The Best Interactive Websites You Can Play Around With

The Best Interactive Websites You Can Play Around With

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November 22, 2019
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November 22, 2019
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November 26, 2019

With the help of UX/UI designers, a lot of websites are getting custom elements that encourage direct participation from users. From hover states, videos, scrolling interactions, and other interactive features, we can see many creative ideas around this.

The goal behind adding interactive features, of course, is to make the visitors engage with the content of the site. However, the best interactive websites are often tucked away in some obscure part of the Web, in the form of innovative art and other non-commercial projects.

One thing is clear about these special kinds of websites — they engage with their users at another level and get their attention very fast, and there’s a lot that can be learned about good interactive website design by following these sites’ example.

In this article, you are going to discover some of the best interactive websites currently online. Ready to be wowed? Then read on!

Best interactive websites examples



Do you like art, but find it difficult to create your own? If yes, then you must check out Silk, an interactive generative art creation tool. That might sound like a mouthful, but the idea is simple: wherever you move your mouse, you create symmetrical colored lines along the center.

By doing nothing more than drawing a few curved or straight lines, you can easily create some stunning art that you can call your very own. Thanks to the developers for efficiently using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This is an excellent example of a website that uses interactivity to aid in achieving something that would otherwise be quite challenging.

You can also share all the drawings that you do on social media. It comes in with a web version but also an app that you can download.

30 Species, 30 Pieces


30 Species, 30 Pieces is one of the best interactive websites that doesn’t rely on any new-fangled Web technologies — it uses pure CSS to display and walk you through a list of endangered animals.Its role is to make us aware of what is happening to each species and how we can help stop their extinction.

You can choose to check the story of any of the 30 animals that are featured. New information is shown together with an exclusive video. The graphics are well-made (considering it is all just CSS!) and simply adorable.

Visit Humboldt


When it comes to the best interactive websites to check out in terms of travel, Visit Humboldt is right at the top. This website is a fairy tale adventure in its own right, and it uses an interactive format to walk you through the process of selecting the best places to visit in Humboldt County.

The designers created a personal navigation system that you can use to explore destinations while pinning locations freely. Many videos of each location are featured, and together with the background music, Visit Humboldt is truly an interactive masterpiece.

Hungry Book


Hungry Book is an art project that takes its inspiration from minimalism in food. The combination of unique designs with recipes is very creative. You can use it to create your basic kitchen set and ingredients.

Start scrolling down through the interactive website menu and see what you find. The way the site is designed makes it extremely easy to understand what you can do with it.

Fontsmith Variable Fonts


Interactive sites like Fontsmith are a great tool when you need new fonts for your creative ideas. It will help you rethink your choice of font sizes, styles, and weights by letting you tweak them in real-time with a live preview.

Cryptaris Mission


This is a mind-blowing online game that does a great job of simulating tests done in the US Army. It brings different WebGL techniques into use, together with great designs and interactive add-ons. If you are a fan of Army missions and unique concepts, check it out.

Chekhov With Google


We added this one to our best interactive website examples because it is an ingenious way of doing a questionnaire.

First of all, we can see that it has a dual-screen half being for the question and half for the answers. Dominant colors are used together with well-made designs. Similar to how brands use color schemes to influence consumers, this website uses a creative blend to create a powerful impression. All of it is very simple but highly effective in encouraging participation.

The mobile version is also fresh, and we didn't have any problems with it. It’s short, quick, and will tell you which character in Anton Chekhov’s work you take after.

Wake it Up


This website shows how challenges can be made in a fun way. The idea behind it is to make the site wake up. You can do that by throwing pillows at it or putting on loud music. You have 60 seconds to do this, so you need to move fast.

Even though you don't know precisely if you can wake him up, you should still give it a try!Original ideas like this make for the best interactive websites because you feel compelled to take action.

Polish Christmas Guide


When Christmas is around the corner, this interactive website is an enjoyable one to try. You can control Santa Claus while learning about the Christmas traditions in Poland. The style is made in a cartoon atmosphere so anybody can participate no matter their age.

Pierre Herme Nicolas Buffe


There was a lot of work done around this interactive storytelling website. The cool scenes, together with the animations, make it one of the best interactive websites we have found so far.

If you are ready for a great adventure, make sure to check it out and discover the story!



If you like bikes and interactive websites, then you are in the right place. Cyclemon presents many bike models to choose from.

It has dozens of series of illustrations of different models that are structured in various categories. To select your favorite bike, you simply scroll through the selections, delightfully displayed in a parallax format.

Silicon Valley Graveyard


This website features big startups that have failed over the years after significant investments were made in them.

There are no real interactive elements besides scrolling through and reading, but the way the content is presented with spooky, wavy animated text is an unusually nice touch.

ARK: Star Citizen Map


If you haven’t seen this interactive website until now, then this is the moment. The portal was created for a video game that shows a fantastic world at your feet, or should we say screen.

It's well made, and the user interface brings a futuristic approach like the ones you see in spaceships.

The World Of UnknownCritters


For children, we considered this example as perfect. It has well-made and straightforward graphics that you can use to navigate around. The experience is best enjoyed on the desktop version.



Solace features an animated movie that shows a Sci-Fi story, done by Jeff Noon and illustrated by Evan Boehm. As you interact with the website, you can listen to the narrated story. It has a simple design, and the story is quite dark.

The main attraction is a boy that got obsessed with a new drink on the market that is called Spook. Check it out.

My Grandmother’s Lingo


In this site, you are going to learn the language of Marra, an Australian Aboriginal language. What we loved about it was the fact that you can use your microphone to speak and progress through the course.

It's indeed one of the best interactive websites that we found, so take some time to explore it and learn something — you won’t be disappointed.

Allpress CultureManual


More than three decades have passed since Allpress made its first stand for a flavor of coffee. This is the story of the brand and what they believe in. Each section is a chapter full of interesting narrative info and multimedia.

The Cool Club


Have a look at interactive sites like this one if you want to see how micro-interactions look when done well. Just click the card box from the Home Page and try a new card game. If you wish for different themed playing cards, you can hover over the card boxes from the bottom of the screen.

This website has different hover effects and many animal animations. You will enjoy it a lot!

Aquatic Macroinvertebrate Collection


In terms of education, here’s one of the best interactive websites we’ve discovered so far. Users can examine different species and body parts, similar to a scientist in action.

Seeing Data


This website has the layout of a dynamic infographic that shows new statistics to users. It raises awareness about the topic, and it does so by using creativity and interactivity.

Fishing the Feed


One of the best interactive websites about changing markets is Fishing the Feed. It tells the story of the fishing crisis and shows why the industry needs to make positive changes.

Radio Garden


This is a very cool website! You can click on different places around the world and hear live streams that come from various radio stations. There is a lot of great music that you can discover by using it.

Ending thoughts on the best interactive websites

As you can tell, some of the best interactive websites can be found in unexpected places. We put together this list to help you get inspired and motivated to get your own story out in a highly interactive manner. 

A UI/UX design consultant will help your website be more interactive and provide expert guidance and strategies to businesses. Ensuring that their services deliver exceptional user experiences through intuitive interfaces and thoughtful design choices.

Showing an idea through a website can be fun, and it is all about choosing the right elements and details while telling a story that involves the user directly. Even the smallest bit of interactivity like images, videos, or interactive flipbooks that move around on scrolling can make a huge difference to the overall experience.

If you enjoyed reading this article on the best interactive websites, you should check out this one about the best startup websites.

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