10 Business Website Examples that Give Powerful First Impressions
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10 Business Website Examples that Give Powerful First Impressions

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February 26, 2016
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March 24, 2016
5 Rules on Having a Successful eCommerce Website
February 26, 2016
Pre-Built Websites for Restaurants and Food Delivery Businesses
March 24, 2016

Big or small?
It does not matter!

If your client runs a small business, and that client asks you to create a website that will attract customers, you will want to know a few things about the type of business it is. In fact, to make sure your client will be satisfied, you need to know quite a bit about the business. You might also wish to share with your client your ideas as to how you can design a website that will give visitors a great first impression.

There are three specific areas you must focus on to ensure your client will be a happy one

A website must:

  • Have well-written, clear, crisp content.
  • Make good use of attractive images – preferably the client’s own.
  • Be a responsive website. The client certainly will need to cater to the mobile crowd.

All you need is the right tool to make everything happen; and one that is perfect for the job is ready and waiting.

Pre-Designed Websites that Work for Businesses

There’s one more thing to take into account when designing a website for a small business. The website will be much more successful at keeping a viewer’s interest and drive sales if it tells a story. The story it has to tell needs to have a great introduction however, if it is to capture a viewer’s interest. Each of these 10 predesigned website examples will get a business’s story off to a great start; another way of saying that first impressions count.

If, for instance, your client represents a design agency, images are all important. So is a sense of professionalism. The home page of the agency’s website needs to address both if a viewer is going to want to do business. The home page is important, the following pages are important, and a professional portfolio is all important. Pre-designed websites can serve as excellent conceptual designs for all three.

For creative business

This is where Be Theme really shines! It is the best design tool and source of pre-built websites on the market for designers of business-oriented websites.


For food industry

The popular hamburger is rarely thought of as being classy or elegant in appearance; but using the right image in the right place might just change your mind.


This pre-built website sends out a powerful message, and it delivers a great first impression for anyone who likes good food – which will include most viewers. A business’s unique value proposition can be its name, its logo, an announcement, or an image like a burger that says nothing, but speaks volumes.

  • Using images effectively is always a good marketing technique.
  • Images win hands down over descriptive text when it comes to attracting customers.
  • Images have a powerful effect in a visually-oriented culture.
  • A stock image rarely conveys a message as well as a business’s own image does.

For entertainment

This pre-built website gives a great first impression. It also invites the viewer to explore more deeply, and it implies the business it represents is trustworthy.


This example is rich in atmosphere. It provides a call to action. It makes you want to visit the establishment, or join the club. It tells you that life is to be enjoyed.

For adventure and lifestyle companies

These two examples powerfully illustrate another way to enjoy life – if you like intense activities.


Any business will love a website that will attract like-minded customers; in this case, customers who love outdoor or sporting adventure.

For education


This pre-build website addresses several themes; care of small children, education, and having fun. It does so in a somewhat whimsical matter, and features a powerful call to action – “Take a Tour.”


For production business

If you have more than one product to sell or service to render, you don’t all have to cram everything on the same page. Keep things simple. Invite the viewer to sit back and thumb through your offerings.


For hotels

This example is an illustration of how a hotel’s a website can be rich in information and imagery, but still have a crisp, clean look. It makes it easy for a visitor to navigate to important information, and it also shows an effective use of sliders.


Designers Love Pre-Designed Websites, and Their Clients Do Too


The good news is, you can take any one of these Be Theme examples and customize them anyway you want. Even better news is that this WordPress theme’s selection of pre-designed websites presents more than 170 choices. Virtually every business theme topic you can think of is represented, and for any given type of business, there are many different examples to consider.

At the outset, we stressed the importance of great first impressions and the difference they can make. We also made note of the fact that, given a great design, you need the right tool in order to take that design and put it to practical and powerful use. Be Theme is that tool.

Be’s many features include two powerful page builders. The recently-released and state-of-the-art BeBuilder 3, and the popular Visual Composer. Be’s Layout Configurator and Shortcode Generator are among the 40 core features that make website building faster and easier than many web designers thought possible. You can even start from scratch by creating your own layout from a blank screen, and still build an awesome website in record time.

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