The best restaurant websites with gorgeous web design
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The best restaurant websites with gorgeous web design

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April 13, 2020
The best agency websites that the internet has to offer
April 20, 2020
WordPress updating failed: How to fix this error
April 13, 2020
The best agency websites that the internet has to offer
April 20, 2020

What do you expect to find on the best restaurant websites? Do you prefer to have a simple written menu with descriptions and prices on the main page, or one with many images to stimulate your appetite?

These are two different ways of building a website for a culinary business. The best restaurant websites strike a balance between being creative and pragmatic, which results in an attractive and effective page.

This article will explain 30 plus examples of the best restaurant websites around the world, which will train your “designer eye”:

The best restaurant websites

Jacks Bar


Jacks Bar opted for a brilliant one-page website which condenses every important detail into one single place. The website has a captivating layout that is simple and creative.

Royal Plate


This website has a sophisticated ambiance with professional pictures displaying their house specialties. Every scroll reveals new categories and appealing menu options.

4 Rivers Smokehouse


The website 4 Rovers Smokehouse is certainly client-friendly. The call-to-action buttons provide easy navigation, and ordering is made simple with high-quality visuals.



With the mix of colors, flavors, and the depiction of fresh air, this website is a perfect fit for the Lemon’s HiFi lounge in Brookyn’s Wythe Hotel. The website’s design has a visual coherence that makes it pleasing to use. The developers kept the utility of the site, especially through the “Happenings” section.



These restaurant owners sell their services through this website, which includes their schedule and many of their awards. Broadcasting these achievements helps keep customer loyalty, as well as attracting new customers.



This website showcases tradition and innovation for this Spanish restaurant located in Villery. You can use the “Find a table” button, check for new specialties and become acquainted with the restaurant's philosophy.

Eleven Madison Park


This website perfectly advertises simplicity and comfort, with the white background helping you to focus on the visual information. The images are useful and appropriate.



PHO proves that you can impress with a WordPress website if you design it well. The delicious food images are in the background, with concise call-to-action buttons, customized icons, and a helpful menu in the foreground. This restaurant also uses social media as a marketing tool.

La Barraca


The website of La Barraca restaurant provides a virtual tour of the restaurant. Due to the high-resolution visuals, the tour gives a vivid impression of people’s whispering and glasses clicking, as well as attractive images of the dishes.



Nuevo proves that a one extraordinary photo can be the nucleus of a whole website.

Tio Luncín


The motto of this restaurant is “Nunca probaste algo tan rico” (“You haven’t tried anything this good before”). This is one of the best restaurant websites, because of the flying dishes in the background and the clever integration of the video.



The developers of this site are detail oriented. The interface is intuitive yet simple, therefore finding the new specialty is effortless.

Col’Cacchio Pizzeria


The value of this restaurant’s website lies in the amazing pictures, some good call-to-action buttons, and the appealing, accessible menu.

Lupa Osteria Romana


The entire mood of this restaurant is bold and they even sell Roman specialties in NYC in the 21st century. Their page is one of the best restaurant websites due to its great design and appropriate features, which showcase the originality and authenticity of the restaurant.

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