Cool Websites with a Pink Color Palette (51 Examples)
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Cool Websites with a Pink Color Palette (51 Examples)

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Some web developers feel a bit apprehensive when it comes to using a pink color palette. They may see it as a more feminine color, suitable only for certain products and target audiences.

But, combined with good web design, it enhances the color palette on various types of websites. This often depends on the amount and the shades of pink used.

When applied correctly, pink can add a delicate touch to the layout. It stands out on a dark background, so it can highlight important pieces of information.

Or use pink as the main hue for a monochromatic background.

This collection presents 51 cool websites with a pink color palette. Some brands employ a subtle use of pink, yet it makes a strong contribution to the beautiful final look.



Alto is a pharmacy that offers free delivery on the same day. The website combines pink with other fresh colors, such as yellow, orange, and green.



Refresh is a project organized by the Amsterdam Museum. They invite contemporary artists to share their perception of metropolitan themes.

The developers used a pink color palette to complete the rest of the creative web design.



The next pink color palette website features multimedia guides to Polish culture.

Dark shades of pink and red create a contrast with the grey, neutral background. The vibrant layout is a result of refined minimalist color combinations.



This is a dating app. A gradual fusion of dark shades of pink is the main background color palette on the landing page.

Frans Hulet - Portfolio


Frans Hulet is a graphic designer based in Brussels. His website is another refined example of using a pink color palette.

In Space We Trust


This art project is dedicated to the most important milestones in space exploration. The shades of pink used in various design features can serve as an inspiration for many different websites and brands.



Finn is a brand offering pet nutrition. The baby pink background color looks great in combination with the rest of the design.

Low Five Brewing


The creators of the Low Five brewery used bright colors to bring out the character of the brand. In this case, pink complements the rest of the colorful features.



KrKr is a design studio that understands how to use pink color palettes well. In combination with black fonts and a white background, the color scheme works in harmony.

Jameen Tarlier


This is a personal website of Jameen Tarlier. Jameen is a Paris-based creative director and motion designer, and a 3D artist.

Denys Nevozhai


Denys describes himself as a seasoned UX designer. He has used shades of pink and blue colors as a gradient overlay on a picture.



Avo presents a next-generation analytics governance tool on this sleek website. The pink color scheme is a great choice for the call-to-action buttons, and to highlight important information.

Birth in the 21st Century


The color pink is often associated with pregnancy and birth. This site features an interactive documentary that follows 5 women.

Viewers learn about their experience with childbirth- before and after the coronavirus crisis.

Mireia Ruiz


This is the personal website of an abstract artist. It is a gallery of many different color palettes, including a pink color scheme.



One Wave is a non-profit surf community. The color palette of their website includes blue and various shades of pink.

The pink color also features on the call-to-action buttons.



This pink color palette website belongs to a brand that offers printable planners.



Pink color palettes are among the many vibrant hues featured on this site. It's a platform that allows visitors to create 3D art, view it in VR, and download it.

McGowan’s Print


McGowan's Print has gone for a bright pink slide-out bar on the right side of the home page. This attracts attention and is a great choice for highlighting the contact information.

The pink color scheme is further used as font color and background color on the page.

Jonathan Holt


Jonathan Holt is a brand designer and knows which colors work together. A pink color palette serves as the background to his brand portfolio.



Can a pink color scheme suit a page featuring a real estate app? It definitely can!

Check out how the Bazzile landing page combines pink with simple white.



This is an example of a site that uses the pink color palette on a monochromatic background. This contributes to the minimalist and modern look.



Jellypepper is the professional site of an award-winning digital agency. The pink color palette perfectly harmonizes with the rest of the design.



Swile presents the first all-in-one card for employee benefits and an app for team life. The color scheme on the site blends together various shades of pink and other bright hues.



The vibrant pink color palette is a great example of matching the brand with the right color scheme. Frozen yogurt Snog radiates energy and fresh flavors.

Design Embraced


Anthony Goodwin is a creative and art director based in the UK. He uses orange and pink color palettes on his personal website.



Jupiter presents an app for meal planning, grocery shopping, and delivery.

The pink color palette complements the other natural colors. They all match the food-related brand.

Victoria Spicer


The next cool pink website belongs to a set designer and prop stylist based in London. She has incorporated various shades of pink into the sleek web design.



Singita is a brand associated with ecotourism, travel, and safari. This example confirms the versatility of a pink color palette.

It suits this platform perfectly. The gentle shade of pink serves as a natural background to the wildlife images.

Viral Positivity


This project is a joint community effort. They applied various pink color palettes and shades in their web design.

Hudson Nordic


Besides other color palettes, this Danish recruitment agency used some pink color elements. The result is a professional-looking platform.

KNC Beauty


This cosmetic brand went for shades of pink that are feminine and fun.



This interesting project uses different shades of pink to create an endearing atmosphere. Visitors can click on the animated images of dogs that are available for adoption.

Houses Of


This site presents a project which showcases homes with character around the world. Pink features in many different design elements.

Unmasking Gender Inequity


The next site on our list looks at the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on women's mental health.

The pink color palettes are appropriate considering the target audience and the subject. Yet, they're not overused.

The Puzzlers


Check out this website to see how pink color palettes draw attention. They're perfect for call-to-action buttons and other highlighted design features.

Georgia Kent-Braham Portfolio


Georgia Kent-Braham is a product designer.

She has incorporated various pink elements in her portfolio. The final look is brilliant.

Karpov Paris


Twin sisters, designers based in Paris, present a jewelry collection inspired by perfume.

Gentle color palettes are no surprise on this site. They include some pink too.

Kayma stories


Kayma specializes in developing simple solutions for complex problems. They use tools drawn from behavioral economics and advanced experimental methods.

The pink design features help to lighten the weight of information.



This is a creative and fun site of a company based in Oslo. They offer special ranges of coffee and doughnuts.

The pink color palette complements the brand.



Kalidoface creates a visual character of you by using your webcam. It’s fun, so the playful color palettes including pink are a good choice.



Skin Sapiens offers natural, vegan, and earth-conscious products. The color palette on their site consists of other light, subtle hues besides pink.



Frame SB is a beautiful pink color palette site of a medico-aesthetic practice.

Alessandra Zanghi Studio


This creative web design uses white fonts on a baby pink background.



NAOZ is a new year-round digital entertainment venue. The imaginative design features a pink color palette among other hues.

Luigi De Rosa


This website combines colors that work well together- baby pink, white and black.



To create a relaxed ambiance that matches their products, the brand uses a color palette featuring pink, purple, orange, and others.

We Shoot Bottles


The bold bright pink color elements used in this web design are not overpowering. They perfectly complement the rest of the creative layout.



This digital sketchbook shows how to use a pink color palette to make a website stand out from the crowd.



LOOP is a new type of ear protector. It combines clear and natural sound, fashionable looks, and a comfortable fit.

A nice warm shade of pink is a perfect design choice for this site.

Wine Store


On this page, vibrant pink call-to-action buttons match the logo.

Klim Goods


The last design showcases a beautiful combination of pink, white, black, and grey.

Ending thoughts on websites with a pink color palette

A variety of brands and businesses incorporate a pink color palette in their web design. This includes creative design studios, personal portfolios, recruitment sites, app websites, food and drink brands, and others.

In color psychology, pink denotes innocence, optimism, peace, and a sense of affection. But when it comes to web design, it depends on how it's used with the rest of the layout.

Combined with other colors and design elements, a pink color palette can enhance any type of product or service.

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