The Best Blue Websites With Awesome Color Schemes
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The Best Blue Websites With Awesome Color Schemes

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March 17, 2023
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How to embed a Google form in WordPress
March 17, 2023
Great Looking Websites With A Calm Color Palette
March 17, 2023

Blue websites are always inviting because the color evokes the tranquility of the clear sky and lightness of emotion. Darker blue depicts depth and professionalism. In its lighter shades, blue is the color of friendship, strength, and calmness.

Web developers will use blue for its versatility. Blue websites are clean, modern, cool, and transparent. It’s appealing for many designers, thus making it harder to build an outstanding original page.

This collection of blue websites should be an inspiration if you want to use blue as a primary color on a new website.

Awesome blue websites to check out

Yuko Higuchi x Gucci


The old-fashioned appearance of this website is very attractive. The saturated blue harmonizes perfectly with the typography and the little puzzle game in the middle. The website has the same theme on all the other pages, giving them a remarkable coherence.



Blue serves not only as a background color but as NetNation demonstrates, it can be used as the main color for animations and illustrations. It looks classy and modern on a white background.

Brooke Cormier


The cloudy nuance of light blue well represents Brooke Cormier’s artistic website. She matched it with the shady filter from the album covers, harmonizing the entire website.


After a “turbulent” makeover, this company revealed its new brand identity, which revealed dark shades of blue for the background of the website, in contrast with the brightness of the moving balls.



Stripe is popular software for online payment processing. Online businesses increasingly choose it over the competition. Stripe attracts new clients through their website, using a blue gradient that changes into green and combines perfectly with the whole design of the landing page. You can easily calculate its charges using a Stripe fee calculator.

Jebsen Careers


Jebsen Careers’s website works very efficiently on a white background, and the overlay of blue and green transparent boxes on top of the photo is very attractive. Variations of the same colors are used successfully throughout the website.



As a company that “gives shape to data” Datalands’ website makes a great first impression. The multitude of colors emboldens the design, with the blue balancing the general contrast.

Valeria Monis


Valeria Monis is a ceramic artist from Uzbekistan who has a clear view of her art. She transposed her artistic eye onto her website, building a clean and appealing page. The dark blue shade of the texts and the art pieces create a great contrast with the immaculate white of the background.



Roxtaw invests and scales “brands exponentially to that 10-figure milestone”. The main illustration of the website metaphorically represents this goal.

Brown Owl Creative


This website is well-organized, despite the combinations of many colors. The designers were able to control the contrasts and create a general harmony, mostly due to the blue accents that they maintained throughout the entire website.


Slate maintains the utility of the landing page. Thus, the design is plain and simple, with a few touches of color.

Dan Palmer


Dan Palmer showcases his portfolio on the main page of the website, using a clean color palette. The box grids organize the page and make it easy to surf. The artist relies mostly on blue to illustrate his professionalism and sincerity.



Zancargo is a company providing logistics and shipping services. Their philosophy is: “Powered by technology, delivered by experts.”



Blue is definitely the color of Studio&more. They built an entire visual identity around different shades of blue, all of them vibrant and saturated. The white headings and icons of the website make the contrasts and equalize the design.

Flavien Guilbaud


Flavien Guilbaud is an art director and designer based in Paris and Amsterdam. Everything is macro on his website, depicting his pragmatism and at the same time, his artistic sense.

We (Heart) UX


The background of the website changes color smoothly from the pale blue to the vibrant orange, which encourages scrolling. This funky geo style combining so many colors is bold, modern, and trendy.

Be Psychologist


Combining the gaming experience with the bar atmosphere is an amazing and original idea. You pick up the mood of the place by scrolling through the website. The dark blue color and the vibrant yellow make a perfect combination.



“Your Personal Crypto Trading Bot” helps you index the market and create custom portfolios. Their website illustrates their professionalism, using a predominant saturated blue color.

Avnish Parker


Every slide of this website is distinctive. The designers change the main tone and the predominant colors but keep the same visual identity. Thus, they build a harmonious and appealing website.



Oncie promises to push “your voice to a new dimension”.

Jean-Baptiste Kaloya Portfolio


Jean-Baptiste Kaloya chose a monotone color palette but augmented it with many icons and visual effects. He uses blue in some keywords to highlight the main part of his sentences.



Loom’s landing page has a basic outline but they use colors and textures to great effect. The baby blue and white contrast is in every element of the website but it’s beautifully balanced with the opaque white on the background. Motion is added to the text boxes and images to complete the entire design.



As an intermediate between recruiters and candidates, Interseller connects people with similar interests, and the image of the brown bear floating in the dark space is representative of their brand.

NCSOFT Website


The new website from NCSOFT Website reinvented the concept of the landing page. They present the services and products of the company through three auto-played animated visuals, and the entire website appears other-worldly.



Contrast is the key on Ahrefs’ website, where strong blue is alternated with opaque black to create order and variety. Additionally, the white-blue typography completes the design, highlighting some of the main important elements from the page.



This striking dark blue color looks amazing on a light gray background. The overlay of textures and colors is intelligent and depicts a deep sense of aesthetic taste.

Underbelly Creative Co.


What attracts most viewers to this website is the multitude of colorful images, which all transmit joy and cheerfulness. At the bottom of the website the light blue appears that highlights the main call-to-action button.

Lake Nona


This website is dedicated mostly to beautiful corners of nature, especially ones near water, so obviously blue is the perfect choice and the neutral background emphasizes the landscapes.



Built on three columns, this website defines three different colors – black, light blue, and white. Hovering over them changes the color and creates dynamics.



This wavy design looks modern and chic. The classic combination of white and saturated blue never loses its appeal, and this particular blue is perfect for. It is maybe the best blue for website design.

Arturo Wibawa


The huge “Bonjour” on this strong blue website background evokes curiosity so you’ll inevitably scroll to discover more.

Be Hosting


Sharing is caring. Share your favorite music with other Spotify users and make your taste known worldwide.

Quazar Web Design


This blue website background has a videogame appearance, mostly due to the electric vibe of the color highlights and the icons of the menu.



Skyboat opted for blue website design to depict professionalism and sincerity. The designers combined blue with black and white in a classic manner to demonstrate the creativity of the agency.

Angry Birds Space


Angry Birds’ website is as colorful as you’d expect, however the light blue is outstanding amongst the multitude of illustrations and images.

Evolve Wealth


This beautiful blue website includes powerful features to give it a professional appearance. The color of a clear sky is combined with the immaculate white of the typography and the greenish-blue illustrations.



Blue is the predominant color When we think about climate. This blue website design illustrates one of the most serious problems of our times - climate change.



Using blue as a highlight color on a dark or even black background is always appealing. Although blue is not the dominant color of this website, it nevertheless creates the contrast and adds to the design.

FAQs about blue websites

1. What is the psychology behind using blue as the primary color for website design?

Blue is frequently linked to dependability, tranquility, and trust. It's a popular option for websites that want to project an air of dependability and professionalism.

This is due to the fact that blue has a calming influence on our minds and is frequently utilized to promote relaxation and a sense of comfort. Blue is a popular choice for a wide range of websites because it is a flexible hue that works well in a number of colors and tones.

2. How do blue websites affect user engagement and conversion rates compared to websites with other colors?

According to studies, the color blue can increase user engagement and conversion rates. This is due to the fact that people may be more likely to interact with a website and take action, such making a purchase or filling out a form, if blue is linked with trust and reliability. Blue is a calming color that can also help people feel less stressed and anxious, which can enhance their overall user experience.

3. Are there any industries where blue websites are more effective than others?

Even though blue websites can be effective across a wide range of industries, they might be especially well suited for companies in the technology, healthcare, and finance sectors. This is due to the fact that blue can help users understand that these businesses frequently demand a sense of trust and dependability. Blue is also a well-liked color in the computer sector, where it frequently stands for growth and innovation.

4. Can using different shades of blue on a website impact user experience and perception of the brand?

Yes, the user experience and brand perception of a website can be affected by the use of various shades of blue. Lighter tones of blue might be more jovial and cheerful, while darker shades can convey a sense of professionalism and seriousness. When selecting a shade of blue for their website, designers should keep the message they want to convey in mind.

5. Are there any cultural or regional differences in the use and perception of blue in website design?

Yes, the use and perception of blue in website design may vary depending on cultural or regional factors. For instance, while blue may be connected to immortality and paradise in Eastern cultures, it is frequently associated with trust and dependability in Western societies. When choosing a color scheme for a website, designers should take the cultural and geographic context into account.

6. How does the use of blue in website design vary across different types of websites, such as e-commerce, social media, and news sites?

Depending on the type of website, different shades of blue may be used in the design. For instance, blue may be used on social media platforms to symbolize innovation and advancement and on e-commerce websites to convey a sense of trust and dependability. Blue can be used on news websites to project professionalism and authority. When selecting a color scheme for a website, designers should take the audience and its specific objectives into account.

7. What are some examples of well-designed blue websites and what makes them successful?

Websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and IBM are just a few instances of well-designed blue websites. Because they use blue in a way that is consistent with their brand identity and target audience, these websites are successful. In contrast to IBM, which portrays its brand as a serious and professional technological business, Facebook portrays its brand as a fun and inventive social network by using a brighter shade of blue.

8. Are there any common mistakes to avoid when designing a blue website, such as using too much or too little of the color?

Using too much of the color, which can feel oppressive or monotonous, is a common mistake when building a blue website. On the other hand, too little blue can give the impression that the website is unprofessional or bland. It's crucial for designers to create a balance between utilizing just the right amount of blue to deliver the intended message and including other colors to give the website diversity and appeal.

9. How can blue be effectively combined with other colors in website design to create a visually appealing and user-friendly experience?

In website design, blue can be efficiently blended with other colors to produce an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly experience. For instance, blue and white is a timeless combination that can produce a neat and businesslike appearance, while blue and yellow can produce a cheerful and energizing atmosphere. In order to select complimentary colors that go well together, designers can also apply color theory.

10. Are there any tools or resources available for designers looking to incorporate blue into their website designs?

Designers that want to include blue in their website designs have access to a wide range of tools and resources. Designers can choose the ideal blue color for a website using color picker tools like Adobe Color and Canva. Websites that serve as sources of design inspiration, like Dribbble and Behance, can offer instances of well-designed blue websites. In addition, guidance and suggestions on how to use blue in website design may be found in design blogs and tutorials.

Ending thoughts on these blue websites

These 40 blue websites are all different and special. Blue expresses stability and is the color of serenity. On the other hand, it is highly associative, and good designers can use it in a variety of combinations. You can either opt for blue website background or entire blue web designs. The most important thing is to find your color scheme or palette and use it on the entire website. This gives not only a pleasant aesthetic effect but also adds credibility.

If you struggle to define your own style or design, Be Theme is here to offer you a hand. One of the most important features of our company is providing multi-purpose and responsive Themes. You can choose a standard one or work with us to customize a unique one for your company. We have more than 500 pre-built websites to choose from.

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