Awesome Product Landing Page Examples You Should See
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Awesome Product Landing Page Examples You Should See

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How to duplicate a page In WordPress: Easy to follow guide
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Landing pages are an important marketing tool. Although there are different types of landing pages, the main purpose is to start people on the trail toward making a purchase.

Landing pages are created to:

  • Generate leads
  • Sell physical or digital products
  • Have visitors download an app
  • Have visitors sign up for a trial
  • Validate a new business idea

A product landing page is a web page designed with the purpose of promoting and selling products. Visitors are directed to a product landing page after clicking on a link from a social media post, ad, newsletter, etc.

While every landing page looks different, each is designed to appeal to visitors and move them to take action. There are several strategies to design a landing page that has a high conversion rate. Examining existing product landing pages provides inspiration to create an effective product landing page.

Features of a Product Landing Page

The most common landing pages are lead generation and product landing pages. Lead generation landing pages are used to gather information from a visitor to make a future sale. Product landing pages are used to make the immediate sale of a product. A combination of the different styles of landing pages can create a page with a higher conversion rate. The following lists the features that differentiate lead generation from product landing pages.

Lead generation landing pages:

These are landing pages where the main goal is to generate leads. The landing page copy here would be geared towards getting the visitors to provide their contact details. You could incorporate a chatbot or a form to collect this information. To further support user queries, consider including your cloud contact center number, offering users a convenient avenue for quick clarifications and assistance.

Some of the other things to keep in mind are:

  • Focus on generating leads to complete a later transaction
  • Offer a resource (like an eBook or webinar) in exchange for contact information
  • Educate visitors on the benefits of the offer

Product landing pages:

  • Sell physical and digital goods
  • Focus on having the visitor make an immediate purchase
  • Tend to have shorter content
  • Include several call-to-action elements (CTA’s)
  • Can include multiple offers
  • Are more actionable than educational

Design Principles to Make a Product Landing Page Great

A successful product landing page can convert prospects into sales. It is crucial to update yourself with the latest web design trends before planning an innovative landing page. It will also take experimenting to create a successful product landing page. It is common to create two versions of the same product landing page with one version having a slightly different element, this is referred to as A/B testing. Some tips are to:

  • Make the page aesthetically appealing. You have mere seconds to catch the attention of a visitor, so make the page simple and short. Headings and bullet points make wise use of limited space. Proper use of whitespace and colors make the page easy to scan and attractive.
  • Have clear, bold, and appealing call-to-action buttons.
  • Use striking images. Adding visual clues like arrows is also appealing.
  • A page that loads too slow will discourage visitors. Use small image files, a fast web host, and an uncluttered page to ensure fast loading times.
  • Include answers to frequently asked questions to get rid of any doubts a visitor may have.
  • Include commendatory reviews from social media posts.
  • Limit exit links. The point of a landing page is to direct visitors down a specific pathway. Avoid adding exit links that would cause visitors to abandon the page.
  • Include social media sharing buttons to spread your content further.
  • Make the page about the visitor. Do not talk too much about yourself.
  • Use dialogue that personalizes the page. Also, words like “imagine” help people visualize what you are offering.
  • Use a video when appropriate.
  • Make it mobile-friendly to increase conversions.
  • Include a thank you follow up page. This creates a happy atmosphere and allows the opportunity to display related material.

The Best Product Landing Page Examples



Shopify is a great example of a simple landing page. It has a direct headline that explains the product in a few words. The page is short and includes organized and brief information that is easy to scan. It also contains a review to build trust. The only action that a visitor can make is to enter their email to try a 14-day trial. This landing page fulfills its purpose of directing the visitor to a trail that will lead to a purchase. If you want better manage leads then you can use something like  the Phonexa lead distribution software.


Absurd Design sells unique illustrations for web page designs, presentations, articles, and more. The wise use of whitespace creates a simple layout. This landing page also displays examples of their work and positive reviews. It provides different purchasing options and free illustrations to attract buyers.



Netflix was the forerunner in changing the way people watch TV shows and movies. This landing page highlights the benefits of using Netflix. It presents the information in a simple format. And it is not difficult to sign up for this service with the first step being to enter an email address. The landing page also includes frequently asked questions to dispel any doubts a visitor might have. It is clear that this strategy works since Netflix has over 200 million subscribers.



Stripe is one of the biggest financial services in the world. On this landing page, they showcase their talent for user experience and web design. Stripe uses many features, colors, and effects on their landing page. They make sure the CTA’s appear throughout the page. They include pictures of the software and list their biggest clients.



GiftRocket is another example of an appealing landing page. First, it sells a unique product. Second, it explains in a few words what GiftRocket offers. It contains graphics and a color scheme that grabs attention. The layout presents information in a simple and uncluttered way. It has several clear CTA buttons that beckon visitors to click them. It also displays complimentary customer reviews and testimonials.



GoToMeeting applies many basic design principles to create an appealing landing page. The page is very short but makes wise use of the limited space. The information is concise and formatted in a way that makes it easy to scan. It includes a picture of the product. This diverse landing page will appeal to everyone. It also highlights the CTA and provides testimonials.

Muck Rack


The CTA buttons are the first thing that visitors see when landing on Muck Rack’s landing page. The headings, bullet points, and graphic features of this landing page create a simple layout. It also includes customer testimonials and a list of clients to build the trust of the visitor.



Fitbit defied the general rules of landing pages and created a landing page unlike any other. Instead of including CTA’s that lead visitors to make a purchase, Fitbit includes a “What’s New” button. This button takes the visitor to a virtual experience where they can read about and watch videos on specific Fitbit products. Scrolling down on the landing page displays pictures and brief explanations of Fitbit products.

Asana Workload


The Asana Workload landing page gives visitors the opportunity to immediately sign up for a free trial. The landing page further features brief paragraphs of text, graphics, images, and a list of clients. A unique feature is a chatbox that allows visitors to get instant help.

Sticker Mule


Sticker Mule designed its product landing page so that the bright CTA is at eye-level to attract attention. This page also includes an entertaining video about the products. The landing page is short, focusing visitors’ attention on the four products. After clicking on a product, the page displays the purchasing options to encourage the visitor to make a fast purchase. This page also includes buyer reviews.



Goby sells electric toothbrushes that make teeth brushing more luxurious. The landing page reflects that luxury with an elegant and uncluttered design. Goby has spread CTA’s throughout the page giving visitors ample opportunity to make a purchase. Reviews from magazines, clients, and dentists build confidence in the brand. A 60-day trial and a lifetime guarantee reinforce the trust of visitors and give’s them a reason to smile.

Sprout Social


Sprout Social is another landing page example worth imitating. It is visually attractive because of its organized layout. It also has appealing animations and an enticing CTA that stands out. Screenshots present the look of the software. Customer stories build the trust of visitors. There is also a video that includes customer reviews.



Mixpanel’s landing page encourages people to download their free eBook. Although it is an eBook the landing page displays a graphic of a physical book to help visitors visualize the product. This is an excellent technique to make the offer tangible. The eBook graphic has 3D abstract images to add an entertaining factor to this landing page. Other practical features utilized are a simple layout and clear CTA’s. The page is short but includes a customer review to build trust. employs a simple and minimalist landing page design. The page uses whitespace to maintain an organized layout. The text is kept to a minimum to highlight the best aspects of this software. The pictures include an appealing pop of color and the CTA’s are obvious. The header includes a CTA so visitors can get started right away.



Muzzle is an app for mac that prevents notifications from appearing while screen sharing. This landing page takes a minimalist ‘show don’t tell’ approach. The page displays a brief description of the app as well as a download button. On the right of the screen, embarrassing notifications bombard the visitor. This not only provides entertainment but also conveys the usefulness of this app without a lengthy description.



Pianu teaches you to play the piano. Not only is the name appropriate but the landing page is also entertaining. It displays an interactive piano that highlights the keys to press to play a song. This awakens the desire of visitors to learn to play the piano. The landing page includes CTA’s to sign up for classes and suggests other famous songs to play on the digital piano.



Pipedrive created this landing page to take its competition head-on. Pipedrive calls its competitor out for their hidden fees and feature limits. The page displays a side by side comparison table of what Pipedrive offers vs what the competitor offers. Ample content provides reasons why Pipedrive considers itself the superior product. CTA’s encourage visitors to find out for themselves by trying Pipedrive for free.

Blue Apron


Blue Apron delivers ingredients to subscribers. The page opens to a background video displaying delicious meals. Visitors do not have to scroll further than that because a CTA is right in the middle beckoning a click. If visitors want to scroll down a clean and simple page awaits them. Big headings, bold font, and brief descriptions contribute to the appeal of the page. The bottom half of the page demonstrates the simple process of creating and ordering Blue Apron meals.



Intercom offers chatbots to convert visitors to paying customers. The chatbot trend has increased through the years and is a good marketing tool. This landing page showcases its offer with a chatbot that explains Intercom. It also displays graphics to show how chatbots work and how they can save customers time.



SEMrush is a marketing toolkit for digital professionals. This uncluttered landing page is easy to scan. It displays its information in organized boxes. It lists what the platform offers like PPC, SEO, content marketing, and more. When visitors click on these options a box with a picture and bullet points explains more. SEMrush figures and testimonials build trust in this platform.



The product landing page for Hive is sleek, organized, and uses an appealing color scheme. Graphics and animations help visitors visualize the software. The left of the screen includes brief descriptions and CTA’s.



The product landing page for Winc is a good example of a short page. It features a simple design, text, and color scheme that is very appealing. It displays attractive images of its wine products. It describes its proposition with a small amount of text. It contains two CTA’s even though you can reach the bottom of the page with one scroll. It also includes a simple six-word review from Forbes.

Khan Academy


In general, a landing page and a homepage are different but it can be difficult to cater to different audiences on one page. Khan Academy was able to create a landing page that appeals to different audiences. This page was designed for students, teachers, parents, or others interested in donating to Khan Academy. The page is organized, builds trust, and includes testimonials.



TransferWise is a service that transfers money in different currencies. This landing page provides ample information to ensure that they can be trusted. The page does not waste any time because, on the right side of the page, visitors can choose the currencies that they want to transfer without delay.

Home Chef


Home Chef employs heavy branding to lead visitors to make a purchase. The logo greets visitors as they enter the page. Along with the logo is a statement that they are number one in customer satisfaction. The logo is accompanied by an image of mouth-watering meals. The page highlights three main propositions. It also includes a video at the bottom of the page.



Astra Security protects websites from hackers. The CTA is specific as it mentions that they can secure a website in three minutes. The headings are bold to relay information at a glance. This page also strives to build trust. It contains testimonials, result figures, and detailed descriptions of the security service.



Pack4it provides an omnichannel solution that creates a high-quality customer experience by connecting all of the sales channels together, as well as simplifies all business processes.

Grass Roots


Grass Roots is a small scale family farm that sells grass-fed meat. This landing page takes visitors on a journey. It starts with the mission of the farm and leads to the products they provide. The journey ends with recipes for making delicious meals. Several CTA’s are included as well as testimonials and quality images.

FAQs about product landing pages

1. What is a product landing page, and why is it important?

A standalone web page created expressly to advertise a good or service is known as a product landing page. Its main objective is to persuade prospective customers to carry out a particular action, like completing a purchase or submitting a contact form. It is significant because it enables companies to more accurately track the performance of their advertising campaigns and concentrate their marketing efforts on a particular good or service.

2. What elements should be included in a successful product landing page?

A compelling headline, a thorough description of the product or service, top-notch photos or videos, a call-to-action button, client testimonials or reviews, and any other social proof or credibility indicators should all be included on a good product landing page.

3. How do you create a product landing page that converts visitors into customers?

You should concentrate on developing a concise and persuasive message that highlights the advantages of the product or service, addressing any potential objections that the customer may have, making the call-to-action button visible and simple to find, and optimizing the page for speed and user experience in order to create a product landing page that converts visitors into customers.

4. What are some best practices for optimizing a product landing page for search engines?

A product landing page should be optimized for search engines by including pertinent keywords in the page title and meta description, organizing the content with header tags, adding alt tags to pictures, enhancing page loading time, and making sure the page is mobile-friendly.

5. What is the ideal length for a product landing page?

The intricacy of the product or service being promoted and the amount of detail necessary to persuade the customer to act will determine the appropriate length for a product landing page. Generally speaking, it is advised to keep the page as brief and straight-forward as possible while yet including enough details to answer the customer's requirements and concerns.

6. How important is the design of a product landing page in converting visitors into customers?

In order to turn visitors into buyers, a product landing page's design is crucial because it can affect both the user experience as a whole and the way the customer views the company. While a poorly designed page can cause confusion and frustration, a well-designed page that is visually appealing and simple to navigate can help to build trust and credibility with the customer.

7. What types of media should be used on a product landing page, such as images, videos, and graphics?

The target market and the product or service being promoted will determine the media types employed on a product landing page. Graphics or charts that provide visual representations of facts or statistics, as well as high-quality photographs or videos that show the product in use or highlight its major characteristics, can all be very powerful marketing tools.

8. How can you track the success of a product landing page and make data-driven improvements?

Web analytics tools can be used to track metrics like page visits, bounce rate, and conversion rate in order to determine how well a product landing page is performing. Combined with a tool like Redbird you can create personalized applications for running advanced analytics, generating insights, and reacting to changes in your data.

Additionally, you can experiment with various page components using A/B testing to see which iterations perform better. You can continuously tweak the page for improved performance by studying the data and making data-driven enhancements.

9. How do you use customer testimonials and social proof to increase conversions on a product landing page?

Include genuine testimonials and endorsements from pleased customers on a product landing page to increase conversions. Also, highlight any awards or accolades the product or service has won. Display any pertinent certifications or affiliations that may help to establish credibility with the customer.

10. What are some common mistakes to avoid when designing a product landing page?

Including too much information, making the call-to-action button hard to find or unclear, using poor-quality images or videos, having a slow-loading page, using jargon or technical language that may confuse the customer, and failing to address potential objections or concerns that the customer may have are some common mistakes to avoid when designing a product landing page.

It's crucial to keep the consumer in mind and their demands while designing a page. The page should be simple to navigate and understand, with a strong call to action.

Ending thoughts on product landing page design

Designing a product landing page takes planning and testing. The above product landing page examples show that factors like colors, images, font, and layout have an impact on conversion rate. Engaging a Shopify development company can be a strategic move for businesses aiming to create a compelling product landing page for their e-commerce store.

To make a landing page appealing to visitors it needs to be clean, simple, and aesthetically appealing.

Call-to-action buttons need to stand out and entice visitors. Too much information may overwhelm visitors but too little may not make the impact necessary for a sale. A landing page needs to build the trust of the visitor. It is a challenge to create an effective product landing page but it is possible and the above examples provide the inspiration to do just that.

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