Weird Websites Created by Designers With Too Much Free Time
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Weird Websites Created by Designers With Too Much Free Time

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Venture down the rabbit hole of the internet, and you unearth a trove of uniqueness: from weirdly addictive sites to bizarre online experiences. Within this digital dimension, eccentric internet finds lurk around every byte, whispering tales of creativity (or madness?) untold.

 My digital craft has led me to weave through the web’s oddest corners — a journey both absurd and unexpectedly enlightening.

In the sprawling expanse that is cyberspace, discovering examples of weird websites can be akin to spotting a rare, exotic bird in the wild. Intrigue stirs. Curiosity piques. Why, you may ponder, would one seek these eclectic enclaves? The answer is well within our grasp.

Today, I reveal a curated collection of peculiar online oddities online and quirky platforms — a showcase demonstrating the vast spectrum of human imagination. By journey's end, expect your mind’s corridors to brim with inspiration and perhaps a chuckle or two. 

Let’s embark on this unconventional exploration of singular web destinationsnovelty websites, and mind-bending internet phenomena that redefine our very notions of what a website can be.

Weird Websites for Wasting Time

People of Walmart


If you’ve ever seen the memes online about “the people of Wal-Mart” then you already know what this website is about. The name is self-explanatory.

The entire website is just a series of pictures of the United States most eccentric Wal-Mart shoppers. It’s a simple concept, and entertaining at the same time.

The site is actually one of the most popular weird websites on the internet, with millions of views.

Quick, Draw!


In its simplest form, Quick, Daw! is a game that uses machine learning techniques for entertainment purposes. The game is basically Pictionary, except that your opponent is the computer network.

You’re given a silly word or idea and have to draw it. While you’re drawing it, the network will ask you questions and try to guess what you’re drawing. The more you play, the better the network gets at guessing.

Pointer Pointer


Pointer Pointer doesn’t have any real purpose. It is, however, a little bit freaky.

All you do is move your pointer around on the screen. Wherever you move it, there will be an image of a person pointing at it.

Why? We don’t know.


This website alone will generate so many pointless websites that the research for this article becomes redundant!

All you do is click “Please”, then, you’re taken to an often-regrettable website of the network’s choosing.


If you’re looking to be baffled for a few seconds, this site will accomplish just that. The website consists of a single webpage that features a number of shapes “falling” into one another on an endless loop.

Of course, the shapes are brightly colored and moving quickly so they play tricks on your eyes, all accompanied by strangely hypnotic music.

This is Sand


Visitors to this site are treated with the opportunity to draw digital photos with digital sand. The process is simple and relaxing and, for many people, it’s a great way to reduce stress for a few minutes.

At first, you’ll probably wonder why anyone would bother with it, but once you get started it can be hard to stop!



This website is terribly addictive and time-consuming.

It uses Google Street View to present to you an image from a random location around the world, and you have to figure out where in the world the image is from.

Ultimately, you have a whole wide world of possibilities to explore.

Stealth Boats


This website is dedicated to stealth boats. The entire premise of the site is to detect images of stealth boats that are, as their names suggest, stealthy. They are hard to see and can take a long time to spot, but they are there!


Got an aunt or over-enthusiastic cousin that likes to send you cards full of glitter every chance they get? Chances are you probably wish you could hit them with a glitter bomb of your own! is dedicated to shipping your enemies glitter bombs, with envelopes are packed full of glitter that is guaranteed to get everywhere.


ZoomQuilt is purely for entertainment. The website showcases a never-ending patchwork of fantasy paintings and drawings that zoom in and out and move. Viewers can control the speed at which the illustrations move.

Eel Slap!


Eel Slap weirdly enables you to take pleasure in slapping people in the face with a virtual eel. Yep – an eel. You just have to move your mouse around and the eel slaps away. Definitely weird, but oddly satisfying. is not as you might expect, full of heart-stopping jump scares. Instead, the black screen just comes with a ton of anticipation and uneasiness.

Google Feud


Google Feud is a website that allows you to make use of your guessing skills.

It begins by showing you the start of a Google search. Then, you’re prompted to guess what the autocomplete feature of Google will suggest as the primary ending.

This sounds easy, but actually proves to be quite difficult.


bristlr is an online dating website exclusively for beards! If you have a beard or just have a strong sense of beard appreciation, make sure you check this website out.

Cat Bounce!


The creator of this website clearly loves cats. Cat Bounce, is simple in its purpose and execution, being a celebration of adorable cats.

When you navigate to the website, your screen becomes full of bouncy little cats.



Texter encourages your creativity, as well as fulfilling the time-wasting activity of pointless, weird websites.

It presents you with a blank white page. Click and drag your mouse and watch the page fill up with streams of words, and you can change the colors and font of the text.

Endless Horse


Endless Horse, is exactly as its name suggests, a horse with endless legs. You can scroll for 20 minutes and never reach the end of the legs.

Can’t Not Tweet This


On the Can’t Not tweet This website users can’t do anything until they tweet the link to the site.


This website is courtesy of the “great” mind of Greg Rutter, who has gone to extreme lengths to share the world’s best videos.

He’s formed a definitive (his words) list of 99 of the things you need to see and included links to each. Thanks Greg!

Little Alchemy


Little Alchemy gives you the chance to be an alchemist without blowing up yourself, your friends, or your home.

On the site, you can mix a variety of things together to see what happens, unlocking new ingredients as you proceed. The site is extremely addictive and can easily keep you entertained for hours.



Another site that uses Google Street View, MapCrunch isn’t quite so weird. The goal of the website is to help you discover new places around the world. Users are transported to random places on earth and encouraged to start exploring using Street View, without leaving home.


Essaytyper is the everyday college student’s dream website. It is, essentially, a cheat code for essay writing. The site will write entire essays for you on any topic you desire. You simply type anything and the essay will be produced.

The Scale of the Universe


This website is an illustrative guide that is great for size comparisons. Here, you can compare the sizes of anything in the universe for example, how large an egg is compared to an elephant!


On, you can stay in the loop with all the airplanes that are flying in the sky at any given moment. You can see the locations and speed of each, so for plane enthusiasts and would be flight controllers, it’s quite interesting.


This is exactly what it says. If you’re in dire need of a yodel, perhaps inconceivable, nevertheless it’s available if you do.


Popping bubble wrap is fun, so virtual bubble wrap popping is very popular on

Weave Silk


This website is ideal for soothing the overworked mind. Weave Silk allows you to effortlessly create symmetrical images with digital silk and you can choose your colors and move your mouse to create the image within a matter of seconds.


This website is not for the fainthearted. It does have a tendency to make people feel sick and uneasy. It’s a page full of moving gradients, expanding and contracting tunnels, and freaky reddish tones.


Here we have the ultimate way to divide. Move your mouse over one of the circles onscreen and it’ll divide into 2, 4, 8, and so on and so forth.



You can think of this weird website as the TV of the future. It contains carefully curated content that you can access without switching between videos or searching for new content. pays homage to the beauty of African accents. How? See for yourself!


This site is the ultimate area for all of your boredom cures and time-wasting needs, by gathering hundreds of pointless, super weird websites for you. It takes the detective work out of finding the weirdest ones!

FAQ on weird websites

What draws people to weird websites?

Curiosity and novelty stand at the forefront. Humans have an innate desire to experience the unusual and the unexpectedWeird websites tap into this thirst for wonder, often providing a quirky, interactive space that challenges conventional web design and content norms.

Are these websites safe to explore?

Safety varies. Most bizarre sites are harmless fun, eccentric online novelties designed to amuse and intrigue. However, always ensure your device's security is up-to-date to fend off potential internet oddities that might not have your best interest at heart.

What's the point of creating a weird website?

Behind every unconventional website often lies a desire to showcase creativity, to break free from customary internet trends, or simply for the entertainment value. They push boundaries, question "the usual," and sometimes provide social commentary in a surprisingly engaging format.

Absolutely. The viral nature of the internet thrives on uniqueness. Some weird sites captivate vast audiences, their peculiar charm magnifying through social shares and word of mouth — think of them as the digital world's cult classics.

How do weird websites impact internet culture?

They add rich layers to our digital fabric. Strangely fascinating websites influence meme culture, inspire online communities, and often set the stage for new digital art forms. They're a reflection of our collective, ever-evolving internet psyche.

Where can I find these weird websites?

Curation exists! Numerous online tools and web-based games direct intrepid explorers toward ever-growing compilations of the weirdest sites. Forums and niche blogs also serve as treasure maps, pointing you towards the quirkier side of the web.

Do weird websites offer any practical use?

Their novelty value often overshadows practicality, but many offer unexpected insights or serve as excellent examples of creative web development and design. For creators, they can be a portfolio of sorts, demonstrating the designer's web design capabilities.

What is the weirdest website you've ever seen?

Subjectivity reigns, but personal web oddities include interactive art sites that react to cursor movements in bizarre ways or seemingly endless loops of nostalgic media that evoke both confusion and laughter—the epitome of internet curiosities.

How do people respond to weird websites?

Responses run the gamut. Some are amused, others perplexed, and a few may even be disturbed. Nonetheless, these amusing websites often provoke thought, discussion, and no shortage of raised eyebrows and shared laughter.

Could a weird website ever become a mainstream hit?

History has shown us, time and again, that the internet's strangest corners can breed phenomena that rise to epic popularity. Viral challenges and memes that originate from obscure internet sites have bulldozed their way into the mainstream media on multiple occasions.


Delving into the unconventional, we've traversed the peculiar terrain of the web, an odyssey revealing the pantheon of eccentricity that thrives online. The examples of weird websites we've witnessed are but a slice of the internet's infinite peculiarity, a showcase for the ingenious, the absurd, and the otherworldly.

These digital enclaves shatter the mundane, invite us into unusual experiences, and often leave us bewildered yet enlightened. They are testaments to human creativity and the art of subverting expectations—a jolt to the senses amidst the homogeneity of cyberspace.

In this journey, the weird and the whimsical have unfurled before us, proving that even in the virtual realm, the unexpected lies just a click away. Let these oddities online challenge your norms, inspire your thoughts, and remind you that the web is indeed a place where anything is possible.

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