Cool Looking Personal Trainer Websites To Inspire You
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Cool Looking Personal Trainer Websites To Inspire You

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August 25, 2020
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Top Notch Musician Websites That Look Amazing
August 25, 2020
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September 18, 2020

As a personal trainer, you want a website that promotes your business and helps you stand out from the crowd. This can be hard to achieve without a good source of inspiration.

One challenge when building a successful personal trainer website is that new clients must be looking for your particular service.

You can stand out by offering unique services or by showcasing your website. To help you find the inspiration you need, this article lists some of the best website layouts, designs, and themes available.

Personal Trainer Websites That Will Inspire You

Bayesian Bodybuilding


Bayesian Bodybuilding is a coaching website that focuses on educating fitness enthusiasts. The site offers virtual personal trainer certifications and online coaching classes for a small fee.

Jill Brown Fitness


This website inspires viewers to live a healthy lifestyle, balance their bodies, and stay fit. It uses dynamic navigation and layout, as well as pastel colors and light images to create a pleasant visual experience for viewers.

Tony Gentilcore


Tony offers visitors the opportunity to subscribe to his emails, which are loaded with fresh content.

BePersonal Trainer


The carefully chosen colors of this website are discreet, modern, and simple. With this design, less is more.

Michelle Lavergne


Michelle Lavergne’s website encourages visitors to exercise and eat well. She is a personal trainer and nutrition coach.

Girls Gone Strong


Girls Gone Strong is one of the top fitness websites for women. The site provides useful information on nutrition, strength training, physical therapy, weight loss, mindset, injury prevention, and how to have a fit pregnancy.

Amir Khan


Professional boxer Amir Khan uses his personal website to build and maintain his brand identity. This website is notable for its use of minimalism and bold typography.

BePersonal Trainer


The Coach Kane website is user-friendly and functional. It utilizes a black and white color scheme that is visually appealing. The email address and primary contact number are both located on the front-page header. This makes it simple for visitors to connect.

The site features clear photography that showcases the transformation photos of previous clients.

Freddie Meadows


Freddie Meadows utilizes his service page to its full potential. He openly speaks about the services he offers and briefly glosses over his price points. His site uses a natural color palette, an uncluttered design, and graphics that have been well thought out.

The Robards Method


Tim Robards’ brand vision shines through in his logo. The placement and other design elements of the site add to the overall appeal. The site has a clean and simple design, paired with gorgeous images and attractive colors, which help to sell his brand identity.

Dara Hart


Dara Hart has created a robust website for promoting her business. Her mission statement is introduced to clients through the use of images, text, and videos. The site is cohesive, making it both professional in appearance and approachable to potential clients.

Be Gym & Fit


The video header ensures that visitors get instant insight into the workings of the business. The site uses a parallax effect and features links to in-person and online training sessions. As a result, visitors can easily find their desired information.

Boom Boom Performance


The navigation menu assists visitors through each step of their purchase journey. The menu at the top left of the site targets those considering the service and requiring more information. The top-right menu provides further information and ways in which customers can keep in touch.



MVMNT’s personal training coach site greets visitors with an inspiring banner. There is a contact form and you can find descriptions of the training programs offered. Another feature is the section that showcases customer reviews.

Fit With Lou


Fit With Lou makes use of repetitive hexagonal shapes to generate cohesion across the entire site. When scrolling, there are subtle animations, which add to the appeal. The site integrates an overview of their services as well as testimonials from previous clients.

Ulisses World


The video component of Ulisses’ website is outstanding. The bodybuilder, coach, and trainer also uses images of himself to promote his services.

T.S Fitnessnyc


On this website, scheduling and group training information is provided in a user-friendly way. The site highlights the benefits and importance of a healthy life.

The Renovator


The layout is simple but effective. It achieves its aim with the use of pleasant typography and attractive colors.

Be Gym


This professional website provides healthy diet plans, weight loss activities, and tailored fitness plans. Visitors are educated on what a healthy diet is and why it is important to follow one.

Fitness Body Star


This site is straightforward and easy to digest. The unique layout has contents overlapping and an asymmetrical menu design. Additionally, there is a glow effect when users hover their mouse over certain elements.

Inspired Fitness


Inspired Fitness is one of the top websites for inspiration. It uses a vibrant yet simple approach, an asymmetrical design, and a relatively underused color – yellow. The site also has an animation that appears when scrolling.

Junaid Dar


Catering primarily to new and potential clients, the Junaid Dar website showcases its gym’s plans and benefits. There is also an abundance of information for existing clientele.



PureBarre makes use of quality graphics. The top of the first page uses a reel of video highlights to promote their classes. Various grayscale photos and bold red text continue to appear as you scroll down the page. Testimonials give new and potential members an insight into the value of the gym.

Jesse Wynyard Fitness


The home page consists of a compact drop-down menu and attached windows. It provides useful facts about online training and basic services, as well as links to an About Me page and a personal training blog. There’s also a section dedicated to e-books and the complimentary fitness app.

Scott Laidler


This site has a basic design that’s loaded with information. It outlines the benefits of his services to potential clients.

Athlete 12 Minute


This site offers potential clients a virtual application. Using the attached program, they can work out from the comfort of their home using basic weights and equipment that can be purchased at everyday shopping outlets.

BeGym & Fitness


Davis Fitness’ site is elegant and organized, using a clever color palette.



Equinox’s stylish website design fits perfectly with the design of their physical locations. It offers easy navigation and information about their various services and delivery. The site also makes it easy to find the nearest Equinox fitness center by allowing visitors to browse locations by region.

Berlin Athletic


Berlin Athletic welcomes its visitors with a centrally located logo and full-width photo. There’s a bold CTA below the logo and when clicked, it leads viewers to a free trial session. The CTA button is yellow, which makes it stand out against the rest of the site’s color scheme.

Fhitting Room


In its top section, this site features a video spotlighting the classes and workouts offered at the establishment. The site engages visitors and piques their interest.



The home page of Reshape features everything from a slider to CTAs and hover effects. The site’s technology is modern and user-friendly. Visitors can schedule appointments for the fitness classes offered on-premises. This feature combined with the visual aspects makes for a very appealing site.

Hughes Fit


Hughes Fit’s website is highly professional and appealing. This type of logo is simple but memorable and can be customized easily with a DIY logo maker. The home page is wide and features a slideshow that covers the entire top portion, while a white header is always visible when scrolling.

Sweat Garage


Focusing on HIIT classes, the Sweat Garage website uses the popularity of its instructors to its advantage. Each instructor has their own bio and photos.

Roman Fitness Systems


The Roman Fitness Systems website has some creativity sprinkled into its practical design. Visitors can find a fictional story about the founder, and a footer full of great information. Visitors can also choose to search the site for specific information.

The Fit Mother


Embracing creativity, user-friendliness, and functionality, The Fit Mother site is impressive. Its video background, video integration, striking headline, and CTA, are all innovative.

Octopus Academy


Octopus Academy is a multilingual website that has a clear CTA on its right side. This CTA is fixed in place as visitors scroll, enabling them to join the academy at any point during their browsing experience.



At Aaptiv, a team of the world’s best trainers offer online services using their website, which boasts bright colors and positivity evoking elements.

So, What’s Next?

We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of the best website designs for personal trainers and their businesses.

If you’ve been inspired to start your own website but aren’t sure where to start, BeTheme can help you.

When building your personal trainer website, consider both its functionality and design. To promote your brand you need user-friendly features, compelling content, quality images, and a clear logo.

If you need help finding a good fitness website builder, look no further than BeTheme. This multipurpose WordPress theme can help you build your own personal training website within a few hours. BeTheme offers a library of layouts with 500+ pre-made layouts that you can use and customize.

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BeTheme includes various Google Maps styles, multiple color options, blank pages, maintenance mode, a search tool, improved performance and speed, and icon recognition.

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