The best one-page template designs you can download now
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The best one-page template designs you can download now

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February 6, 2019
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People frequently ask what a One Page Website Template is. In other words, it is a one-page website with no further pages such as the About Us Page, Team Page, Services Page, or Homepage. A One-content Pager's is contained entirely within a single website. One-page website templates, on the other hand, are useful for describing yourself or your business on a single page. The nicest thing about One Page Templates is that users can quickly access all of their information and data on a single page. This template also provides you with a personal area to share who you are as a creative designer, developer, photographer, or any other vocation.

At the moment, one-page website templates are popular, and everyone wants to construct a stunning website that summarizes everything on a single web page. One-page websites can be used for portfolio presentation, concise information display, companies who have not yet created an e-commerce structure to sell their products or services but still want an online presence with a pleasant web interface for other purposes, personal pages, and more.

Content that is put down top to bottom with a vertical scroll is an excellent method to construct landing pages and marketing presentations. These templates are also incredibly useful since they provide all users with an immersive and compelling narrative experience.

One Page Website Template may be a highly effective framework for promoting a particular work or product. When you utilize a Single Page Template, you may immediately notify and update your target clients and followers. I hope this article about different kinds of one page website template will you locate the top one-page Website Templates.

Here goes a list of one-page templates



Freelancer is a free responsive one-page HTML template based on the extremely helpful Bootstrap Framework. It is, as the name implies, an excellent template for freelancers to promote their services. Overall, Freelancer is a nice tool that can be readily customized. As a result, you can test it out to acquire some gigs. As you can see, it lacks the refinement that premium one-page templates provide, but it is cheap and tidy enough to get your portfolio up if you are on a limited budget. You may also use this template for any type of website.



This template is very simple to customize. Dazzle is a modern and beautiful free bootstrap template designed to create your software and mobile application as well as retina/hi-dpi ready. This means that you can use it on any device and it will look amazing with a crisp and sharp screen resolution. It is built with an organized and clean HTML5 and CSS3 code. In addition to that, users can easily customize this template in a hassle-free manner.



The doctor is wonderful, and he has created a free one-page Bootstrap template for clinical use. It is the greatest design template available for any type of clinical service, such as hospitals, medical colleges, forensic labs, chemical labs, and health care facilities.



If you're looking for a free one-page Bootstrap template with modern features, look no further. Infinity is a free bootstrap template that is sleek, modern, and well-designed for creatives and agencies. The template is appropriate for use by creative firms, freelancers, and even small company websites.

Infinity has a number of features that will make the process of creating a new website easier for you. It is well-built with HTML5 and CSS3 to be responsive, so it can be used on any device. It's simple and easy to personalize. Everything is to your advantage, from the bright UI to the foldable burger menu to the social icons positioned vertically.



Flat is a free responsive single-page website template with a modern flat design and html5 css3 that works great for the company. It has a vibrant, dignified, and appropriate appearance. A responsive template that is a user magnet.



The Frame is a single-page HTML5 website template that has the potential to outperform multi-page websites in terms of conversion rates. It's a versatile template that can be used for business beginnings or as a landing page for any company. It's more simple and lighthearted. It has a gorgeous and amazing design with a features section, parallax, pricing, reviews, and contact.



'Me' is a free One Page Card template designed for a person who wants a simple, professional online presence. A large backdrop image, logo, bio, and social icons are among the features.



Geek is an excellent personal portfolio website. It is a Minimal Personal Portfolio Bootstrap Template created with the Twitter Bootstrap 3.3.1 framework. Although this free one-page website template is designed for portfolios, it also works well for personal or creative websites. It is also worth noting that one of its major features is smooth scrolling and OffCanvas Menu for the enhanced comfort and convenience of customers.



Unika is a free one-page Bootstrap template that is fully responsive and designed with HTML5 and CSS3, making it ideal for a personal portfolio or any business agency. All devices and browsers are supported.



This free responsive HTML template built with the Bootstrap framework is totally flat and one page in design. It is completely responsive and well-coded. The portfolio option integrated into this design makes it ideal for a freelancer or small business looking to display their work.

Single-page websites are becoming increasingly popular among businesses for a variety of reasons.



Canvas is a vibrant and colorful one-page template that will assist you in creating an excellent personal page to display your work. It's ideal for designers, artists, and other creative types. With the Canvas template, you can stand out from the crowd!



'MNTN' is a free Figma template that can be used to create a distinctive and colorful Landing Page for practically any purpose.



Maxim is a one-page bootstrap site template that is flat, contemporary, and trendy. Maxim was created with the most recent Twitter Bootstrap, in the most recent trend style, and with a slew of great features.



The design is appropriate for an app landing page, but it may also be used to market services.



SkyTouch is a fantastic blue theme modern responsive single page web template built with Bootstrap, HTML5, and CSS3



Oxygen is a fantastic one-page responsive template. This HTML5 Template is appropriate for app, software, services, agency portfolio, small business, and creative websites. You may construct a gorgeous and appealing website with its numerous features and user-friendly coding. Users may also quickly adopt Flat CMS to have greater freedom.



Bak One is a free corporate Flat Responsive web design template with a single page. This template may be used for any type of website. This website template incorporates fashion; nevertheless, you may utilize this template as needed.

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Wanderer is a free one-page Bootstrap template that can be used to create a website for a travel blog genre. This is deliberately intended to be Responsive and compatible with a wide range of devices and browsers. The W3Layout Team made advantage of the Bootstrap framework as well as cutting-edge technology. It has well-commented markup and a W3C-compliant codebase. Wanderer's well-documented nature makes it far too easy to change in a short period of time.



Rock Music is a one-page event template that is basic and minimalistic for concerts or musical events. It is a free one-page Bootstrap template that includes everything you need. Rock Music is a music-themed multipurpose template that is ideal for all of your music websites. Use this trendy and artistically created template to showcase yourself, your music, and your franchise while also expanding your business.



With Native's unique and simple design style, you can make your journal or blog website stand out.



This versatile long-scrolling template was created as a product landing page, but it may also be used as a One Page portfolio.



Make a polished one-page template. Nicepage editor is responsive and highly configurable, with a simple Drag-and-Drop interface. Colors, fonts, header and footer, layout, and other design elements, as well as text and photos, may all be changed.



'Pavo' is a free HTML template based on the Bootstrap framework that is best suited for an App Landing Page.



Naura's attention to detail and eye for the beautiful will assist you in developing a strong portfolio.

Benefits of one-page template

One of the biggest benefits of adopting one-page templates is their simplicity. Visitors to a multi-page website navigate from page to page, consuming only the content they desire while disregarding everything else. This is not the case with a one-page website. There is no learning curve for navigation; everyone understands how to scroll, and the emergence of smartphones has made scrolling second nature to the majority of users.

Excellent for mobile use- Most one-page themes are responsive and appear just as well on smartphones and tablets as they do on desktop computers. Because their design will remain essentially the same, single-page websites are considerably easier to optimize for mobile. One-page sites provide visitors with a simple and pleasurable experience; all they have to do is scroll through a site without scrolling around on a little screen to obtain the information they want. The majority of people would say that using Facebook – a single-page website — is simple and fun. The one-page design helps you to provide a nice user experience to your visitors.


People are more accustomed to classic multi-page websites. As a result, when people see and engage with a one-page site, it may feel unusual and unique to them. When a designer is just responsible for one page, he or she has greater leeway to be innovative and think outside the box.

Boosts user engagement

Internet consumers' attention spans and patience have never been shorter. You created a website because you want to convey a message to your visitors. You have 15 seconds to connect with a website visitor via text. By compressing all of the most relevant information onto a single page, you may be able to keep the attention of fickle visitors more readily than if your website was made up of several pages. Remember that people no longer read; instead, they scan. As a result, you should make your material appealing, clear, and succinct.

Less texts and more images

A site with 10 pages, each with one paragraph, appears to be lacking in content. In contrast, the same amount of material may make a one-page website look larger. Another advantage of the one-page design is the ability to have a large number of photos on your website. The design lends itself to being image-driven in order to keep visitors interested as they navigate the site.

A website is the starting point for every business, and having a digital presence is incredibly vital and necessary in this day and age when everything has gotten digitized. Because of the little information, the website material will be intuitive and simple to grab and understand.

With a simple Google search, you may uncover a plethora of Free One Page Templates. A pageless design may provide web pages that are easier to use, more mobile-friendly, and more interesting while using less text. You may guarantee consumers have the knowledge they need to make a purchase choice by providing all of the information they want in a user-friendly one-page layout.

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