Amazing Colorful Websites With Vibrant Color Schemes
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Amazing Colorful Websites With Vibrant Color Schemes

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April 12, 2023
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Awesome Product Landing Page Examples You Should See
April 12, 2023
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April 16, 2023

Vibrant, yet pleasant colors will affect a viewer’s mind and emotions. Build colorful websites and you’ll be able to draw and keep their attention.

The best designers in the world use colors as a powerful strategy to enhance websites and appeal to visitors.

The following websites have a memorable design, with colors and nuances that can be truly inspirational.

Check out these great colorful websites

The A-Z of AI


This is an A to Z guide about Artificial Intelligence and how it’s changing our world. The idea of the cards is amazing, enhanced by the pale background which highlights the information on the cards.



This is the perfect combination of a useful and funny website. The color palette and the moving interface completes the experience in a memorable way.

AIGA Design Conference

This is a classy website, with a particularly attractive combination of red on the opaque black background. The design is bold, including the images and text boxes and how they replace one another.

Lush Digital


Lush Digital have used the power of color in different pictures and strokes, resulting in a harmonious and appealing overall design.



Delassus has created a colorful and fun website, with great control over their palettes, achieving excellent harmony.

Be Journey


A colorful home page is the best welcoming message for a prospective new client. FSAY merged the beauty of their clothing with the utility of a website and created a very vibrant website.



Aisle has presented their products beautifully on this website, utilizing color to enhance the experience of the visitor.



You can spot a talented artist simply by scrolling through their website, and Magoz is no exception.

His colorful website is an example of boldness and self-confidence, combining animation with music and symbols in a memorable way.

LM Chabot


One can see true care and attention to detail in both LM Chabot’s works and website. Their fun website design makes them simply irresistible.



A pale mild grey harmonizes well with both black and white. Using this color scheme, VR-Sessions have built a simple, yet attractive front page for their website. Scrolling down will reveal an even more colorful design.

The Great Wave


This is a Great Wave of color and cheerfulness. This new type of festival is as promising as its website. It takes place both online and offline and you’ll enjoy this experience only by scrolling through this colorful website.

Julian Damy


Julain Damy’s website proves that you can build a classy page with some bold colors and the right contrasts. The highlights and the proportions between the elements assure a clean-looking design.

ISI Global


The text appears elegantly on this website, and you will no doubt appreciate both the design and the company by visiting their page.



Beauregard knows how to create art on a white background, which enhances the beauty of their products and still provides a vibrant website.

Avondale Type Co


Striking the balance between being amusing and professional can be challenging, but Avondale Type Co’s colorful website has achieved just the right combination, with their modern layout, colorful design, and tasteful combination of nuances.



These sunglasses will change not only your appearance but also how you see the world around you. This is the promise made by this website through its colorful design.

Beans Digital Marketing Agency


If you own a business but you don’t feel like venturing into risky actions, this marketing agency can assist you in making decisions. A new road doesn’t have to be a bumpy one, especially if you choose good companions.

Squilla Fund


Squilla Fund redefined scrolling. However, the experience is not a disturbing one, due to the cool color contrast they chose for the website. The beige tone and calming turquoise create the impression of diving while scrolling.



The main image on the background begins the story of the brand. It appears like a painting with green nuanced strokes, making the entire page look precious and special. The black background that follows balances the picture perfectly.



The initial glance on this website is enough to make you crave for this seed butter, mostly due to the colorful website design and professional photos.

Be Halloweeen


Cowboy Bike has great attention to detail. The viewer’s attention is immediately drawn to the call-to-action buttons, thus allowing the website to reach its main goal of bringing conversions.



In collaboration with, Hvass&Hannibal creates beautiful illustrations, which are even more impressive when presented in such a creative way on their website. The white background is alternatively filled with the color of the paintings as you hover over the text.

Mountain Man


Promoting a new album through an entire website is an original concept. The light brown filter on the photos depicts the style of the music. The striking centerpiece of the website are cat’s eyes that stare at you through the screen.



The thin vertical green lines give this website coherence. Every graphic or textual element is strongly linked with the others. The color palette is simple, allowing the message to reach straight to the client.



Baesman's colorful website is beautiful because of the definition between different colors. The contrast and the right angles make the composition unforgettable.

Brandon Land


Brandon Land is an artist and the illustrations, and the cartoons from his website prove his exceptional talent.



Enid is an amplification studio that builds brands that resound.



Loom’s landing page has a basic outline but they utilized colors and textures really well. The purple-green contrast is in every element of the website but it’s beautifully balanced with the opaque black on the background. The idea that completed the entire design was to add motion to the text boxes and images.

The Green Organic Dutchman


Nature lives through this website colorful, clean, and well-organized design.

Ashley & Co


Ashley & Co offers a wide range of self-care products, so their website depicts a sense of deep relaxation and calm through complementary colors and mild contrast.

Be IceCream


This pre-built website from BeTheme has a joyful color scheme that follows the latest web and graphic design trends.



This website is innovative and lyric, in line with the company’s philosophy.

Atlanta Brewing


Atlanta Brewing uses some distinctive elements to build their brand, including red as the main color, white and dark blue as secondary, and cool typography. The distinctive color scheme is also used in the packaging and ads.



Many artistic views are united through the overall warmth and comfort depicted in this website.

Mangrove Hotel


The front of this website page uses muted color to great advantage. The pale orange harmonizes perfectly with the blue of the sky from the photos, making you want to visit a beach.



Gradient backgrounds can be a good choice, allowing you to play with different photo sets and with the typography.



The presentation of a refreshing drink should be colorful and appealing, and MA-TEA’s certainly achieves that goal with their vivid website.

Sweet JS


Sweet JS is a tech company specialized in Webflow and JavaScript languages. They promise to give you free support when needed.

Yuko Higuchi x Gucci


This website is immensely stylish, using artist’s illustrations for children, and featuring a saturated blue which goes perfectly with the typography and the little puzzle game in the middle. The website has the same theme on all pages, giving coherence to the whole.

Jebsen Careers


Jebsen website is professional, cheerful, and appealing.

Meow Wolf


Meow Wolf uses bright colors along with 3D-looking illustrations and the mystic background, to entice the viewer.

FAQs about colorful websites

1. How does color impact the user experience on a website?

The use of color on a website can significantly affect the user experience. It can elicit feelings, set the site's tone and mood, and have an impact on how users behave. Warm hues like red and orange, for instance, might evoke a sense of urgency, whilst cool hues like blue and green, on the other hand, can evoke a sense of tranquility. To produce a great user experience, it's critical to select colors that complement the goals of the website and its intended audience.

2. What are some popular color combinations for websites?

Complementary, similar, and monochromatic colors are a few prominent color schemes for websites. On the color wheel, complementary hues such as blue and orange are opposite one another and produce a striking contrast. Similar hues, like blue, green, and teal, are next to each other on the color wheel and produce a unified appearance. Variations of the same hue, such as light, medium, and dark blue, are known as monochromatic colors. They provide a gentle, relaxing impact.

3. How do you choose the right color palette for a website?

The objective, target audience, and branding of the website, as well as other aspects, must all be taken into account when selecting the ideal color scheme. It's critical to select colors that complement the objectives and target demographic of the website, such as choosing vibrant hues for a website geared toward children or subdued hues for a professional website. The color scheme should also complement the website's branding, for example, by incorporating the colors from the company's logo all over the place.

4. What is the psychology behind using specific colors on a website?

Understanding how colors can elicit emotions and affect user behavior is key to understanding the psychology of utilizing particular colors on a website. For instance, red and blue are frequently connected with enthusiasm and urgency whereas trust and professionalism are often associated with blue. Website designers can deliberately utilize color to elicit desired emotions or affect user behavior by being aware of the psychological connotations that colors have.

5. How can you ensure accessibility for users with color blindness or visual impairments?

Website designers can utilize color contrast and alternate text to provide accessibility for people with color blindness or visual impairments. Color contrast refers to making sure that, even for color-blind visitors, the colors used on the website have enough contrast to be immediately discernible. In order to enable website visitors with visual impairments to understand the material, alternative text entails supplying illustrative language for photographs and other visual components.

6. What are some common mistakes to avoid when using color on a website?

When using color on a website, frequent mistakes to avoid include using too many colors, using colors that clash, and utilizing colors that don't correspond to the website's theme or logo. Avoid selecting colors that are distracting or overpowering for users and select a color scheme that is harmonious and consistent throughout the entire website.

7. Can using too many colors on a website be overwhelming for users?

Yes, users may become overwhelmed by a website's excessive use of color. It might detract from the website's content by making it appear busy and chaotic. It's crucial to select a limited color scheme that is consistent throughout the entire website and to carefully employ color to highlight different aspects.

8. How can color be used to enhance the branding of a website?

By incorporating the company's logo colors throughout the website or by selecting hues that reflect the brand's personality and core values, color may be used to strengthen a website's branding. For instance, a business that values innovation and originality would go for a vibrant and daring color scheme, while a business that values professionalism and trust might opt for a subdued and neutral one.

9. How do you choose the right background color for a website?

The goal, content, and branding of the website, as well as other elements, must all be taken into account when selecting the backdrop color for it. To make it simple for people to read and navigate the website, the background color should give contrast with the text and other visual elements. Additionally, it's crucial to pick a background color that complements the website's branding and purpose. For example, a wellness website should have a light, airy background, while a music website should have a dark, moody background.

10. How can you use color to draw attention to specific elements on a website?

By establishing contrast with the surrounding elements or by utilizing a bold and vibrant color, color may be utilized to bring attention to particular items on a website. A "call to action" button, for instance, can be made more noticeable by utilizing a bright, bold color that contrasts with the other parts of the page. Additionally, a website's information hierarchy can be created using color, with more significant information using a more pronounced color.

These are the best colorful websites

These colorful websites will hopefully have given you plenty of inspiration for your own design. However, if you need more help, Be Theme is here for you. On our website, you can find more than 500 customizable, responsive, pre-built website templates.

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