The best relaxing websites to calm you and relieve stress
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The best relaxing websites to calm you and relieve stress

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May 14, 2020
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Are you stressed because of the high demands of your work? There are many relaxing websites that are really useful for relaxing and unwinding. This article will examine the best of these.

Simply enter one of these webpages, sit back, and try to relax your mind and body, by listening to soothing sounds, music and calming images. Here is a comprehensive list of 34 of the best websites for relaxation.

Relaxing websites



This website guides you through a journey from being in a stressed state to being completely relaxed. You can either choose a guided meditation to achieve that state, or set a timer with your own preferences. You can either listen to a relaxing voice guiding you, or choose the relaxation without the guiding voice.

Rainy Mood


The sound of falling rain is usually relaxing for most people. This website offers this as well as some subtle thunder elements.

Make Everything OK Button


This website has an interesting concept to immediately relieve your stress. It simply consists of a button that says “Make Everything OK”. When you click it, you wait a few moments. A message will appear, saying that everything is OK. If you need to do it again, you can do it infinitely until you genuinely feel everything’s OK, thus utilizing the power of positive suggestion.



Using breathing techniques for relaxation is a very popular way to manage anxiety. The Exhaler app enables you to control and improve your breathing to clear your mind. Sometimes, we may breathe in such a way that is restricting our oxygen supply and increasing anxiety, so this app can guide you to better breathing, by following the instructions for inhaling and exhaling.

Pixel Thoughts


Pixel Thoughts is an interesting website that encourages you to meditate and enter the thoughts you encounter as you do so. In the end, you can review these thoughts, which helps you to see how your thinking is affecting your state of mind.



Happify is a platform where you’ll get happier by experiencing the “science of happiness”. It’s a unique concept, that enables you to play relaxing games and do calming activities to ease your mind.


This free website encourages you to let go of everything on your mind. Simply write what’s bothering you at the moment, and you can get it off your mind.



Sometimes excessive noise can cause stress, whether it’s office noise, traffic, neighbors arguing, or dogs barking. This website produces the so-called “pink, white and brown noise”, which is a special type of relaxing noise that helps you mute and tune out the negative noise factors.

Live Kitten Cams


All cat lovers know just how relaxing it can be to hang out with cats and observe them playing, and this website lets experience this online. It features a live cam from a Kitten Rescue Sanctuary in LA, California, so you can observe the cats and relax, or watch other animals and relax with them.



Playster offers several different ways to relax. If you’re worried about all the noise around you, then you can listen to sounds. You can watch movies, play games, read books or watch engaging videos. This website offers creative ways of occupying your brain so you don’t think about your worries.



This website for cat lovers offers you cat meowing sounds which can be surprisingly relaxing, and you can tease your own cats too.

Do Nothing For 2 Minutes


Simply doing nothing for 2 minutes straight, can bring calm and tranquility. Modern lives are often jam-packed and people think that they should always be doing something. So this website gives you permission to buy out some precious time and just listen to wave sounds.



This website is excellent for meditation lovers and practitioners. It teaches you how to meditate using a guided meditation, so you can use these skills to meditate on your own later. Meditations range between 2-10 minutes.



If you’re working, studying or brainstorming, you may want some pleasant background noise present. Coffitivity is backed by science which claims to boost your creativity.



Brain.FM helps to declutter your mind and let go of the noise pollution by audio brainwave training, personalized brainwave training, or journeying through meditation sessions.

A Soft Murmur


A Soft Murmur offers you another way of letting go of the bable around you, by selecting your preferred noise and hearing more of those sounds instead. Pick from your favorite sounds and play them when you’re in need of instant relaxation.

Relax Online Stress Analyst


This stress analyst is created by specialists in relaxation and alleviates the stress that comes from intensive decision-making, whether it be personal or work-related.



Soundrown enables you to select from different sounds for relaxation, such as waves, rain, birds, or other tranquil sounds.



Allolo gives you the the sounds of nature to listen to, and watch some relaxing natural images.



Noisli is a great solution for relief from the stress of noises that bother you. Simply choose the sounds you like to listen to and find relaxing. Then, put your headphones on and unplug from the world. There are some great customization settings that let you set it up just the way you want it.



Headspace is an app for smartphones (Android and IOS), that enables you to train your mind to filter out negativity and start living a happier and healthier life.



Children are also prone to stress, perhaps due to peer pressure, school demands, or other factors. GoZen provides online, animated programs that help children manage stress and build skills of resilience

My Noise


My Noise offers an enormous collection of high-quality sounds to help you relax, including sounds from nature, voices, drones, industrial sounds, cats purring and many more. This can be the perfect solution to drowning out unwanted distractions while studying or working.

Get Relaxed


This website offers peaceful images to watch and you can add sounds to create an even more relaxing environment.

Bla Therapy


If you are seriously aggravated and want to get things off your chest immediately, then choose Bla Therapy, where you can let negative thoughts go and replace them with positive ones.

Daily Good


Watching the news on a daily basis can be exhausting for our minds, as they are full of negativity. In contrast, this website will give you a daily dose of positive news daily, so you can relax when you listen to the news instead of getting stressed.



This interesting website allows you to direct a choir of acapella singers, which can be incredibly relaxing. You can select your preferred singers, and choose how you will direct them.



Labuat allows you to immerse yourself in classical music while you paint a picture. It’s both visual and audio relaxation, and using headphones will give you the best experience.

LoungeV Studio


The LoungeV Studio website offers you some relaxing HD-quality videos of beaches, underwater scenery, waterfalls, and other relaxing natural scenes.



Mindreader claims to be able to read your thoughts; and if you have a lot going on in your mind, then it can be like trusting a friend which can be a great way of relaxing.



This website lets you sit back and create some amazing designs by simply clicking your mouse and dragging it across the screen. You have complete control over what you do, with no restrictions or limits; it’s just you and your creative mind.

Relaxing Snow


Watching snow fall during the winter is very relaxing. You can either simply enjoy the silence and watch the snow falling, or add some relaxing music if you prefer some sound in your mind.

7 Cups Of Tea


Speak to a trained listener whenever you want, expressing your thoughts, concerns, and what’s troubling you, to get the support that you need.

Ending thoughts on relaxing websites

Today’s hectic world can be intimidating and overwhelming. If you’re feeling stressed and in need of relaxation, then these relaxing websites will prove very useful. You can also learn to create your own relaxing website right now. Thus you’ll have your own place to come and relax when you need it, and you’ll also offer others the same. This will require a theme and you can’t go past Be Theme, which offers 500+ pre-built websites.

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