Awesome Websites with an Orange Color Palette (48 Examples)
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Awesome Websites with an Orange Color Palette (48 Examples)

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The orange color palette is becoming more and more popular in web design.

It is bold, vibrant, fresh, energetic, and stimulating. It is confident, but not as aggressive as red.

Before choosing a website color scheme, make sure it will complement the brand. Orange is associated with enthusiasm, encouragement, and self-confidence.

It's also engaging and captivating. So if used correctly, it can be a powerful design element.

This article features many different websites that use the orange color palette. Among them are portfolios, niches, but also businesses and apps.

They all provide great examples of confident color combinations.

The Power of the Orange Color Palette Design

Orange grabs attention. It's a bright, vivid color that stands out.

Depending on the brand and its objective, it’s possible to use various amounts and hues of this color on a page.

Many creative brands use orange as their principal color scheme. It enables them to make a bold, powerful statement and draw attention to their work.

A brand geared to a young audience can inspire visitors with this energetic and vibrant color palette. It's great for kids' websites, sports brands, and also food-related platforms.

Orange is commonly used on elegant business sites to represent power and confidence. It's often accompanied by dark and light shades of gray, black, or white.

E-commerce websites incorporate orange in their header sliders, product carousels, and call-to-action buttons.

Here are 48 examples of some great-looking orange color palette websites.



MAD is a brand that designs and develops digital products. Peach orange serves as the perfect background on this creative site.

Wild Souls


Vibrant color palettes, including orange, are a favorite choice for food-related websites. This is true of the Wild Souls website.

Daddy Design


This is a gallery of a web design brand. One of the most important design features is the orange color palette.

It gives the site a dynamic and fresh look. Combining it with subtle grey and white makes it look professional and elegant.

Air Inuit


Air Inuit is another example of a great use of the orange color scheme. There is a nice contrast between the orange accentuated call-to-action buttons and the white background.

Happy Tooth


Families are the target audience of this pediatric dentist's website. The orange color palette goes well with the engaging design.



This is a digital design agency. The vibrant orange color helps them to captivate first-time visitors.

Hélène Vignon


This creative site features bold yet attractive color palettes including orange and yellow. The color combinations coupled with other great design elements create an engaging experience.

A Short Journey


Some colors are naturally associated with sun, warmth, and optimism. The orange color scheme is perfect for websites with an encouraging message, such as this one.

MA Quilts


This brand uses a bright color palette. Their website features not only orange, but also red, yellow, and pink.

The color combinations are well arranged and attractive.



The simple orange color palette on this site quickly captures visitors' attention. Together with blue, it contrasts well with the minimalist white background.



This e-commerce platform incorporates some orange color elements into its creative design.



This studio picked the orange color scheme for their font design. The text stands out on the neutral background.

The developers created a sleek and modern-looking site.



This agency uses orange as a background color, in the interactive graphics and call-to-action buttons. The orange color palette creates almost a retro feel.

Outloud - Creative Studio


This creative studio knows how to highlight the important parts of the site. Although they use it sparingly, the orange color palette serves its purpose.



The color combinations complement the unique design of this site. Orange represents the bright color palettes and stands out with its vibrant hue.


The orange elements used on this site make it look very elegant and fresh. At the same time, the orange color scheme doesn't distract visitors from the main images.



Spread is a digital engineering assistant. The modern and professional web design combines gray and orange.



This is an animation studio that specializes in videos for businesses. Their eye-catching and interactive web design includes some orange color palette elements.

They use orange very skillfully. It doesn't overpower the other dynamic design features.



The Rochester Institute of Technology presents itself with a sleek website. It uses an orange color scheme in the fonts, call-to-action-buttons, and highlighted information.

Orange brings a fresh feel to the professional interface.

Political Playlist


This site is engaging and captivating. It incorporates orange and other interesting design ideas.


This site provides some creative examples of orange color palette elements. It belongs to a content marketing agency in Poland.



Wellory is a team of nutritionists that offer personalized coaching.

The orange color palette goes well with food and diet. It's often associated with healthy fruit and fresh produce.

Auberge Internationale de Quebec


This hostel in Quebec has used orange in various features on the site. It serves as a background to white fonts, to highlight individual tabs when hovered over, and to draw attention to the call-to-action buttons.

Although bold, the orange color palette is not overpowering.

click and rent


This is a digital real estate agency. The orange color palette is closely tied with the brand - starting with the logo and carrying on to their website.

Jessica Bayer


Jessica Bayer is a designer and art director based in New York City. She counts on the power of bright colors.

Besides blue, green, purple, and yellow, she also uses vibrant orange on her site.

Iron Velvet


This digital studio creates a dramatic web experience by using a black, white, and orange color palette.



This site shows how an orange color palette can accompany other elements without overpowering them. It's used to highlight important information and call-to-action buttons.

Patrick Miller


This is the portfolio of a photographer based in Sweden. He chose the orange color palette to introduce himself.

It's a bold and eye-catching presentation.



This orange color palette site starts with a bright hue to captivate the visitor’s attention. The entire design concept is very engaging and interactive.



This app appears on a page featuring various orange design elements. Women are the target audience, so the color shades are well chosen to complement the product.

Hive Streaming


Dark colors pair with orange color palette elements here. This creates contrast and makes the design more vibrant.

Lilo Social


Lilo Social is a full-funnel growth agency. Their professional, modern website uses light shades of orange as the principal color.

Square Circle


The team at Square Circle creates digital products and services. The attention-grabbing brand name needs an eye-catching website.

They use an orange color palette for fonts and graphics. It adds dynamics to the other web design elements.

Canyon Trail


This is the personal website of a programmer. He combines different shades of yellow, red, and orange.

The color palette doesn’t distract from the content. All design elements are well-balanced.

Andreas Antonsson


The next website with an orange color palette belongs to a freelance designer and developer based in Sweden. The beautiful design plays around with some bold colors.



These marketing experts definitely know how to make their own brand stand out.

A unique web design using a black, white, and orange color palette. It is both engaging and captivating.

Tom Parkes


This is an example of the skillful use of an orange color palette. It is the portfolio site of a London-based digital designer.

Hi, Skin


The orange perfectly complements the content on this site offering customized skincare. Orange is used to highlight important text, in fonts, and as a background color.

It’s vibrant, fresh and it goes well with the brand.



Growcase is a design studio. They have chosen a confident black and orange color palette for their site.

Patricia Urquiola


The homepage showcases a nice hue of orange that serves as the background for the main images. The color palette isn’t distracting but complements the rest of the design.

Good Work


This website belongs to a web development company. Check out this creative example of the correct use of an orange color palette.

Designed by Women


Designed by Women features subtle yet powerful use of orange for call-to-action buttons.



This brand chose a combination of light yellow and orange for their website.

Proto Homes


Proto Homes uses orange for their main logo color and the call-to-action buttons. The application is delicate, so it doesn’t distract from the photo gallery.

It also serves as a vibrant background to the text that needs to stand out.



Judy is a brand that sells emergency kits. The orange used here is not as aggressive as red, which is the color typically associated with first aid.

Jr. Web Developer Portfolio


This is the personal portfolio of junior creative web developer JD Minnick. It is another example of a website with an orange color palette.



This creative digital studio challenges the ordinary. Not only with the brand name, but also with the bold shade of orange on their home page.



The last website on our list belongs to the Alto pharmacy.

The orange color is not overpowering. It complements the brand and the rest of the design.

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