An Awesome List of Trippy Websites You Should Check Out
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An Awesome List of Trippy Websites You Should Check Out

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November 25, 2019
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The Best Interactive Websites You Can Play Around With
November 25, 2019
The best political campaign websites to use as inspiration
December 16, 2019

If there’s one thing we can be sure about in web design, it’s that you should never underestimate the power of creativity. The basic tools available — e.g. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript — might not seem like mind-blowing technologies, but in the right hands, they can produce some truly out-of-this-world creations.

From magnificent, interactive works of art that mesmerize to psychedelic visual explorations that make you go “Hmm”, there is an entire class of websites out there that can only be categorized as trippy to the max. And it is these websites that have inspired generations of Web-makers to reconsider what they thought was possible.

In this article, we’ve collected a list of the coolest and most trippy websites to inspire you and prove to you that even when you think you’ve seen it all… Well, scroll on — you’ll see!

The list of trippy websites

Falling falling


The website is called and this is all there is: a never-ending animated cascade of colored windows that fall to the bottom of the screen.

It may seem like a simple concept, but notice the effect it has on your perception. Can you feel yourself being drawn deeper and deeper into the screen? Amazing, isn’t it?

This website demonstrates a powerful visual technique that could perhaps be used to great effect on a smaller scale in your own designs. Or, you could just use it as a trippy screensaver to hypnotize anyone who might glance at your screen while you’re on lunch.

Zoom Quilt


Want to relax and fill your brain with images from a fantastic world? Trippy websites like Zoom Quilt are your best options. In Zoom Quilt, you will see different zooming images that loop seamlessly, taking you on a journey through an otherworldly realm of imagination.

If you’d rather encounter fewer monsters and more flora, have a look at the Arkadia Zoom Quilt, which takes you through an endless, dazzling sea-scape.



Are you into music visualization? Then have a look at Audiograph, which turns Pilotpriest's 2016 album into a masterpiece of audiovisual art. When the site has loaded, you can use Spacebar to change tracks.



Wikipedia is host to the world’s knowledge so far… Now, what if you could explore it in a more visual way than just clicking text links? That’s the idea behind WikiGalaxy, which turns Wikipedia into a galactic cloud you can fly through as if traveling on a spaceship.


When it comes to trippy websites, it’s not often you find something that is as educational as it is mind-bending. The site lets you see real-time data on global wind patterns, temperature, and more, all displayed on a visually stunning and intuitive map of Earth.



Canopy is an experimental project that lets you interactively journey through an infinite fractal of growing branches and vines that follow your mouse cursor. It’s a calming simulation that goes on and on and on.



This is a popular web app that was created for trippy art enthusiasts. It lets you create symmetrical doodles using the light on a mirrored canvas. The slower or faster you draw, the more interesting the patterns become!

Turing Fluid Simulator


This simulator plays on the concepts of Turing patterns and reaction-diffusion systems to present an endlessly mesmerizing canvas that you can swirl and stir with your mouse at will. In real life, this is similar to the effect you see when you pour different types of food coloring into a clear jar of water. A Virtual Planetarium


With Cosmic Symbolism, you can just sit back and start relaxing as you take a short trip into the cosmos and back. Although there isn’t that much variety to what you’re about to see, not many trippy websites have visuals as beautiful and breathtaking as this.

Barry Martin’s Hopalong Orbits Visualizer


Looking for trippy websites that take you out of this world? Try the Hopalong Orbits Visualizer.It’s kind of hard to describe, but totally worth it… Check it out!

Neave's Strobe


Have a look at this optical illusion — it’s going to make you very confused. Did you even know this was possible? Share it with your friends and see what reactions you also get from them.



Cleverbot is an AI-based chatbot that was launched in 1997 but at the time it wasn’t the smartest bot around. That’s because it learns from people. Having had over two decades of chatting with human interlocutors, Cleverbot now makes for quite the trippy experience, indeed.



Trippy websites that feature dogs are always cute. In this one, a continuous loop of puppers can be seen running, running, running! Put the sound up to hear the retro 8-bit music, and let your brain enjoy the (somewhat inane, but delightfully trippy) experience.



Trippy websites that combine music and art are the best to go for. Patatap is one of these, and you need to check it. Each time you hit a key from A to Z, you get a random visual effect coupled to a random sound effect. Experiment with all the keys and create your own audiovisual art piece.


Even though it is not as interactive as the previous trippy websites, it is going to impress you. All you need to do is left-click with the mouse to go through video clips. You never know what you’ll find next.

Cameron's World


Cameron's World is an artistic tribute to the good old days of GeoCities websites, where every site was special in its own adorably retro way. It makes use of’s WayBack Machine to showcase some of the most unusual and interesting GeoCities sites that are no longer available on the live Web.



The Loop Waveform Visualizer is a circular waveform pattern visualizer that lets you upload your own songs. Move your mouse on the screen and you’ll be happy to notice it’s interactive, too, with the ability to rotate and move the visualization in 3D.

Something / Nothing


Something / Nothing is an interactive art piece where you start outside a boring old house. But once you enter the house, the fun and trippiness begins. Walk around with the arrow keys and explore the explosion of sounds and sights that is Something / Nothing.

The Revolving Internet


If you think you need a dramatic trippy website, you reached the best one. The Revolving Internet turns your entire Web browsing experience into a topsy-turvy world that will put a huge foolish grin on your face.

Ending thoughts on these trippy websites

Still with us? Good — we thought we might’ve lost you there. As you can see, there are a lot of trippy websites that can be found online, many of which make use of little more than some clever HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript.

We hope you enjoyed the list as much as we did!

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