwhile investment for online protection and privacy.
    4Can I be tracked if I use NordVPN?
    Yes, using NordVPN prevents your ISP and others from tracking your real IP address and online activity, making it a reliable choice for protecting your privacy while browsing.
    5What are the key features of NordVPN?
    NordVPN offers excellent privacy and security features, a kill switch, no DNS leaks, double VPN for enhanced protection, and the ability to connect 6 devices simultaneously, making it a comprehensive choice for online security.
    NordVPN review

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