The Best Time-Wasting Websites You Can Browse to Avoid Burnout
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The Best Time-Wasting Websites You Can Browse to Avoid Burnout

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September 29, 2023
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Video Hosting Sites Where You Can Upload Your Videos
September 29, 2023
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September 29, 2023

Warning: Reading this article may lead to an extended bout of procrastination. However, if you’ve got nothing better to do anyway, you may happily continue.

We all need to take a break sometimes, and time-wasting websites are the modern solution to not only stopping boredom in its tracks, but also avoiding burnout. After all, nobody can be hyper-productive 100% of the time, and studies have shown that taking breaks after long periods of work can help to keep your sanity in check.

Thankfully, the Internet abounds in all sorts of time-wasting websites that let you mentally unwind with not a care in the world. So what we did was to make a list of sites that can fit any mood you might have — curiosity, playfulness, and more.

Get ready to explore some great options for wasting time on the Web and make sure to keep this list bookmarked for those times when you just need to relax.

Best time-wasting websites



This website is quite refreshing and has content related to the usual news and current affairs, but presented in an interesting and thoughtful manner. Cute figures are used to explain the subjects in a more fun way. It seems to be serious and funny at the same time.

The articles are always fascinating and well written. Scroll through it and find out for yourself how entertaining (and surprisingly educational) they are.


There’s a popular saying: What has been seen cannot be unseen. This phrase is usually used to describe the experience of seeing something unexpectedly frightening or unsettling.

Fortunately, time-wasting websites like have the antidote. The site is nothing more than a slideshow of wholesome images of cats, dogs, and more good things, designed to wash away the memory of whatever horrifying thing you recently encountered.



On fun sites like Incredibox, you can create your own music together with a virtual band of beatboxers. Even if you’re not a musician, you’ll have so much fun that you won’t feel how time flies by when you are on it. Give it a try and see if you can become a real artist.

The Secret Door


Your search for time-wasting websites will end when you go on this one! The idea is quite simple here: click on the secret door and you will be taken on a virtual tour of a random fascinating place. It’s like Google Streetview, but you can go inside buildings, too!

Little Alchemy 2


Having fun is something that all of us like to do, and learning the fundamentals of the world while you’re at it is a real bonus. That’s what you get with Little Alchemy 2.

You can play around with different elements to create materials like dust (earth and air). Then, you can combine your combinations to make other more advanced things. You need to give it some time and explore it, so take it easy and enjoy the wonder of alchemy.

100,000 STARS


100,000 Stars is an incredibly well-made simulation of our part of the galaxy, taking you on an interactive journey from the solar system to the outer reaches of our galactic neighborhood.

It doesn’t really have a point, but it’s both enjoyable and educational, and we think more time-wasting websites should be like this one.



Sporcle is known for the vast number of quizzes it offers. You can choose a quiz on almost any kind of topic and also create your own if you’re so inclined. The site lets you find out useful information and have fun at the same time (check out the multiplayer quizzes!).



If you need something that gets your creativity activated, then Stripgenerator should be your choice. The site helps you build your very own customized comic strips. All you need to do is choose from different characters and objects and bring the piece alive.

Museum of Endangered Sounds


The Museum of Endangered Sounds is just the ticket for when you’re looking for time-wasting websites that take you back in time. The idea is that you are exploring an online museum where you discover old sounds made with vintage technologies.

The Webby Winners


If you didn't know, May of every year is the time for the "Best of the Internet" awards. There are five big categories for each prize:

  • Websites
  • Interactive advertising and media
  • Online film and video
  • Mobile sites and apps
  • Social

You can consider this one of the best sources to find time-wasting websites in your category of interest.

The Oatmeal


Another excellent place to spend your time is The Oatmeal. It’s an insanely popular comic strip website that touches on all manner of topics, and each comic is sure to make you laugh out loud.

Pointer Pointer


The pointer is one of those time-wasting websites where you’re not sure why you’re even there, but you end up having a good laugh regardless. You can move the pointer to anywhere on the screen, and the site will direct you to a photo where someone is pointing at your pointer. Pointless, yes, but a whole lot of random fun!

Chill the Lion


Here’s the perfect thing to waste time on when you only have a few minutes to waste. The idea behind it is to chill the lion with a fan. How adorable is this?!

Mental Floss


This is a cool website that helps you discover popular happenings around the world. They go into categories like science, technology, and pop culture. As it is a diverse source, prepare yourself to learn some fascinating things.

Bored Panda


We lovetime-wasting websites like Bored Panda. It has so many fun articles that you can read,each one as unusual and interesting as the previous one.

Sketch Something Daily


Creativity is the keyword for time-wasting websites. Sketch Something Daily is another artistic place that you need to be on. Add your daily illustration on the site and see what users think about it.

The Wayback Machine


Return to a time where there was no such thing as mobile-friendly websites and when each site looked completely different and unique. The Wayback Machine goes through history, and you can explore how popular websites looked way back when.



Usually, you would expect something different from the mundane from time-wasting websites, and FMyLife delivers on that. People can share bad scenarios that happened to them. When you read what they say, it is going to sound unbelievable. If you are feeling unlucky today, check FMylife and you’re bound to feel a little better.



When you want to surf the internet productively while you procrastinate, then go to Supercook. It's a great resource for when you lack the creativity for a kitchen recipe. All you have to do is input the ingredients that you have in stock in your home, and you will receive great recipe ideas based on them.

Wikipedia's List of Conspiracy Theories


Wikipedia by itself is one of the best time-wasting websites ever, but if you like more mysterious subjects then have a look at the conspiracy theories page.

This list of theories is long and full of interesting information, so think twice before rushing into your chosen field of investigation— you might end up reading for hours and hours.

World Atlas


Time-wasting websites can also be educational, and World Atlas is all about teaching you about the world. Once you start using it, you will learn so many new things. If you are a seeker and like to find out new things, this site is here to help.


Space is significant, and the night sky is full of beautiful stars. On this site, you will learn more about the constellations and how to track them. Is it wasting time or the start of a new fulfilling hobby? You decide.



Combine your free time with an educational activity, and you get Vsauce. This site covers intriguing subjects with a fun way of presenting them. Just go to the website to dive in. You will like it for sure!



Ah,Reddit; one of the greatest time-wasters of all time. If you don’t know about it (where’ve you been?), Reddit is a massive forum-like website that can change your daily browsing regime forever.

On it, there are many subreddits, and each one is dedicated to a particular niche topic. And when we say niche, we mean niche — everything you can think of is here.

What They See


What They See is one of those time-wasting websites that turn your worldview on its head. Most people think of museums as places where you observe exhibitions… But what happens when the exhibitions observe you? That’s the idea behind this delightfully oddball website.



If you like music and films, then you should make a stop at LivePlasma. It helps you explore related music genres and artists by showing you interactive maps based on which artists you enter in the search field.

FAQ on time-wasting websites

What are time-wasting websites?

Oh man, you're diving into the rabbit hole now! Time-wasting websites are those delightful corners of the internet where you can easily lose track of hours. They're sites that entertain, distract, or simply let you procrastinate. Think of them as the digital equivalent of junk food – not particularly productive, but oh so satisfying.

Why do people visit these sites?

Well, life can be stressful, right? Sometimes you just need a break. These sites offer a quick escape, a mental palate cleanser if you will. They're like that cheeky chocolate bar you sneak in between meals. Not the best for you, but it hits the spot. Plus, let's be real, sometimes we're just plain bored.

Are they all just for fun?

Not necessarily! Some might argue that they're educational in their own quirky way. Ever stumbled upon a site that teaches you random facts? Or maybe one that dives deep into weird historical events? Sure, they might not be your traditional learning platforms, but you'd be surprised at the nuggets of knowledge you can pick up.

Can they be addictive?

Oh, absolutely. It's like when you open a bag of chips and tell yourself you'll only have a few. Before you know it, you're scraping the bottom. The same goes for these sites. One minute you're watching a video about cats, and three hours later, you're deep into a documentary about the history of socks.

Are there any benefits to them?

Look, while they might not be the pinnacle of productivity, they do have their perks. They can be a great way to de-stress, laugh, or even spark creativity. Ever had a eureka moment while mindlessly scrolling? It happens! Plus, they can be a conversation starter. Who doesn’t love sharing a hilarious meme or quirky fact they stumbled upon?

How do they make money?

Ah, the age-old question. Most of these sites rely on advertising. You know those pesky ads that pop up or play before a video? Yep, that's how they keep the lights on. Some might also have affiliate links or sponsored content. It's all about getting those eyeballs and clicks.

Are there any famous time-wasting websites?

For sure! Sites like BuzzFeed, Bored Panda, or even the classic StumbleUpon (oh, the memories!) have been notorious time-suckers. They've got a mix of quizzes, listicles, and random articles that can keep you entertained for hours on end.

How do I find more of them?

The internet's a vast place, my friend. Start with a simple search, or ask around. Word of mouth is powerful. And don't forget about social media. Sites like Reddit or even Twitter can lead you to some hidden gems.

Can I create my own time-wasting website?

Why not? If you've got a quirky idea or just want to share your unique sense of humor, go for it! With platforms like WordPress or Wix, setting up a site is easier than ever. Just remember, with great power comes great responsibility. Don't get too lost in your own creation!

Should I limit my time on these sites?

Balance is key. While it's fun to dive into these sites, it's also important to not let them take over your life. Set some boundaries, maybe even use a timer. Remember, it's all fun and games until you realize you've spent your entire day looking at pictures of dogs in costumes. Not that I've done that... recently.

Ending thoughts on time-wasting websites

Combining your break time with time-wasting websites can be a smart idea not only because you might learn something new and unexpected, but also because your brain simply needs a break every now and then.

Don’t be ashamed when you need to procrastinate on sites like these. Instead, think of it as TLC for your mental health and enjoy the ride. Just make sure to limit your excursions into the outer limits of the Web so you don’t neglect any real work!

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