Great Cafe Websites With Modern Website Design

Great Cafe Websites With Modern Website Design

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As the coffee shop market becomes more popular, the number of cafe websites is growing. The internet and social media play an important role in finding new customers.

So, the online competition for the most attractive cafe website is increasing. The first impression counts, even in web design.

Successful sites are a good representation of the shop.

They manage to convey the unique experience the brand offers. They also help to convince visitors to travel and try the menu.

The best cafe websites have a clean layout so visitors can find all the information they need. They also use attractive and professional-looking images.

Here is a list of some great cafe websites with a modern design. It features cafe and bakery business websites, coffee roasters, coffee bars, French and Italian-influenced cafe websites, and similar businesses.

The best coffee shop sites share some key elements. They are a great source of inspiration for web designers.

Coffee & Chocolate


Denver Biscuit cafe knows how to entice future customers. A video takes viewers all the way from the preparation of one of their desserts to the service.

Further down, customers find information about the location of the shops. It also displays the logos of some famous partners that have featured the cafe.

This coffee shop website is very easy to navigate.



This is another great example of a clean website design. The homepage features the location and opening times details.

There are also photos of the restaurant and their coffee preparation.

The top of the page displays a minimal navigation menu. This includes Gallery, Location, and Contact.



This French Café located in Cape Town specializes in traditional thin French-style crêpes. The website design matches the look of the actual restaurant.



The web design of this coffee shop promotes its own blends of coffee. The products stand out in the white space, drawing all the attention.

The owners also highlight their unique brand story. There's an easy-to-navigate menu including Location and News.

Sightglass Coffee


This site uses some attractive and unique elements in its web design. The page has many modern features, including the parallax effect.

The designers made the navigation menu, the products for sale, and other elements stand out on the white background.

Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters


The next example of a great coffee shop website belongs to the Single O cafe. The minimal design of the site's menu complements the slider gallery.

The navigation menu categories are varied. They include an online shop, restaurant locations, and information about brewing methods.

The home page also features a video about specialty coffee.

Souvenir Coffee


Some coffee shops present much more information on their website than others. Coffeebar is an example of that.

The website design of this Italian café chain in California is modern and unique to the brand. It includes Locations, About, Brew Guides, Shop, and more.

Weaver's Coffee & Tea


This coffee shop website belongs to a well-established business with a unique story. The restaurant was originally named after the owners' two dogs- Moose & Goose Lane.

The website offers a lot of features, including the restaurant menu, location, store, news, their own app, and takeout & delivery.

Kamu Breda


This artisanal bakery presents itself as a dedicated gluten-free bakery and cafe.

The clean layout of the website features all the important information in the header. The footer includes their unique brand story.

The web design paints a clear image of this specialized coffee shop.

Culture Espresso


No Coffee is a company that knows the importance of unique website design. The coffee shop attracts customers through a creative yet elegant page.

The brand logo and the vertical navigation menu stand out in the white space in the middle of the page. On both sides of the menu there's a video featuring the cafe.

Black Fox Coffee


This brand relies on good-quality photos on its website. Any food industry business knows how important menus and services are for visitors.

The navigation menu in the header makes it easy to order. The footer on the home page includes a map showing the nearest Col’Cacchio Pizzeria.

Felix Roasting Co.


White space, a large image of the store, location, and contact information. That's all this New York-based cafe needs to create a sleek homepage.

The navigation menu in the header is also minimal - it includes only the Visit, Shop, and Our Story sections. The footer features social media icons.

Website designs don't need to be complicated. Many stunning cafe websites are simple, and the Happy Bones page is a great example of this.

Sextant Coffee


This coffee shop website makes good use of images and a clean layout. The design showcases not only the products but also the brand's mission.

The business promotes an experimental learning platform. The site also has a location finder using Google Maps.



The Couvee website is another good source of inspiration.

It features cool animation, beautiful images, and a minimal navigation bar. Scrolling down the site creates a zoom-out effect.

The logo appears in the center of the homepage, blending in with the rest of the design.

The Boy & The Bear


Caravan's homepage welcomes its visitors with a photo of the coffee shop in the background.

The header includes a navigation menu. It provides access to other pages, such as Menus, Cookbook, Outdoor Dining, and more.

Users can also view all locations using sticky navigation.



This cafe's website uses a creative visual presentation. When visitors scroll down the site, it zooms in on an image of the bar with a coffee machine in the center.

At the end of the page, users can click on details about the ingredients that make a good cup of coffee. The minimal navigation menu in the header complements the rest of the web design.

Ipsento Coffee


Coffee shops need to show their unique personality through their website. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is a good example of that.

It presents great photos and information about the cafes and the coffee bean truck. Visitors can also find out about the company's community partnership programs.

A purple footer and call-to-action buttons match the brand colors.

Cafe Umbria


Little Skips Coffee Shop website doesn't waste any time. Right at the top it invites visitors to choose a location to order from.

The header is simple and clear. The homepage also includes a slider with images promoting their cafes and food.

Metric Coffee


This website is an inspiration for modern coffee shops that want to create an elegant online platform.

The web design relies on large, good-quality images that draw visitors' attention. The option to place an order appears right in the header.

The cafe also introduces its partners who provide the best coffee.

Philz Coffee


The Two Guns coffee shop knows that pictures say more than words. Especially high-quality photos presenting their services, products, and the restaurant.

The store locator is on the website header. It includes a map with the 7 locations throughout Southern California.

Build Coffee


The best cafe websites keep the 'hero'- the coffee - in the spotlight. That's what visitors come for and what they're passionate about.

Coffee has a prominent place in the web design of this café.

The homepage opens with a photo of an inviting cup of coffee. As visitors scroll down, more stunning pictures feed their coffee cravings.

VH Coffee Services


This website belongs to a leading Canadian coffee service provider. The header includes a slider with images presenting the business and examples of its services.

When users hover over the navigation menu, it opens another picture gallery. The elements on the website are creative and modern.



Moxhe is an Australian seafood restaurant. The main feature of the header is a video of sea waves in the background. Stunning photos present the story of the Belgian chef and his business.

Visitors can make an online reservation with the call-to-action button in the header. The layout is clean and all the design elements create a sleek look.

Cafe No Se


The website of this coffee shop combines a clean white background with pictures of their services. There are also prominent call-to-action buttons.

Right on the top of the homepage, the business invites guests to order online.

Parakeet Cafe


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