The coolest black website design examples you can find online
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The coolest black website design examples you can find online

Modern red websites with awesome color schemes
March 21, 2024
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March 22, 2024
Modern red websites with awesome color schemes
March 21, 2024
The Best Startup Websites That Impress With Their Design
March 22, 2024

Imagine the stroke of midnight, the moment when the sky drapes itself in the most elegant shade of obsidian. That same captivating allure brings an unexpected depth and sophistication to the digital landscape through examples of black websites

In the sea of standard designs, a dark-themed creation stands as a testament to bold simplicity and refined aesthetic, drawing visitors into a realm where content shines against a canvas of darkness.

Navigating this shadowed spectrum requires a keen eye for contrast, readability, and balance—elements vital for an exemplary user experience (UX). Delving into this article, you'll uncover secrets of successfully harnessed night mode visuals and how they transform user engagement. 

We'll explore the subtleties of dark UI/UX design, illuminating how monochrome layouts do more than just please the eye; they enhance functionality.

By journey's end, a treasure trove of insights awaits—ready to inspire your next venture into the elegant world of black website design. Uncover the power of negative space, color theory, and visual hierarchy integral to crafting captivating sites that embody the essence of modern flair and digital finesse.

Awesome black websites to check out

Edoardo Smerilli


A film director based in Bologna, Edoardo Smerilli shows us a marvelous dark website. He’s also a multidisciplinary director, and he combines cinema, VFX, and CGI.

Wray & Nephew


Jamaica’s most loved rum, Wray&Nephew shows us an exceptional example of a black website and the rum has been around for nearly 200 years.

Esteban Muñoz


If you’re looking for an inspirational black website, the Esteban Munoz website is perfect. Its portfolio is versatile and well rounded. A black website like this, with refined graphical elements will allow your website to stand out.

Pasticceria Adami


This is an Italian pasticceria (a bakery) from Verona. Their website looks amazing, due to their use of the color black. It’s a simple yet effective design.

Studio Bjork


Studio Bjork is a responsive black website that gives you a sense of direction in black website design. Instead of scrolling vertically on a website, this one gives you a different option – you have to scroll horizontally to locate new content. It works well since the focus is on the interactive content instead of the written content.

Jack Daniel’s


Jack Daniel’s is a popular drink and they designed their website completely in black, complimenting their brand. It demonstrates that certain parts of the website can have different design options; there are some black pages mixed with white pages.

It's a great idea to mix together light colors and fonts, then match them with photos and other interactive content on the website. It’s a memorable, intimate, and stylish design.



This black website is visually amazing, due to the black and white interaction, that keeps you thoroughly entertained.



BlackBerry went with a mostly black website design, mixed with gray accents, which is mostly used for the menus and popups. This highlights the elegance and appearance of the phone, since it puts more focus on the products.

The white fonts and dark shades create an amazing contrast.

Hangar Door


This website sells hangar doors, thus this design suits the style and branding of the company perfectly. The gray and black background highlights the steel textures, which allows the company to focus on the presentation of its products.

The Ordinary


The Ordinary’s website is anything but ordinary. The elegant black color and the white accents are combined beautifully in this design. It also retains a nautical theme for its seafood restaurant brand and is an excellent example of how a restaurant website should look.

Thomas Bosc


This website by Thomas Bosc is an astounding use of black to create an elegant, professional business website. Thomas is an SEO and social media management expert; his website on its own is enough to convince potential prospects.

Skål Agence


This agency works mostly for large businesses while creating great relationships with clients. Skål Agence showcases a superb black website.



This website has a very distinctive black tone and appearance. It’s primarily a food and drink website that uses a unique black and white illustration style to create a great feel to the website. If you’re searching for a black and white food website, this is a wonderful example.



The Humaan website belongs to a group of talented designers and developers from Australia. Their elegant design showcases their skills and portfolio. It creates a soft, elegant atmosphere that enhances the company’s reputation as designers.


Mooi’s website is an innovative and provocative website that manages to create an incredible design using the color black.

Double Barrel


The Double Barrel company offers a vapor device that has two oil barrels instead of one. The website is mostly black, suiting the product perfectly and giving it a sense of power.



Fabio is a Brazilian web developer and designer and Fabiotoste is his personal website. It displays his designer skills by featuring his previous work, experience, and web techniques.

This website is a combination of blue, gray, and white, along with an interesting interactive portfolio made of squares that move when you hover over them.

Yannis Yannakopoulos


Yannis is a freelance developer, and this is his personal website.

Quentin Hocdé


Quentin is the lead frontend developer at Locomotive, and this brilliant black website showcases his portfolio.

Quest maze


The dark background of a website can be combined with bright colors such as white, yellow, and neon. This is exactly what Quest maze does very effectively. The CTA buttons are designed with blue, and the blocks are highlighted with gray on a black background.



This is a startup company that gives you a chance to have improved insurance outcomes. Their black website is memorable.

Melanie DaVeid


This website created by a deeply very talented UX designer has a black background. It’s more of a portfolio than a website, nevertheless, it displays how Melanie can create an astonishing website with a responsive design and stunning UX elements.



Degenesis is a famous website offering a free-to-play game with an international following and the website features an attractive dark website design.

International Women’s Day


This website celebrates International Women’s Day and uses plenty of black to highlight its message.



Leaf is a website that features a very timeless design that many black websites use. It showcases a gray background displaying photography, also white and gray lettering with blue CTAs. This website is a stylish design for your inspiration.

Robert Toman


Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Robert Toman is a digital designer and this is his exciting black website.



Gipimotor services Ferraris and other classic cars. It’s a polished and refined website with spectacular black elements, that projects elegance, sophistication, and style. The black background on this website gives it authority and strength.

Leonid Kostetskyi


Leonid is a frontend developer and creative designer, and his website exhibits his past work and skill set as a designer. It’s mainly a black website with a portfolio that should be considered as a personal website.

Colora podcast


This website features a classic, dark gray design combined with yellow elements. It features mostly light-colored elements that are easy to read next to the dark background.



This website was inspired by 2018 trends, including unique, fashionable irregular letter typography. The combination of black and white lettering creates an outstanding design.



Onda is primarily a digital studio that focuses on creating brands, and this website cleverly displays their work and describes their process.


This website tries to warn us about global warming and its effects on Iceland, highlighted effectively with strong dark colors.

Sam Phlix


Sam is a creative developer from Lyon, France.

Salt & Pepper


Considering the name of this company, the white and black web design is an obvious choice. They focus on technical support and website functionality issues, with an international clientele. Salt & Pepper’s website is an amazing display of a great black design.

Diesel Wynwood


Here’s an impressive website that you should examine if you’re curious about Diesel.



The focus of this website is mostly on space and time animations, which creates a story based on these visuals. Each page is completely black, giving a mysterious feeling. Also, the dark colors are complemented with tantalizing tones and music. Simply visit the website and enjoy the story.

Jingqi Fan


Jingqi is a designer that encourages an interest in new modes of interaction and visual communication.



The Versions website offers an app for Mac, proving you can make a website stand out with the color black. This is a technology-style website, using contrasting colors to make the CTA buttons and other elements stand out.

Bailey Coffee Screamers


A savvy design option for dark websites is to have a completely black background and combine it with high-quality photos and colorful elements. Bailey Coffee Screamers does just that, which makes the products stand out, while also increasing sales.

This website captures our attention with their high-quality coffee photos, great introduction videos, and interactive animations that enhance the look.



Airnauts create responsive websites, by combining responsive and interactive elements. The black background of the website draws our attention to the most important elements of the site.

Tim Brack


Tim brings this website down to bare bones and exposes only the elements that are truly necessary. It’s free of excessive and unnecessary content, just his portfolio.



There are two color combinations on this website, which is aesthetically pleasing. The copy and the graphical elements appear responsive.

Julie Muckensturm


Julie Muckenstrum can be used as a personal website example.

Take the Walk


Take the Walk is a charity organization that encourages people to walk a mile to combat AIDS and poverty. The vast majority of the website is in black, however, there are also red accents to draw our attention to those elements.



The elements on this website become the focal point, mostly because it uses several vibrant and eye-catching hues. The website features neon green elements to create and shift the focus on the elements.

Henrik & Sofia


Henrik and Sofia are a freelance creative couple based in Sweden. Their website is stunning.



1MD is one of our favorite dark websites, because even though most of the site is based on a white background; the striking black graphics make this website stand out.

Thomas Rhythm


Here’s another great portfolio website where black is the primary color.



9elements is a developer company, featuring black in a clever way.

FAQ on black websites

Dark themes resonate with modern tastes—melding minimalist black design with visual comfort, particularly in low-light conditions. This trend aligns with the growing emphasis on User Experience, where eye strain reduction and battery life extension on mobile devices are key benefits.

How do black websites improve user engagement?

Contrast and readability are pivotal. Black websites, employing a dark color palette, spotlight content and create a focal point for engagement. Coupled with elegant typography, these sites foster an immersive user environment that encourages longer browsing sessions.

What are the challenges in designing a black website?

Striking a balance between aesthetics and readability requires nuance—color theory becomes crucial. Ensuring that elements like navigation menus and text don't blend into the dark UI without enough contrast can make or break the user interface experience.

How do dark websites influence emotions?

The psychology of color suggests black communicates power and sophistication. A black-dominated color scheme can evoke a sense of mystery or luxury, infusing a website with an atmosphere that can subtly influence a visitor's emotional response and perception.

Can black websites be considered more eco-friendly?

Interestingly, yes. On devices with OLED displays, true black pixels are unlit, potentially saving energy. However, eco-friendliness largely depends on the user's screen type and the overall power consumption of their device.

In terms of accessibility, what should be considered for black websites?

Web Accessibility remains vital; designers must ensure high contrast ratios for text and interactive elements. Utilizing color hex codes that stand out against a black backdrop is key to aiding those with visual impairments or color blindness.

Are black websites suited for any industry?

While adaptable, black website themes particularly benefit industries aiming for a sleek, modern impression—like technology, luxury goods, or creative media. The theme may not suit every brand identity, as it carries specific connotations and user expectations.

How do you maintain readability on a dark website?

Opt for lighter text shades that contrast sharply with the background. Sans-serif fonts often work best as they are clean and legible. Ensuring adequate spacing and size of text elements also fortifies visual hierarchy, guiding the user's eye effortlessly across the dark navigation menus.

What do black websites mean for mobile responsiveness?

Mobile responsiveness must account for various lighting conditions in which users access the site. Dark designs must maintain their integrity and balance across all devices, considering that mobile devices are frequently used in low-light environments where dark themes naturally excel.

How can incorporating black into web design increase brand uniqueness?

Leveraging a charcoal design element or a full black background sets brands apart in a digital sphere dominated by white and light color schemes. It speaks to a brand's confidence and willingness to embrace a monochromatic design, often leaving a lasting impression on visitors.


Embarking on a journey through the shadows of cyberspace, the allure of examples of black websites has been laid bare. The craft of weaving a dark color palette into the fabric of dark-themed design is not just about aesthetic—it's a strategic symphony of contrastnegative space, and visual hierarchy.

With every illustration showcased, a narrative unfolds where dark UI/UX does not mean dim; rather, it means defining new norms for digital canvases. These examples are not just midnight color schemes but gateways to immersive experiences, where content, clothed in obsidian elegance, springs to life.

To conclude, it's evident that behind every monochromatic web layout, there lies a potential for uncharted creativity. Harnessing the essence of dark aesthetics, where each pixel is meticulously placed, one strides towards exceptional design—revealing a mastery that transcends the commonplace. 

The canvas is now yours; may the inspiration from these examples guide you towards crafting your own masterpiece in the mesmerizing realm of black websites.

If you are inspired by the examples from this article and want to create a black website yourself, then you can use the following to easily make one:

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