How to embed a Google form in WordPress
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How to embed a Google form in WordPress

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Most WordPress website owners know about WordPress Google forms and happily add them to their websites because everything that helps our business thrive in trying economic times is more than welcome.

Generally, website owners are cautious about committing to anything unknown, but if we know what we’re doing then the fears can be alleviated for most problems.

To use Google forms productively we need to understand what they are and how to use them. For example, it allows us to integrate information from our visitors and customers, with our more familiar Google Drive. They are very easy to use and make collecting data provided by our WordPress website instantly visible. Google Forms are very widely used and simple, in this article we are going to talk about embedding a Google Form in WordPress, but if your business needs a more complex form, HIPAA compliance, e-signatures, and such, you might want to check some Google forms alternatives as well


How to embed a Google form in WordPress:

  • Shedding light on Google forms
  • Why should we embed a google form in WordPress?
  • Collecting data made easy
  • Google forms WordPress, choosing the best way to embed
  • Building an effective WordPress form in 2 steps
  • How to embed a Google form in WordPress?
  • Conclusion on how to embed a Google form in WordPress

It’s important to understand why Google forms are the perfect solution and to have the information visible where and when we want it.

Shedding light on Google forms


Can I embed a Google form on my website?

Yes, you can. Why? Because a Google form is nothing more than an application. It comes with our Google Drive cloud storage package. Google suite or G Suite includes Docs, (spread)Sheets, Slides, Keep, Forms, and Sites for productivity and collaboration. Other popular components are Gmail, Hangouts, Calendar, and Currents for communication.

A Google form combines the shared information from the different components.

When users of our website fill out personalized customer satisfaction surveys or take part in a quiz supported by our app, the spreadsheet feature shows all their data. This means any action that is a form of collaboration by registration. The result is clear, orderly, and ready to use.

Why should we embed a Google form in WordPress?


Why not use the WordPress Form Builder? It makes life easier.

Google forms are good at connecting all the information you need and the plugins give it a very customized look. WordPress is basic but adding the Google forms and WordPress plugins that manually embed procedure are a more refined and classy option for faultless administration.

Collecting data made easy

  • Homemade online surveys, quizzes, questionnaires, and registration forms are much easier
  • We get real-time responses
  • Customizable to our preferences
  • We can insert media items, such as images and YouTube videos
  • If we have several websites or email lists, one form can be used for all*
  • Google Drive Office Suite already includes Google forms
  • The result is presented in a clear spreadsheet
  • We have immediate access to users’ email addresses (newsletter subscribers!)
  • Connected with Google Drive users on your forms

*This feature holds another clear advantage over WordPress Form Builders. We can share our Google form on Facebook, share a link to it using messaging apps, and use the form for all our websites, email lists, and with collaborators. The feedback we receive will be held in one place because it’s connected to our Google Drive and accessible for the entire team.

Google forms in WordPress, choosing the best way to embed

  • What are the advantages of using a WordPress plugin before and during embedding a google form into a website?
  • Without customizing our form to perfection, it will look a bit alien. We need to make sure our form looks like the rest of our website. With a plugin, we can convert our Google Form into something that fits in our website-layout for
  • a professional appearance that reflects our brand
  • Easy embedding that feels like a shortcut
  • There is the possibility to manually embed our Google form with a Google Forms embed code
  • The manual method allows us to use the newest version of Google forms. The plugin only works with the old version.

Building an effective WordPress form in 2 steps

Step 1:


To create a good form we either visit or open Google Drive. Choose a blank form or a template, then type a title plus description, fill out questions and answer choices or use the drop-down menu and fill out the form fields.

Step 2

Before embedding the Google form, the WordPress plugin will allow us to customize it until it blends into our WordPress website.

How to embed a Google form in WordPress?

A plugin will provide part of the answer to how to embed a google form into WordPress with ease.

Without a plugin the Google form can be manually embedded with Embed HTML from Google itself. Before choosing this embed option, we can first customize our form.

There are two options:

Manually embed a Google form


The manual method is useful for beginners. Simply obtain the Google Forms embed code and the rest is easy.

  • After creating the form, click on the send button which is in the top-right corner, next to our profile pic.
  • Clicking on the<> symbol on the Send via line will generate an Embed HTML code snippet, which we copy.
  • Go to the post on our WordPress site where you want to embed the form and paste the earlier generated code in the text box. Then switch to the text editor for this action. You can choose to paste the code in either a new or existing post.
  • For an existing post, scroll to the section where you want the Google Form and paste the code there.
  • Press ‘Publish’ and the Google form will appear on our site.

Using a plugin to embed a Google Form

The plugin gives more flexibility in customizing our form. The underlying reason is that it is embedded as an actual HTML form (it removes the Google wrapper HTML). This results in more options for looks and functions and will look much better on a mobile device.

  • Customized Look
  • Embedding

How to embed a Google Form in WordPress with a free plugin? It works in 3 simple steps:

  • Install the Google Forms plugin from our WordPress dashboard and activate it
  • Click Add New Google Forms
  • Copy the URL under the Send options on the Google form and paste it in the Form URL box. It is important to opt for the old version of Google Forms. Click the question mark then select back to old forms will bring you to the right form
  • We Publish the form and receive the shortcode
  • After having copied the shortcode, open a new post and paste it in the text editor

Ending thoughts on how to embed a Google form in WordPress

The two ways of embedding a Google form in Wordpress should now be easy.

Google Forms has a number of advantages:

  • It’s free!
  • It can be used for our complete online presence, thanks to its multiple usage possibilities
  • It comprises all the necessary features.

Embedding Google forms into our WordPress home is easy. There are two options:

  • Manually embed this information goldmine which uses the new version of Google Forms. However the customizing possibilities are somewhat restricted compared to the WordPress plugin
  • Embed the Google form via the WordPress plugin, which allows customization to the extent that it seamlessly blends with the theme of the rest of the WordPress site. However, this does not work with the new version of Google Forms*

It depends on your priorities and level of skill in handling this kind of application. Does the following list of plugin customizing options look familiar and simple or too difficult?

“Add your custom confirmation page. Use custom CSS classes. Override the default Google.” Etcetera.

*Good to know: The man behind the plugin said he might adapt it to the new Google Forms version however until now nothing has changed.

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