The Best Motel and Hotel Website Design for Inspiration
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The Best Motel and Hotel Website Design for Inspiration

The Best Looking Travel And Tourism Websites
October 19, 2020
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November 18, 2020
The Best Looking Travel And Tourism Websites
October 19, 2020
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November 18, 2020

When people plan to travel or visit a country, one of the initial questions they have is, “Where to stay?”. They immediately start searching for hotels or other accommodation alternatives over the Internet. They will browse through numerous hotel websites to find the perfect place to stay. Travelers often rely on hotel websites to secure their accommodation, thus it is important that a hotel website is capable of providing all key information about the hotel and its services in a simple yet inviting manner.

Hotel website design plays a fundamental role in helping travelers finalize decisions or narrow down their choices on where to stay. It is also a critical factor for a hotel’s ability to attract potential guests and increase hotel brand awareness.

The most remarkable hotel website is designed to visually present the hotel and its services in the best possible light, and provide visitors with great user experience. Thus, this article will provide you with 60 great examples of hotel website designs for inspiration.

Important Features in Hotel Website Design

The important characteristics of a great hotel website design are similar to those of an eCommerce website. In principle, a hotel website must provide a superb UX or user experience. It must guarantee that visitors can navigate through the website and access all key information of the hotel and its services such as hotel address, room availability, room prices including taxes and additional charges, payment and cancellation policy, customer reviews, and more, with ease.

The website must also have a responsive design. It must also render the same user experience without losing functionality or generating any errors when viewed in other devices.

A great hotel website must also be able to visually simulate the hotel experience through high-quality media. A picture is worth a thousand words. High-quality images and videos of the hotel location and its amenities can compel mere visitors to become potential guests.

Finally, the website must have a streamlined booking process. Guests should be able to book a room with no intricate steps. This means having a booking engine or a hotel reservation system that enables fast, secure, and flexible booking.

The Best Hotel Websites Designs

11 Mirrors


A member of Design Hotels, 11 Mirrors is a boutique, design-driven hotel located in the capital of Ukraine, Kiev. 11 Mirrors provides guests with a virtual tour of the hotel. It has a chic and responsive web design, with smooth animated transition effects. The website also has an intuitive main menu panel and a reliable booking engine.

7132 Hotel Vals


A part of Preferred Hotels & Resorts℠, 7132 Hotel is an upscale boutique mountain resort in Vals, Switzerland that offers one of the most luxurious Alpine experiences in the country, featuring its exclusive helicopter transfer and in-house limousine ride with a chauffeur. It has a dark-themed website design that juxtaposes the vivid images of the hotel landscapes and amenities. It also has a booking engine powered by Simple Booking.

Adriatic Luxury Hotels


Adriatic Luxury Hotels is a collection of independent luxury hotels in Dubrovnik, Croatia. The Adriatic Luxury Hotels’ official website was designed by Bornfight, and unlike other hotel websites, it has provided an online check-in function for its guests. It also has a slideshow banner on its homepage that displays images of the Adriatic Sea and Hotel Excelsior Dubrovnik, and a static ‘Book Now’ button that leads guests to a room reservation page.

Aria Hotel


Aria Hotel is a 5-star hotel in Prague that showcases different musical concepts in every room and suite interiors. Its website has a slideshow banner for its promotions and featured images. It also has an embedded YouTube video and Google Maps on its homepage. Contact details are displayed neatly at the bottom of the page, while the weather forecast sits at the top.

Badrutt's Palace Hotel


Bardutt’s Palace Hotel is a luxury hotel in St. Moritz, Switzerland that provides its guests with a breathtaking view of the Swiss Alps. The hotel website has a different UI design set for winter and summer. On its winter page, the website features the frozen lakes and snow laced landscapes of the Engadin Valley, while on its summer page, it shows the turquoise waters of the lakes and the forested Alpine mountains.

Bellevue Syrene


Bellevue Syrene is a 5-star hotel located in Sorrento, Italy. This upscale hotel offers guests a panoramic view of the Gulf of Naples. Bellevue Syrene’s well-designed website showcases crisp, high-quality images of Sorrento, the Gulf of Naples, and hotel amenities that are surely captivating. Its white and gold color scheme accentuates the clean and elegant motif of the hotel. It also features a booking engine powered by Relais & Chateaux.



Taking a break from luxury hotels, BOTANGO is a laid-back bed and breakfast hotel and restaurant in South Tyrol, Italy. The hotel website was designed by hantha, an Italian web design agency. The website features a streamlined booking process that allows guests to book a room without leaving the page. It also has an intuitive interface, smooth transition effects, and a light color scheme.

Casa Cook Hotels


Casa Cook Hotels is a group of two laid-back hotels with locations in Rhodes, Greece; and El Gouna, Egypt. It provides guests with a cozy, bohemian lodging experience. The hotel website has warm and earthy color tones and an intuitive booking engine that automatically converts the currency of room rates according to the visitor’s location.

Casa Angelina


Casa Angelina is a chic and luxurious boutique hotel in Amalfi Coast, Italy that offers a simple yet elegant sanctuary for its guests. Its website has an intuitive booking engine, and a minimalist UI design which complements the white-on-white palette of the hotel interior. It also offers 4 language options and features a panoramic video of the hotel and the Amalfi Coast on its homepage, which adds to the immersive browsing experience.

Conscious Hotels


Conscious Hotels is a group of four eco-hotels in Amsterdam. Its website was designed by Qoorts, an Amsterdam-based online marketing and internet agency. It has a clean, minimalist, and intuitive web design. Its homepage features a video banner, high-quality images, and animated thumbnails for enhanced visual reality.

Contemporary Hotels


Contemporary Hotels is an Australian boutique accommodation provider and a global collection of unique contemporary hotels. The website was designed by Liquid, an Australia-based property digital experts. It has a responsive web design and intuitive interface, that enables guests to search for accommodation from its listed hotel destinations.

das bleibt


"das bleibt" is a stylish and unique Alpine boutique apartment in Schladming-Dachstein, Austria. Its website was designed by Ja & Armin, a website developer from Vienna. It has a clear and intuitive web interface, and it also features crisp images of its apartments and outdoor activities.



DDD HOTEL is a “collective hotel” situated in eastern metropolitan Tokyo near Akihabara and Asakusa. This long-established business hotel aims to reintegrate artistic, modern urban lifestyle to its hotel services and guest experience. DDD hotel’s website design gives a minimalist and contemporary feel, with its black and white image display and earth color undertones. Its website also features a user-friendly room reservation page that provides clear guidelines and all key information for room selection and booking.

Design Hotels


Design Hotels™ is a global collection of luxury boutique hotels privately owned and operated by independent hoteliers called Originals. Its minimalist website works like a portfolio of different boutique hotels chosen for their artistic and unconventional architecture and culturally rooted hospitality. The website also features high-quality media and powerful storytelling that allows site visitors to re-imagine the travel industry.

El Modern Hotel


El Môderne is a new luxury boutique hotel based in Gijón, north of Spain. It has an art deco-inspired architecture for its exterior with a contemporary and minimalist interior. The hotel website has a clean, monochrome, and intuitive web design. Its main menu panel has a smooth animated transition effect. It also enables guests to check the room availability either through the embedded booking engine on the homepage banner or through the ‘Book Now’ button on the upper right corner of the page.

Elivi Hotel Skiathos


The Elivi Hotel is an environmentally friendly resort that sits on the stretch of Koukounaries Beach in Skiathos, Greece. The website was designed by Mozaik Hospitality, a Greek digital marketing agency. It has a responsive and clean web design, with a booking engine provided by Bookwize. It also features an Interactive Resort Map that allows guests to view the resort location from a wider perspective.

Faena Hotel


Voted by Conde Nast as one of the leading luxury hotels in Argentina, Faena Hotel is an upscale hotel and events space in Buenos Aires. The hotel’s official website embodies a more artistic and dramatic theme compared to a typical minimalist hotel website design. The website allows guests to book featured events such as tango shows, Sunday brunches, and more on its homepage, and its hotel booking engine is provided by Avvio.

Fellah Hotel


A hotel that makes a statement, Fellah Hotel is a luxurious yet vibrant hotel in Marrakech that claims to provide an artistic environment-friendly, contemporary Hammam-style lodging experience. This hotel promotes cultural awareness and social diversity by sharing the rich and authentic Moroccan heritage to its guests. The hotel website visually exemplifies the hotel philosophy through its artistic page layouts, eclectic mix of modern and traditional design components, and compelling images.

Gezi Hotel Bosphorus


A member of Design Hotels, Gezi Hotel Bosphorus is a luxurious boutique hotel that is conveniently situated near Taksim Square and the famous Gezi Park in Istanbul, Turkey. It has a clean and responsive website with an intuitive booking engine that allows guests to view conversion rates.

Grand Forest Hotel


Grand Forest Metsovo is a 5-star hotel located in the mountainous region of Epirus, in northwestern Greece. It provides guests with a breathtaking view of the Pindus mountains. Grand Forest Hotel’s official website was designed by Boldly, a London-based design agency. The website features a parallax scrolling effect and advanced CSS transitions. It also has a booking engine powered by WebHotelier. Its homepage features a video banner that presents the serene landscape of Pindus mountain range.

Grand Luxury Hotels


Grand Luxury Hotels is a global collection of the most iconic and luxurious hotels around the world. Its website allows guests to select and browse through 440 upscale hotels. It features advanced search filters where guests can find hotels by country, atmosphere, style, facilities, and price. It has a minimal yet elegant design. It also embeds an express booking button under every thumbnail that also displays the starting rate of the hotel rooms per night.

Hollmann Beletage


Hollmann Beletage is a modern hotel in Vienna, Austria. Its website has a white and orange color scheme. Its top menu expands by hovering the pointer on it. It features its relevant articles via collage display, and it also exhibits vibrant images of the hotel rooms and amenities.

Hôtel Bourg Tibourg


Hotel Bourg Tibourg is a 4-star boutique hotel in the fashion district of Marais, Paris. The hotel features a luxurious and retro interior design by Jacques Garcia. Its official website features French classic design that complements the hotel’s oriental red and brown color scheme, and neo-gothic interiors. The website has a simple interface, and it also shows the real-time availability of hotel rooms.

Hotel Cap Rocat


Cap Rocat Mallorca is a former military fortress, now an exclusive luxury bayfront hotel in Cala Blava, Spain. Cap Rocat is also a Special Protection Area for Birds (SPA) and a nature reserve that protects the marine biodiversity of Bay of Palma. The hotel website provides an engaging narrative of the hotel’s history, amenities, and sustainability initiatives. Its homepage showcases the lavish entrance of the hotel and the embedded panoramic drone shot of the citadel and the protected coast. It has a static booking button on the right side of the website, and it also has four language translations which are English, Spanish, French, and German.

Hôtel du Phare


Hotel du Phare is a hotel and restaurant located at Belle-Ile-en-Mer, France. It offers a view of the Port of Sauzon and its iconic lighthouse, thus the hotel website features its signature lighthouse icon, as a tribute to the nearby port. It also has an intuitive web design and advanced animations on its main menu panel.

Hotel Frida by the Forest


Hotel Frida is a 3-star accommodation in South Tyrol, Italy that has Alpine-style quarters with an immersive view of the Kronplatz mountains. The hotel website was designed by plural, an interdisciplinary design company in Innsbruck, Austria. The website has an interactive UI design that allows guests to spray colors and play around. Nature sounds will also automatically play in the background, giving it a full audio-visual experience.

Hotel Icon


Located in what was once Union National Bank of Houston, Hotel Icon now stands as an upscale boutique hotel that offers guests a mix of authentic Texas culture and modern luxury. Hotel Icon’s website has an intuitive and responsive web design. It also has advanced CSS transitions, elegant typography, and visually compelling images.

hotel koé


hotel koé is a modern urban-style hotel with minimalist quarters located in Shibuya, Tokyo. The website has an immersive slideshow banner that displays vivid images of the hotel interiors. It also has sections for featured news and articles to keep guests updated with upcoming events in the hotel, and also in Shibuya.

Hotel Lena


Léna is a chic Parisian hotel inspired by the Haussmann architecture with Art Deco interiors. The hotel’s stylish website was designed by Adveris, a French digital agency. It features the artistic interiors of the hotel, and it also has a reliable booking engine that offers 36 language translations.

Hotel Mirabeau Zermatt


Le Mirabeau Hotel or Hotel Mirabeau Zermatt is an upscale hotel and spa in Zermatt, Switzerland. The hotel website was designed by 8 Ways, a Swiss digital and web design agency. It features superb UI design style, parallax scrolling effect, advanced CSS transitions, and high-end visual design. It also has a booking engine provided by GHIX.

Hotel Oxford Timisoara


Oxford Hotel Timisoara is a 3-star hotel located in the downtown Timisoara, in Romania. It mainly offers furnished accommodations and function rooms suitable for workshops, team-building, and other corporate activities. Its official website features a slideshow banner that displays images of the hotel. It has an intuitive web interface that allows for easy navigation. It also features a booking engine by PYN Booking that offers four language translations such as Romanian, English, German, and Italian.

Hôtel Particulier Montmartre


Hôtel Particulier Montmartre is claimed to be the smallest Parisian boutique hotel with only five suites available. The website has a black and rose pink color palette that highlights its chic and feminine design style. Its ‘Reservation’ button allows guests to reserve a room and book a table in Le Grand Salon.

Hotel Risveglio Akasaka


Hotel Risveglio is a hip, modern hotel found in Akasaka, Tokyo. The hotel website was designed by artless Inc., a Tokyo-based branding agency that mainly conducts design with architecture. The website has a clear UI design style, creative typeface, and stunning photography. It also aims to provide 10 language options, but only has 4 working translations as of now.

Hotel Spider


Hotel Spider is a Swiss company that provides digital solutions to the hotel and hospitality industry. Its website was designed by EWM, a web and digital agency in Geneva. It has a simple yet professional UI design, with advanced CSS transitions and parallax scrolling effect that adds to its immersive browsing experience. Its design also enables guests to navigate and explore featured software solutions with ease.

Katikies Hotels Greece


Katikies Hotels Greece is a collection of luxury Greek hotels based in Santorini and Mykonos. Its website features the signature whitewashed villages of Cyclades, and the Mediterranean Sea through an embedded video found on its homepage. It also provides high-quality images of the hotel accommodations, amenities, and featured restaurants.



KOOX is a cafe based in central London that was built in collaboration with top chefs from a 3-star Michelin restaurant, coffee roasters, and artisans. This premium takeaway brand aims to redefine fast food by providing healthy snacks made from fresh and finest produce. Its website features parallax scrolling effects, vibrant illustrations, advanced transitions, and animations. The website is also integrated with Deliveroo, a food delivery service, which allows customers to order and receive their food in the fastest, most convenient way possible.

La Fonda on the Plaza


La Fonda on the Plaza is a luxurious 4-star hotel in downtown Santa Fe, New Mexico. It is the only hotel operating in the historic Santa Fe Plaza that provides guests with historical yet contemporary, authentic New Mexican-style travel experience. Its website charms visitors with its responsive design, powerful storytelling, and user experience. It also allows guests to make a reservation or check room availability via booking engine by Historic Hotels of America®.

Le Mugs


Le Mugs is not a hotel, but a hip and rustic canteen in Saint Raphael, France, that allows customers to feel at home with their sumptuous homemade food perfect for brunch and after-work gatherings. The restaurant’s official website is made by Play, a graphic design studio also in Saint Raphael. The website features parallax scrolling effects, motion graphic elements, high-quality images, and advanced transitions and animations. It also has an embedded Google Maps to let visitors know more about the restaurant location.

Le Richemond Hotel Geneva


Le Richemond Hotel is a luxurious 5-star hotel located on the shores of Lake Geneva, in Switzerland. It charms guests with premium suites that provide a spectacular view of Jet d’Eau and Mont Blanc. Le Richemond’s official website has a clean, sophisticated, and intuitive web design. It embeds a short walkthrough video of its rooms and suites. It also features a booking engine by Preferred Hotels & Resorts℠.

Mahekal Beach Resort


Mahekal Beach Resort is situated along the stretch of Playa del Carmen in Quintana Roo, Mexico. This beach resort offers guests with authentic Mexican hospitality, upscale tropical-themed accommodations, including treehouses, and an immersive view of the Caribbean coast. Its website provides superb user experience and playful narratives. It also has a user-friendly booking engine that enables guests to avail discounts and makes room reservations with no difficulties.

Maritime Hotel


Maritime Hotel is an upscale, nautical-themed boutique hotel in New York City. The hotel website has a vivid nautical color palette and a compact UI design that minimizes the need for scrolling. It has a booking engine provided by Preferred Hotels & Resorts℠. It also features a web accessibility plugin by enable℠ that makes the website accessible to persons with disabilities.

Materasso Hotel Collection


Materasso is not a hotel, but one of the leading providers of hotel mattresses trusted by many hotel chains in Slovakia and Czech Republic. The company’s official website was designed by Kennymax Visual Designer, and it is translated into six different languages such as English, Slovak, Czech, German, Polish, and Russian. The home page displays a high-quality slideshow of its mattress collection, and it also has an intuitive web interface.

Michelberger Hotel


Michelberger Hotel is an independent and quirky 3-star hotel in Berlin, Germany. The hotel website was designed by A Color Bright, a Berlin-based digital design company. Its website reflects the hotel’s offbeat and creative attitude. Unlike other hotel websites, it only displays a plain, sans serif typography on a simple rainbow-themed page, without a single image of the hotel in sight. It also has an infinite scrolling effect.

MOSS Boutique Hotel


MOSS Boutique Hotel is a contemporary urban-style hotel in Moscow, Russia. The hotel website was designed by Beta, a Moscow-based digital production agency. It has a minimalist and responsive UI design style. The homepage welcomes guests with jazz music and vivid images of the hotel and Moscow.



Niseko Hakuunso is a contemporary hotel in Hokkaido, Japan, that is famous for its winter accommodations for skiing destinations. Niseko Hakuunso’s official website has a different UI design set for the winter and summer seasons. It features a snowfall effect, and an image of the Grand Hirafu Ski Resort on its winter web design, while it features a wide sports ground and lush greenery of Mt. Yotei on its summer design.

Phos Villas


Phos Villas is composed of three holiday villas, Selene, Eos, and Helios; located at the secluded Ballos Cove in the Greek island of Tinos. It provides guests with a luxurious seaside lodging experience perfect for summer vacation. Designed by Roleplay, the website displays advanced transitions and parallax scrolling effects. It also features a room reservation page powered by WebHotelier, a booking engine.

PURO Hotels


PURO Hotels is an upscale contemporary hotel and lifestyle hospitality brand situated in different cities of Poland. PURO Hotels’ website serves as a centralized platform that enables guests to explore different locations of PURO Hotels without leading them to a new website. The website is also integrated with the Profitroom booking engine that allows guests to make a room reservation with ease.

Regnum Hotels


Regnum Carya is a modern upscale hotel that sits on the southern Mediterranean coast of Turkey, Belek-Antalya, which is popular for its white-sand beaches and golf courses. The Regnum hotel website was designed by Clockwork, a Turkish digital agency. It has an intuitive booking engine, and a minimalist UI design, with parallax scrolling effects. It also features a scenic video that enhances the visual reality of the website.

Resplendent Ceylon


Resplendent Ceylon is a group of three different luxury boutique resorts, Tea Trails, Cape Weligama, and Wild Coast Tented Lodge; in Sri Lanka. It is established by the founders of the famous Dilmah Ceylon Tea. It provides guests with an extraordinary experience of Sri Lanka’s Ceylon tea region, the Indian Ocean, and a lush jungle. The resort’s official website displays an introductory video of the hotel landscape, luxurious amenities, vibrant tea fields, a panoramic view of the ocean, and other activities. The website allows guests to book a villa or suites from three resorts in one booking engine.

Setouchi Cominca Stays


Setouchi Cominca Stays is a 3-star hotel located in the rural Setouchi region, near the Seto Inland Sea in western Japan. This hotel makes an ultimate escape from the busy urban lifestyle, as it offers guests with traditional Japanese lodging or ryokan experience, and an immersive view of the forested mountains. The hotel’s official website features the serene, rich, and authentic rural landscapes of the Setouchi region with engaging narratives that will surely captivate modern travelers. It also has an intuitive interface that enables guests to explore more information about the hotel with ease.

Sol Beach Club


The Sol Beach Club is a culinary hotspot at Lake Wörthersee, in Carinthia, Austria. It also offers lodging at the Hotel Parks Velden. The Sol Beach Club’s official website was designed by NetContact Werbung, an Austrian digital company. Its homepage has an embedded audio that automatically plays sounds of nature to simulate a jungle vibe. It also features parallax scrolling effects and advanced animations.

Spicy NoSpicy


Spicy NoSpicy is a restaurant in Kiev, Ukraine that serves Asian cuisine. The website was developed by The First The Last, a Ukrainian digital design agency. It features creative and vibrant illustrations in contrast with the crisp images of the restaurant interiors.

St. Regis Venice Hotel


St. Regis Venice Hotel is a luxury hotel at the most popular quarter of Venice, San Marco. This avant-garde hotel offers an immersive view of the Grand Canal, terracotta rooftops, and the traditional calle. The hotel website impeccably provides a glimpse of the hotel glamour and its exquisite suites through a display of high quality and visually compelling images. As part of the Marriott International’s collection of luxury hotel brands, the website is integrated with the Marriott Reservation system for room reservations.

Swissotel Hotel & Resorts


Swissotel Hotel and Resorts is a Swiss collection of luxury hotels from across the world. Its website has a clear and intuitive web design. It provides guests with 9 language options and a 5-step booking process. It also features smooth CSS transitions and clean typography.

The Beekman Hotel


A Thompson Hotel, The Beekman is a luxurious hotel with vintage-style quarters, a 9-story atrium, and a pyramidal glass ceiling, situated in Lower Manhattan, New York City. Its official website has a black and gold color scheme that would remind you of The Great Gatsby movie. The website features a rich history, lavish interior, and art collection of the hotel. It also has a responsive web design that works well in mobile devices.

The Fortress Resort & Spa


The Fortress Resort & Spa is a multi-awarded 5-star beach resort based in Galle, Sri Lanka. The resort’s official website was designed by eMarketingeye, a Sri Lankan digital marketing agency. The website displays the panoramic view of the Galle beach and its luxurious amenities.  It also features a Serviceform AI Chatbot that has three language options, English, Sinhala, and Tamil.

The Lincoln Hotel


Steeped in history, The Lincoln Hotel sits at the heart of the medieval city of Lincoln with an unparalleled view of the Lincoln Cathedral, in the United Kingdom. The hotel website has a clean and responsive design, beautiful typography, custom code, and stunning photography.

The Scott Resort & Spa


The Scott Resort & Spa is a boutique resort in Scottsdale, Arizona. Its official website was designed by Toy Fight, a Manchester-based design agency. The website has a dark emerald theme with soft pink undertones. Unlike booking engines from other hotel websites, its booking engine shows the hotel room prices per day.

Völlerei Restaurant & Bar


Völlerei is a bar and restaurant based in Saalfelden, Salzburg, Austria. Its official website exhibits advanced animated CSS transitions that will surely impress site visitors. It also features an embedded video that automatically plays upon accessing the homepage.

Wynn Las Vegas


Fans of American pop culture must have heard or seen Wynn Las Vegas at least once in Hollywood movies. Wynn Las Vegas is an upscale casino resort located at the heart of Las Vegas, Nevada. Its official website exemplifies opulence, as it displays high-quality images and video of luxurious entertainment and extravagant lifestyle. It also has its signature white and magenta color scheme that exudes a minimalist yet elegant vibe.

Ending thoughts on the best hotel website designs

This article has provided you with an extensive list of hotel website designs that can help you formulate a design of your own. Keep in mind that a hotel website must be purposely designed to provide superior user experience and visually present the hotel in its best light possible. It must have an intuitive interface, must provide a seamless booking process, and must enable guests to navigate through the website, and find all necessary information of the hotel with ease.

It may seem a lot of work to do, however, you don’t have to build an entire website from scratch. You may build your dream hotel website via BeTheme. With over 500 pre-built websites, BeTheme is a responsive and multi-purpose WordPress theme that enables any users to build websites with one-click installation and zero coding.

It features BeBuilder, which allows users to choose from over 200 shortcodes and styling options to create simple and more advanced page layouts. It is fully customizable, and it also comes with plugins such as WP Bakery, Slider Revolution, and Layer Slider, which helps users create high-quality content and visual elements. Designed to adapt to any industry, BeTheme is a perfect tool to create your hotel website.

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