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April 19, 2023

How to Uninstall WordPress And Reinstall It Safely

Desc Although WordPress is one of the most stable website platforms out there – like any other software product – it is not perfect. At some point, it’s possible that you will run into an issue that demands a complete reinstallation of the core WordPress platform. There are several reasons […]
April 12, 2023

How to duplicate a page In WordPress: Easy to follow guide

Desc You just finished writing a post and publish it. Next, you check everything and realize you need to make some alterations. However, will the changes work? What if you prefer the way it was before? In case this happens, you better save a copy or duplicate what you already […]
March 29, 2023

The Best Themes For Elementor to Use on Your WordPress Site

Themes matter. If you plan to create a blog or website, you should remember this. Indeed, there are several factors that endear people to your site. The visual impression - layout and theme - of your site is one of those factors. Thus