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February 1, 2024
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Private Internet Access VPN review

February 2, 2024

Private Internet Access VPN review

By Albert Ślusarczyk

Private Internet Access review

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    Pros of Private Internet Access:
    • Strong security features including VPN encryption and a no-logs policy.
    • Affordable pricing starting from $2.03/month.
    • User-friendly interface suitable for users with varying levels of technical proficiency.
    • Extensive server network across 84 countries with over 12,000 servers.
    • Supports unlimited simultaneous connections.
    • Effective in unblocking popular streaming platforms like Netflix US and BBC iPlayer.
    • Supports torrenting and file-sharing on all servers.
    • Offers advanced features such as ad-blocking, RAM-only servers, and split tunneling options.
    • High customer satisfaction score of 9.4 out of 10.
    Cons of Private Internet Access:
    • Speed performance, while generally good, is not the fastest compared to competitors like NordVPN.
    • Some users reported issues with the app's visual aspects and software stability on certain platforms.
    • Quality of streaming can vary based on server location and distance.
    • Occasional connection stability issues, though usually resolvable.
    • Visual aspects of the app may not be consistent across different platforms, affecting user experience.

    Private Internet Access short summary

    After rigorously testing NordVPN, I found it to be a solid choice among VPN services, offering exceptional security features like Double VPN, CyberSec, and a strict no-logs policy, confirmed by independent audits. While some users reported variable connection speeds, NordVPN's extensive global server network with over 5,500 servers in 59 countries generally provides reliable and fast connections. This network benefits users looking for streaming and torrenting capabilities, with dedicated P2P servers and effective unblocking of platforms like Netflix and Disney+. However, success with BBC iPlayer may vary due to active blocking efforts by the service.

    The user interface of NordVPN is intuitive, featuring an interactive map for server selection. It supports up to 6 simultaneous connections, with a range of subscription plans devoid of specific price mentions here but includes a free trial for Android and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Despite historical security concerns from a 2018 incident, NordVPN has maintained high user trust, reflected in its impressive Trustpilot rating. Security-conscious users will appreciate features like the automatic kill switch and robust DNS leak protection.

    In conclusion, while there are occasional speed dips and a past security hiccup to consider, NordVPN’s strengths in privacy, security, and user-friendly interface make it an excellent VPN choice, particularly for users prioritizing online anonymity and safe streaming/torrenting activities.

    Wondering if Private Internet Access is the right VPN for you? In our concise review of Private Internet Access, we unpack its performance on security, speed, and user experience, and discuss its value for money. Get the crucial details you need to decide if PIA can truly keep your internet browsing private and efficient.

    Key Takeaways

    • Private Internet Access (PIA) is a VPN service known for its strong security features, extensive server network across 84 countries, affordability, and user-friendly interface, catering to diverse technical proficiency levels.

    • PIA offers unlimited simultaneous connections and supports torrenting and file-sharing on all its servers, but while it can unblock popular streaming platforms, the quality might vary based on server location and distance.

    • Despite its generally good speed performance with capable speeds using WireGuard, reported issues with app visual aspects and software stability on certain platforms, and not having the fastest speeds compared to competitors, PIA still scores a 9.4 out of 10 in customer satisfaction.

    Introducing Private Internet Access – Is It the Ultimate Shield?

    Private Internet Access is a well-established VPN service that’s been at the forefront of the industry for more than a decade. It boasts a host of advanced security features such as VPN encryption, a no-logs policy, and domain blocking with PIA MACE, all designed to safeguard your personal identity online. However, the appeal of PIA isn’t limited to its security measures, as it also offers private internet access VPN for enhanced privacy.

    Another noteworthy aspect of PIA is its affordability. With pricing starting from $2.03/month, it positions itself as a cost-effective choice for users, without compromising on quality or features. This is particularly attractive for budget-conscious users who still desire a high level of internet security.

    But a VPN service is only as good as its VPN server network. PIA does not disappoint in this aspect either, boasting a substantial server network spread across 84 countries. The exact number of servers remains undisclosed, but it reportedly exceeds 12,000 as of 2020. These features are impressive on paper, but how do they hold up in real-world usage? We’ll examine how these features fare in practical application next.

    Getting Started with PIA – A Seamless Setup Journey?

    One of the things that set PIA apart is its straightforward installation process. It is compatible with widely used operating systems like:

    • Windows

    • macOS

    • Android

    • iOS

    This makes it accessible to individuals of diverse technical proficiency levels. This ease of setup is a welcome feature, especially for those who are new to the VPN world.

    Beyond installation, PIA further enhances its user-friendliness by allowing unlimited simultaneous connections and offering a dedicated IP address. This makes it a suitable choice for users with multiple devices, ensuring that all their devices can enjoy the same level of protection without the need for multiple subscriptions.

    With PIA successfully installed, we can now delve into the user interface and explore the settings menu.

    Navigating the User Experience – The Look and Feel of PIA

    The user interface of private internet access apps, including the android app, is characterized by a clean and simple layout that offers ease of navigation. This simplicity in design, coupled with its intuitive functionality, makes navigating through the app a breeze for both seasoned and novice users.

    One of the standout features of PIA’s user interface is its server selection process. It provides a user-friendly server list that can be sorted by latency or location name, enabling users to efficiently choose their desired regions for connection without the need to individually select servers. Next, we’ll assess the app’s visual appeal and robustness.

    App Aesthetics and Durability – More Than Just a Pretty Face?

    PIA’s app design is not just visually pleasing, but it also enhances the user experience. It offers extensive customization options catering to users of all levels of expertise, prioritizing a user-centric design with a simple and uncluttered interface. This combination of aesthetics and functionality is an important aspect of PIA that sets it apart from the competition.

    However, it’s not all roses. There have been reported issues concerning the visual aspects of the PIA app on certain platforms, including instances where icons were not visible while using the VPN on specific devices. Furthermore, some users have experienced challenges with the app’s software stability, particularly with its functionality as an iOS app on iOS 17.

    Nonetheless, PIA continuously strives to improve its app design and performance, showcasing its commitment to a resilient and reliable VPN service.

    Features at Your Fingertips – How PIA Empowers Its Users

    PIA not only impresses with its aesthetics and durability but also with its wealth of features. It provides advanced security features including an ad-blocking feature to prevent ads, trackers, and malicious websites from compromising the user’s device, as well as RAM-only servers for enhanced security and privacy, ensuring compliance with a no-log policy.

    Moreover, PIA provides users with the flexibility to customize their split tunneling experience by offering both standard and inverse options. This allows users to make choices regarding which apps and IPs should go through the VPN tunnel. These features collectively empower users, providing them with a versatile and powerful VPN experience.

    Private Internet Access Under the Microscope – Speed and Stability Tested

    Next, we’ll scrutinize the speed and stability of PIA. The typical speed achieved with PIA VPN is approximately 360Mbps when utilizing WireGuard, surpassing the speed of most domestic Wi-Fi connections. This is certainly commendable; however, it’s worth noting that speeds may fluctuate depending on the server location. This is a common trait observed in various VPN services.

    Despite the fluctuating speeds, PIA manages to maintain a generally good speed performance, especially for nearby servers. However, it may not be the fastest VPN option available. When compared to other VPNs such as NordVPN, PIA falls short in terms of speed across all tested locations.

    As for connection stability, PIA VPN may encounter occasional vpn connection issues which can typically be addressed by attempting a different port or considering unstable internet connections as a potential factor contributing to the problem.

    Next up, we’ll evaluate PIA’s capabilities in streaming and torrenting.

    Streaming Capabilities – Can PIA Keep Up with Binge-Watchers?

    For the binge-watchers out there, you’ll be pleased to know that PIA is capable of unblocking various well-known streaming platforms, such as:

    • Netflix US

    • BBC iPlayer

    • YouTube TV

    • Disney+

    • Amazon Prime

    • Hulu

    • HBO Max

    This means you can enjoy your favorite shows and movies from anywhere in the world using streaming services.

    However, while PIA’s streaming capabilities are impressive, its performance may vary depending on the server location and distance. This means that while you can access your favorite streaming platforms, the streaming experience may not always be smooth, especially for long-distance connections.

    Torrenting with PIA – Friend or Foe of File-Sharers?

    When it comes to torrenting, PIA stands out as a reliable choice. It offers unrestricted support for torrenting and file-sharing on all of its servers. Additionally, PIA has servers specifically optimized for P2P file sharing, ensuring optimal performance.

    Furthermore, PIA provides additional security features like SOCKS5 and Shadowsocks proxies for added protection during torrenting activities. These features, when combined with PIA’s robust security measures, make it a strong contender in the VPN market for torrenting.

    The Bottom Line on Private Internet Access – A Worthy Contender?

    After thoroughly examining the multiple facets of PIA, including its handling of IP addresses, we can now formulate a conclusion in this private internet access review. Private Internet Access has established itself as a solid VPN choice, with a range of features, strong security measures, and affordable pricing. It has received a rating of 9.4 out of 10, indicating a high level of customer satisfaction.

    However, it’s not without its shortcomings. Its speeds, while generally good, are not the fastest among VPN providers. Furthermore, some users have reported issues with the visual aspects and software stability of the PIA app on certain platforms.

    Despite these issues, PIA remains a worthy contender in the VPN market. It provides a comprehensive VPN service with a strong price-performance ratio, making it a viable choice for users seeking a balance between affordability and functionality. However, users seeking the fastest speeds or a more streamlined experience may want to explore other options like NordVPN.


    In conclusion, Private Internet Access is a reliable VPN service that offers robust security features, a wide server network, and competitive pricing. Its user-friendly interface, along with a range of customizable features, provides a versatile and powerful VPN experience for users of all levels of expertise.

    However, it’s worth noting that there are areas where PIA could improve, such as speed performance and app stability on certain platforms. Despite these issues, it remains a solid choice for anyone seeking a comprehensive VPN solution, especially those prioritizing security and affordability over speed.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1Is Private Internet Access still trustworthy?
    Yes, Private Internet Access is still trustworthy as they have a solid no log policy and a legal court document confirming it.
    2What are the cons of PIA?
    PIA VPN is not ideal for torrenting due to its slow speeds and its location in the United States where legal action can be taken against content downloaders. Additionally, it may not always deliver the fastest speeds compared to other providers like NordVPN or Surfshark.
    3Is PIA good 2023?
    Yes, PIA remains a top contender in the VPN market in 2023, offering reliable user privacy, impressive speeds, and a vast server network.
    4Is Private Internet Access VPN good for streaming?
    Private Internet Access VPN is a good choice for streaming, as it efficiently unblocks popular platforms like Netflix, iPlayer, and Hulu. It also offers fast speeds and a massive server network to enhance the streaming experience.
    5What makes Private Internet Access a noteworthy VPN service?
    Private Internet Access is notable for its advanced security features, wide server network, and affordability, making it a versatile and powerful VPN choice for users.
    Private Internet Access VPN review

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