The Best Looking Travel And Tourism Websites
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The Best Looking Travel And Tourism Websites

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The Internet’s far-reaching access has moved more people to travel than ever before. Beautiful pictures of unknown places incite a desire to travel. The internet also makes traveling much easier and less stressful. People can discover where to go and what to do there. They can book flights, hotels, rental cars, and more.

The internet provides access to every tidbit of information about a foreign destination. For instance, websites provide ratings and reviews of tourist spots. Sites such as blogs and YouTube give tips on the culture, food, and languages that travelers will encounter. Google Maps provides various details including local transportation and prices.

A useful and attractive tourism website creates the desire to travel and provides information for users to do so. Are you designing a tourism website or improving an old one? This article will discuss tips for designing one of the best-looking tourism websites.

Tourism Website Design Tips

From the beginning, travel businesses have used imagery in flyers, brochures, and postcards. Images are an effective way to stimulate the desire to travel. People can explore destinations virtually, through high-definition pictures, 360° views, and videos.

Innovative platforms have taken this concept further by offering immersive virtual travel experiences, allowing travelers to virtually step into their desired destinations before making a booking decision.

A tourism website also needs to attract attention and foment trust. If a user trusts your website they will be more likely to apply the recommendations and make a purchase. A clean design will help you accomplish this.

Tourism websites employ different design trends to display content in an organized way. Some display activity and city options in box units. Other websites utilize drop-down menus. Tourism websites also make good use of call-to-actions, booking links, and packages. Ensuring CTA’s are clearly visible and placed throughout the website is most effective.

Four basic principles to creating a well-designed tourism website are:

1. Include vivid and appealing images.

2. Have an uncluttered, easy to understand, and user-friendly layout.

3. Include information that helps a traveler arrange all of their travel plans. This includes listing top destinations, activities to do, places to eat, hotels to stay in, and travel tips.

4. Appeal to your key demographic.

The following 37 tourism websites display inspirational web designs. They include strong visuals, have a clean, informative layout, and are user-friendly.

37 Inspirational Tourism Websites

Telluride, Colorado


This travel site is the official tourism guide to the city Telluride in Colorado. This website uses stunning images to grab attention. It maintains a good balance between images and text. The prime focus is on the views and activities available. Visitors can book reservations on the home page which allows them to act as soon as possible.

Visit Seattle


Visit Seattle’s travel website is simple and visually appealing. It opens to a welcome sign with a picture of the city in the background. The best feature of this website is Video is a step up from pictures and this organization is prioritizing video content.



Airbnb is available almost worldwide, with rental listings in 70,000 cities. Airbnb connects short term renters with property managers. They offer varied types of accommodation, from apartments to mobile homes to castles. This travel site provides genuine, company-verified reviews.

Visit Humboldt


Humboldt is a county in Northern California that is famous for its redwood forests. The website uses striking images to exhibit the beauty and remoteness of the area. It lists activities visitors can participate in and facilitates their travel planning.

Yakima Valley


This website highlights fun activities in the great outdoors. This website makes good use of SEO. For example, almost every page title emphasizes important keywords. It also utilizes bold typography and diverse options to appeal to every visitor.



This travel website for Bermuda has a good design to copy. It is simple in design, yet explains the multiple activities offered at this vacation destination. It also provides informative content and travel tips for visitors to make the most of their trip.

The Yacht Week


The Yacht Week is for travelers who want to explore the sea. This website uses the colors white and blue to complement its sea theme. It also uses beautiful imagery and quality video content.

Visit Brasil


This is one of the many tourism websites that cover a great quantity of information in an organized way. Brazil is a large country that covers almost half of South America. The website breaks this huge country into smaller sections. This enables all the information to be better organized and managed. It also presents pictures, 360° views, and videos to showcase various vacation spots.

Zurich Tourism


This website creates an inviting atmosphere for viewers. It showcases the many activities available in the region. By clicking on the desired activity, users are directed to more information. A combination of photos and videos gives an extensive overview of what awaits you in Zurich.

Tourism Malaysia


Beautiful pictures appear when you enter this tourism website. This website includes stunning photos and thorough descriptions of available activities. It is also packed full of informational content.

Be Travel


Context Travel’s specific aim is to provide education through tours. They offer all types of tours around the world. Although this might not be for every traveler, they concentrate on this niche and it works well for them.



There is also an option to book tickets for cruiseliners. It offers savings when bookings are bundled together.



This official tourism website showcases the beauty of Finland. Pictures of winter and the Northern Lights show visitors what they can experience. Full-page images and content reveal the landscapes, climate, and entertainment that Finland possesses.

Pitch Tent


Pitch Tent provides tents to pitch in the UK countryside. This website has intriguing animations. It also includes clear call-to-action buttons. These provide ample opportunity for visitors to book with ease.

Visit Denver


This travel website includes a substantial amount of useful information. It details a list of things to do, places to eat, and hotels to stay in. It also advertises upcoming events and discounted hotel prices. A mobile app is available to engage a larger amount of users.



This website for Delft, Netherlands is simple and clean. It provides information for those who want to settle there from abroad. Important information for immigration, transportation, and healthcare is fully outlined.



Thrillophilia is designed for the more adventurous type of travelers. Like other tourism websites, Thrillophilia is full of beautiful pictures. The landing page features a booking area and displays interesting stats about the site.

Be Travel


Kayak is one of the many tourism websites that permit users to book flights, hotels, and rental cars. Booking everything from one site makes things easy and convenient. A unique feature of Kayak is the provision of pricing trends. Predictive data displays whether the prices will increase or decrease. This helps visitors assess whether they should buy now or wait for some time.

Wow Hungary


Wow Hungary exhibits beautiful visual content. It includes photos, videos, and 360° views of Hungary’s landscapes.

Toucan Cafe & Tours


Toucan Cafe & Tours is a coffee shop in Colombia that provides details about the local coffee. It also offers tours of the city in general. The information it provides on different subjects is well organized and easy to find.

See Toronto Now


This website displays in a grid view and is optimized for mobile users. By using bold typography the content of the site stands out. Like most tourism websites, it uses photo and video content to display the beauty of Toronto.



Agoda is a travel agency website. It maintains an uncluttered homepage. A booking area appears when you first enter the site. It also includes good search features.



This website, NYCgo, rebranded in conjunction with the launch of a new Digital Playbook from the Mayor’s office. It includes citywide visual content and makes a point to communicate efficiently.

Couch Surfing


Couch Surfing opens to a minimal homepage offering sign up. Clicking on the menu options at the top of the page provides more information.



Momondo has an intuitive metasearch engine to deliver deals on flights, hotels, and rental cars. The homepage is appealing to viewers. Like other booking websites, visitors can sign up for price change notifications.



Skiplagged is built on a little known travel concept of “hidden cities”. A hidden city flight is when you get off at a layover instead of flying to the final destination. As to the website itself, it has a clean and attractive look.

Visit Philly


Visit Philly uses strong typography to set it apart from other tourism websites. The Georgia font gives it a more formal look. On entry, users are greeted with a large welcome sign and a picture of the city skyline.



This website uses a simple layout, beautiful images, and video content. This combination makes it an inspirational design for tourism websites.

Holiday Pirates


Holiday Pirates offers amazing travel deals. Its grid layout displays several vacation package deals in an organized and user-friendly design.

Another Escape


Another Escape is a journal of people who love and interact with the outdoors. It covers a wide range of features and exhibits beautiful high-definition images of nature.

Wheeling, West Virginia


This is the official tourism website for Wheeling, Virginia. Pictures and background videos feature the various activities open to visitors. It includes information for places to stay and eat. Large and colorful typography highlight the referenced categories.



Skyscanner is a website that also offers flight, hotel, and car rental bookings. The “flexible” feature for those who do not have a specific destination or date in mind but want to find a travel deal. And the simple layout helps any user to find what they are looking for.

Travel Oregon


Travel Oregon provides extensive resources to discover Oregon. It opens to a video that inspires visitors to explore the State. Oregon offers multiple options to travelers, making it difficult to decide where to start. An added feature of this website is the “surprise me” button. This highlights destinations at random to assist in the decision making process.

“Virginia is for Lovers.”


The year the slogan “Virginia is for Lovers” was coined, travelers spent $800 million there. This website emphasizes that slogan. It also focuses on current community events and provides instructive content.



This website opens to full-page pictures on a slider. As you scroll down the top destinations of various categories are listed.



BoutEco provides information for eco-conscious travelers. It recommends hotels that are sustainable and eco-friendly. It also offers advice and tips for travelers to be sustainably aware. It executes a well-designed website worthy of recognition.

Airfare Watch Dog


Airfare Watch Dog uses staff members to locate and offer travel deals. The grid layout displays the best deals of the day. A signup feature delivers deals directly to your inbox.

The Journey’s End on Tourism Websites


The tourism websites on this list are all unique and inspirational. They stimulate the desire to travel and provide the information necessary for users to do so. They also generate trust with an organized, user-friendly design.

Three basic design principles govern these tourism websites. They are: using visuals, keeping it simple, and providing useful information.

To put the inspiration and design principles to good use, it is necessary to have the right tool. BeTheme is a web building tool to help make your tourism website a reality. With BeTheme it’s possible to build a website in minutes, without coding knowledge. It saves time, is beginner-friendly, and you can adapt it to any project.

Some features include:

  • Fully responsive
  • Retina ready for sharper images
  • One-click installation
  • Unlimited menu options
  • Customizable layout
  • Customizable skins and fonts
  • Unlimited color options
  • Visual icon selector

Equipped with BeTheme and the above design principles, you will be able to build one of the best-looking tourism websites.

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