The Best Woodworking Websites with Great Web Design
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The Best Woodworking Websites with Great Web Design

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August 30, 2021
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Growing woodworking businesses need an effective website. It can help them to establish the credibility of the brand and market their online business.

A solid online presence is an essential strategy for large and small businesses alike. It is how the website introduces its products and services. It can also feature some successful woodworking projects and customer satisfaction.

Flexible web design allows brands to adapt the look and content to their current goals.

Businesses should always think about their target audience. The site should be captivating, informative, and functional. Sure, high-quality pictures and other visuals are engaging. Moreover, using illustrations for your website design makes it appealing to visitors. But easy navigation and a clean layout are equally important.

The woodworking websites on our list include various designs and styles. Take inspiration from them, and adapt their ideas to your unique brand. A professional online platform will greatly enhance your business.

Mani Pine


This brand's philosophy is to respect the unique characteristics of each tree. They believe that each board and plank have only one ideal use. Thus, the woodworker must apply his skills, find that ideal use, and create a unique product.

The web design consists of many professional photos and citations that explain its unique approach. The clear respect for nature and care for trees reinforce the credibility of the brand.



The best woodworking websites are money-making, even when it comes to small businesses.

This sales-oriented web design immediately draws attention to featured products. CTA buttons invite visitors to browse the online store or initiate a custom order.

The homepage also integrates with social media accounts and features some popular posts.

The site includes a product portfolio to showcase the brand's unique woodworking projects.



This is the personal website of a talented woodworker.

The homepage features a beautiful picture of woodworking tools. The header is minimal, yet it includes all the important links for easy access and navigation. There are also CTA buttons for easy access to contact information.

The woodworking theme keeps the web design coherent and harmonized.



The best woodworking websites feature a photo gallery to draw attention to their services.

This web design uses high-quality pictures to showcase the woodworking skills of their carpenters. Their products include unique fine furniture, custom cabinetry, and more.

The photos of its wood products stand out on the white background. The site is well-organized and clean.

Customer reviews further back up the quality of their services. Consistent branding throughout the website builds trust in the business.



Furniture making is about precision. This well-arranged website with a clean layout represents the brand's ethos perfectly. It also uses some practical web design features.

The sticky header enables quick access to important links and easy navigation. The banner image at the top of the homepage introduces the business and works in harmony with the web design.

The white background doesn't distract from the photo gallery and maintains the page's clean look.

The web design skillfully uses the parallax effect and animation.

Offerman Woodshop


Each of our favorite woodworking websites is unique. Offerman Woodshop is a small collective of woodworkers who work with fallen trees from their urban LA environment. They also provide woodworking classes.

The banner on its homepage features a picture of the team in its workshop. This builds trust in the brand and serves as a great introduction to the products for sale.

The footer includes a newsletter subscription button and links to the store, events, and custom furniture. There are also social media icons and contact information.

The site is easy to navigate, and the web design matches the unique brand.

Vorrath Woodworks


A stunning picture gallery displays the exemplary woodworking projects of the craftsmen. It stands out in a minimal web design.

All the content is well arranged and accessible. Visitors can follow links to social media accounts to see a broader scope of the brand's portfolio.

The customer reviews further boost trust in the business.

Massachusetts Woodworks


A stylish photo of hand-tool woodworking introduces Darren Taylor's personal website.

The web design is minimal. Short paragraphs go with the high-quality pictures of fine woodworking projects.

Customer testimonials confirm the quality of Darren's service.

Visitors can easily navigate through the platform thanks to the sticky header.

The contact information includes links to social media accounts.

Bolt Woodworks


Like the other woodworkers, this web design has a unique personality. The hero image features fresh wood shavings, the brand's logo, and social media links.

A gallery of their woodworking projects makes up the main content area. The main content is arranged into categories, so the site is easy to navigate.

Boland Woodworking


With so many brands competing by offering custom furniture, the web design must make the business look unique.

This woodworking website stands out. The logo, the fonts, and the color palette perfectly match the brand.

A clean layout and a beautiful picture gallery contribute to the platform's attractive appearance.

NY Woodworking


This site features a minimal sticky header and an image slider at the top of the page. It gives visitors a glimpse of what their dream house could look like.

The picture gallery that follows is organized into categories. This means customers can easily find the service they're looking for.

Another interesting design element on the page is the parallax effect in the philosophy section.

Tall Guy Woodworking


The next great woodworking website belongs to an excellent carpentry business in Boston.

Their hero image includes a CTA button that opens the work portfolio.

A clean layout and minimal design give the site a professional and modern look.



The banner on the homepage matches the brand well. It pictures hand-tool woodworking.

It also includes a CTA button with contact information.

The site features social media icons in the header and a gallery of the company's unique wood projects.

New York Heartwoods


This is a personal website of a woodworker with tight connections to a non-profit organization.

The minimal E-commerce page presents a picture portfolio of products for sale. The owner explains that he donates a large part of the purchase price to the Crohn's & Colitis Foundation for every item that contains purpleheart wood. Purpleheart is the wood from a South American species of tree that he uses in some of his products.

Winchester Woodworks


Covenant Woodworks focuses on converting visits into sales. The hero image slider includes CTA buttons and a chat window.

The sticky header provides quick access to contact information, reviews, and services.

The target audience will also appreciate the practical woodworking education in the blog.

1767 Designs


This page belongs on the list of our favorite woodworking websites for many reasons.

It introduces the brand through a well-chosen hero image of beautiful spa woodwork. This is appropriate because the business specializes in commercial and industrial projects.

The main content area includes a paragraph explaining the brand's mission and a picture portfolio.

Visitors can watch a video interview with the owner, which builds trust in the business.

The clean layout and easy navigation complete the list of features that make this platform so effective.



Successful woodworking websites clearly communicate their unique vision to their target audience. And the Mark Antony brand does precisely that.

The hero image features the company's motto. The team combines the latest technology with traditional methods.

Some of the features used on the site include the parallax effect and hover effect. The high-resolution photos stand out on the black background.

The overall look is minimal, modern, clean, and well-arranged. The high quality of the web design builds trust in its products.

Ethan Abramson


This website offers another example of effective minimal design. The featured product stands out on a neutral background.

A minimal header and the footer provide easy access to all important links.

The About section introduces the owner and features a picture of him. It also explains the environmentally-conscious ethos of the brand.

Zonce Woodworking


The picture of the woodworking tools in the banner builds trust in the brand. It stands out on a black background.

The minimal design looks modern. The main navigation menu includes links to services, the portfolio, the About section, and contact information.

Crow Creek Designs


Jess Crow is the owner of this great site. She helps people discover creative joy through traditional craftsmanship, art, and online workshops.

Her highly creative web design reflects her unique brand in comparison with other websites on our list.

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