Modern red websites with awesome color schemes
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Modern red websites with awesome color schemes

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March 21, 2024
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Stunning Car Detailing Website Designs to Inspire You
March 21, 2024
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March 22, 2024

Imagine a canvas washed in the most passionate shade of the spectrum, commanding attention and invoking emotion. This is the power harnessed when crafting red website design examples—a power that, as a web designer, I blend with the principles of user experience and visual storytelling. Harnessing hues from crimson to cherry, such a color plays a pivotal role in the digital realm.

Why should one pause at the sight of red? It holds the key to commanding user attention and sculpting memorable brand identities. Throughout this article, I'll take you on a chromatic journey, showcasing how red can elevate a design from commonplace to unforgettable.

 From the psychology of colors in marketing to bold UI decisions, discover how this vibrant color can invigorate a user interface, imbue emotional resonance, and awaken a call to action.

By the final period, you'll have a palette of insight on leveraging red within your own digital canvases, ensuring that each project you touch resonates with energy and intention.

Awesome red websites (design inspiration)

Truf Creative


This website uses a bright-red color, mixed with orange to focus on the logo. It effectively calls attention to titles, links, and other points of interest to the user. Everything is organized harmoniously with the cream background and the black text.

Les Bonbecs


Here’s an example of a red website with a feminine web design that mixes the color red with pink, in an elegant understated way.



The use of bright red color in this website works perfectly with the entire branding. Five/four is a branding agency that aspires to draw visitors to the theme itself by creatively incorporating the color red with the rest of the color scheme.



Decentraland is a well-designed interactive website with multiple diversions, from playing games to exploring 3D creations, that effectively uses the color red to attract users.

Mirror Communications


The light red color used on this website matches the entire design perfectly, highlighting the required features in an interesting way.



This one-page website uses bright red colors to make the important parts of the website stand out. The geometry photo overlay and the unique angled photo design add to the effect.



Degordian is a strategic-creative digital agency that uses the orange-red color strategically to draw visitors and attract attention to their well-designed website. After entering the site, they have provided some very smooth animations.

American Red Cross


The Red Cross naturally needs the red cross on their website. This famous symbol is incorporated into the design with stylish simplicity, and draws attention to everything the visitor needs to see.

Inque Magazine


Inque Magazine is a literary magazine that’s made from the same team that’s behind Zembla, Avaunt, and Port. The design uses the color red to highlight the brand and it serves the exact purpose required.

Brand Aid


Brand aid is a company that helps other companies with branding. They create unique promotional content for other companies, and their red website is enough to convince potential prospects.

Chelan Fresh Marketing


This website uses the natural reds of fruit to attract potential customers. The subtle use of the dark red draws attention to all relevant pieces on the website.



MING labs is a tech and design company whose website demonstrates perfectly how to use red very effectively.

Web Design Field Manual


This sophisticated red website incorporates elegant and gentle animations and red colors. The website itself is a curated resource for web creators.

Take the Walk


This website has chosen a wonderful color palette. The background colors combine dark red and black, with additional darker accents. The grey and white text subtly ensures the text is visible.



RappiPay is a rapidly growing account that offers you great benefits, such as cashback on all purchases, withdrawals without commissions, and a very attractive beauty website.



This red website has a simple color scheme, with added textured patterns of light red making it even more interesting. The texture allows the light red to blend in, thus creating a more subtle palette, and the use of black and white creates an interesting contrast.



This Copenhagen-based company was founded by the executive producer Malene Dyhring and director Simon Bonde. Their website is a very nice blend of bright red, black and white.

Tim Rodenbröker


Tim specializes in design and creative ways of enhancing businesses and brands.The minimal use of red in the website design enhances and highlights its purpose and aims to showcase Tim’s work.

Poster Ninja


This website uses red in the gradient color palette, which makes it a fun design without being too intrusive. The gradient balances the bright red very nicely and the contrasting colors are used effectively.



The website design and clever use of red to attract attention makes Playtika a captivating website that holds your interest, along with their highly immersive and engaging games.

Trionn Design


The captivating wavy pattern of red in the background on this website design could also be called the “flow of creativity”.



MedExpert, a medical consulting business, attracts its potential customers and clients with this website, and red is used cleverly so the medical aspect is heart-shaped as well as highlighting important information.



Alleyoop’s website promotes a beauty and body care business using red to highlight attractive products and messages.



KitKat’s design and branding are instantly recognizable, featuring a very strong shade of red.



Wokine’s website effectively combines gray with an outstanding bolder red, making the welcome message simple and inviting.



The unspun website promotes its jeans business with a dramatic and eye-catching use of bold reds

Picksum Ipsum


This website generates famous quotes for you and employs red in a stimulating and inspiring way.

Green Onion


Red is the Chinese color of luck and good fortune so a Chinese restaurant would naturally use this famous color to enhance their website and they make it even more attractive with some great scrolling animations.

Hatha Ciudad Onlus


The solid red design makes this website really stand out.

The New Company - Store


What is more exciting than a red sports car! This company creates branding solutions,and their website immediately draws the eye and the mind to their purpose.

Sourisse Aux Partners


This website features an eye-catching red and black minimalist design.

Elena Iv-skaya


Elena Iv-skaya is a Russian born fashion photographer and this website uses red perfectly to attract clients and showcase her work.



This website joyfully and creatively uses bold red with a few contrasting colours to represent the playful persona of the company.

FAQs about red websites

What makes red a good choice for website design?

Red, a bold hue, signals urgency and passion. Its psychology is rooted in attracting attention, making it an ideal choice for highlighting calls to action and important brand elements. When applied thoughtfully, red can energize a design, attracting viewers and sustaining engagement.

How can red be incorporated effectively without overwhelming a website's design?

Balance is key. Use red for strategic emphasis—CTA buttons, important titles. Contrast against neutral backgrounds, pairing with whitespace to create a visual hierarchy that guides users effortlessly through content without overpowering the senses.

What's the impact of red on user experience and conversions?

Red in UI/UX design functions as a psychological stimulant, potentially boosting conversion rates by drawing attention to conversion paths. It signals importance and can prompt decisive user actions, but must be used discerningly to avoid negative connotations or aggressiveness.

Are there specific industries or niches where red website designs are more appropriate?

Industries emphasizing energy, like fitness, or urgency, like emergency services, often harness red's assertive tone. It's equally prominent in food-related websites where it stimulates appetite and hospitality where it conveys warmth.

Recently, minimalism with bold splashes of red creates an impactful statement. Web designs also trend toward using red to enhance storytelling, setting a narrative tone that breathes life and vigor into online content.

What are the challenges of using red in responsive web design?

The vibrancy of red must be consistently adapted across devices, maintaining its intensity without distortion on various screens. Designers face the challenge of ensuring red elements remain functional and visually appealing in different resolutions and screen sizes.

Can red in website design influence brand perception?

Absolutely, red is powerful in branding, aligning with brands that want to project confidence or excitement. Its strategic use in web design can strengthen identity, making brands memorable and easily recognizable.

How does culture affect the use of red in web design?

Cultural connotations of red vary—symbolizing prosperity in some regions, danger or love in others. Understanding your audience's cultural context is crucial for the appropriate and respectful application of red in web design to evoke the intended emotional response.

Are there best practices for choosing the right shade of red for a website design?

Considering the brand's tone and the psychological impact of various shades is vital. A lighter red can be playful, while a darker shade conveys sophistication. Testing with target demographics can help finalize the shade that aligns with desired user behaviors.

How should red be used in website design to enhance accessibility?

Red should not be the only visual means to convey information, considering color blindness. Complementary color contrast is important for readability and to cater to accessibility standards. Text over red backgrounds must have sufficient contrast to ensure legibility for all users.


And so, the quest through the vibrant terrains of red website design examples concludes. Embrace the shades from the gentle whisper of pink to the deep roar of burgundy in crafting experiences that resonate.

  • Vital, remember the power of red, a stimulant in the visual symphony that sways emotions and decisions.
  • Balance with care; let red be the maestro, not the entire orchestra.
  • Think of red as the ember that can ignite action or the warmth that invites contemplation.

The journey has been a dance of contrasts and textures, from the ruby buttons that beckoned clicks to the crimson banners that heralded essential announcements. In the artist's palette, red is fluent in the language of persuasion, its nuances echoing the brand's heartbeat.

Harness the lessons revealed through these examples. Illuminate paths with red's enduring glow, and let it punctuate the digital narratives unfurling beneath fingertips.

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