The best agency websites that the internet has to offer
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The best agency websites that the internet has to offer

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April 15, 2020
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The best restaurant websites with gorgeous web design
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April 22, 2020

Before starting to build your page, a wonderful way to become inspired is by viewing some of the best agency websites. Marketing or advertising agencies can be a source of inspiration.

The main purpose of a digital agency website is to show a prospective client the best services and achievements of the company. Make a marvelous portfolio, gather testimonials, then make them accessible to the public eye. The website should be intuitive and easy to navigate.

This article contains a selection of the best agency websites that will improve your next landing page or web project .

The best agency websites

The Future Forward


This company’s motto is “creative agency helping brands achieve greater influence”. Their goal is to make new strategies, designs, and improve technology for their clients.

Their website is well-organized, with various grids representing their recent projects. The appealing images follow a certain color pattern, making the whole surfing experience systematic.

We also appreciate their attention to detail; the left-cornered symbol spins every time a photo is selected.

Made by Many


This website makes you feel at ease, because the company adopts a casual way of interacting with visitors through text messages. The graphics are eye-catching, especially due to their subtle movements and combined colors. Made by Many also integrated a newsletter subscription for visitors that solely relies on the interest of the viewer to search for the button and subscribe.



The first thing you find out about Locomotive is their award for best agency of the year. This is a fantastic way to become a credible agency for your client. This website clearly states the company’s skill set: planning, creating, executing, and driving results. A great team of professional digital marketers who always meet the client’s expectations.

Trademark Productions


In an era when everyone is a web developer, SEO expert, social media guru, and PR assassin, they stick to one of their founding principles: being bottom-line driven in web design and marketing.



Another grid-based website shines with a bright blue theme and iconographic styles guiding you down the page.

Elegant Seagulls


With a subtle vintage look, Elegant Seagulls is one of the best websites that combine minimalism with lavishness, the results are stunning.



Fantasy is one of the best agency websites, for their colorful moving visuals, great transitions, and a logical menu.

Lounge Lizard


According to their website, Lounge Lizard is among the 10 best Internet Marketing Agencies since 1998. Their latest “concoctions” prove their extensive experience.



Mabbly’s website shows that simplicity works. The clear red and white design convinces visitors of their great expertise. They specialize in branding, web design, web development, marketing, and communications.



As its name suggests, this company goes “beyond” expectations. Their goal is to change the way people sell and buy in the digital world by creating new technological solutions to today’s problems.

The website has a great user flow, due to the single yellow and black contrast and the geometric theme.



Your digital marketing website’s appearance will improve if you consider FCINQ who say “you’ll look better with us”.



Superrb is famous for their passion of storytelling and portraying emotions with every story. The portfolio presentation is what makes this website so special, with well-divided sections showing a short description of each past project.

Toi Shop


This creative agency chose to focus on a single page layout displaying their experience with large companies they’ve worked alongside. Like Toi Shop, don’t be reluctant to show your experience.

Absolute Web Services


Absolute Web Services has provided development, optimization, and marketing services since 1999. It is on the list of best agency websites because it strikes a balance between being creative and informative.

The video on the main page doesn’t interrupt your navigation nor slow down the website, proof of their great experience. We particularly liked the call-to-action button on the upright corner, which says “Let’s talk”.

Modern Tribe


Modern Tribe is one of the best agency websites, considering that everything is in exactly the right place. The color, font, the smooth scrolling portfolio all contribute to its excellence..



This German web marketing agency’s website displays its wide variety of services. From their Berlin-based studio with a great name, they promise to “develop digital solutions that your clients will love”.

Sagmeister & Walsh


The creativity of this website is stunning, and their recent projects have refined special effects and superb animation. These entrepreneurs feature live video transmissions from their studio, for example, one camera is placed inside a pet snake’s enclosure.

Another part of the website is occupied by the special base studies this company has worked on.



Bornfight website clearly states that it has more than 60 specialists in design and web development to help improve your efficiency in the digital world. All their actions are based on business and marketing strategies and they also create marketing solutions for a wide range of businesses.

3 Media Web


With 20 years of experience, this company has led numerous marketing campaigns for large companies. Their website attracts prospective clients, who are intrigued by the sensational design, the bright blue and pink colors, and finally the promising figures.

The graphic content is harmoniously combined with the background and although the page is full of elements, the site doesn’t seem overloaded.

Stink Studios


Navigating this website resembles reading an old fashion magazine. The images come smoothly one after another as you discover which companies Stink Studios has worked with.

With such a modern design, it’s no surprise that corporations such as RayBan, weTranser, or MiuMiu chose to work with Stink Studios.

The website is responsive and works well on mobile devices.



This digital marketing website has a clean blog; the website itself is intuitive, simple, and useful for a novice web designer.

Sweet Punk


The website of this Paris-based agency is absolutely stunning by use of a gorgeous video background, color palette, and customer-friendly content.



This website is unconventional, authentic, and striking, based on objectivity, subjectivity, design, and art.



AQuest is a web marketing agency that makes the surreal real. Navigating it reminds you of the old 3D experiences, but with better effects and higher quality. They aim to get businesses closer to people’s senses and emotions.

Advantix Digital


As a certified Google partner, Advantiv Digital will meet your expectations. Their motto is simple: “Transform”. It is built out of colorful dots and appears on the front page of the agency website.

The website follows one aesthetic direction – clear edges, sharp color contrasts, and clear text, making the experience enjoyable for the viewer as well as valuable for the host, who can draw the attention of a new client.



This agency website breaks all the conventional rules and creates original ways of navigating a website.

The new part of the website slides from left to right, bringing in a fresh color pallette with added information.



Interesting details hide behind the simple front page of this website. When you click on the small-sized “view work” button, the carousel of projects captivates you. Haus has worked with a collection of large companies, including Uber, Mailchimp, Netflix, and Hyundai.

While you navigate through their projects, an interactive moving abstract shape follows your cursor.

Active Theory


This marketing agency’s website is comparable to a video game. Flashing images, interactive buttons, and dark colors make you feel part of an exciting action game. They focused on the visual experience, preserving the informative content. They present outstanding visual effects in a complex portfolio to successfully demonstrate their talent.

Bite Size Entertainment


Bite Size Entertainment connects people and businesses, so they cleverly use interactive visual effects to connect dots on their front-page to reflect their purpose.

The light-gray background emphasizes the videos from their portfolio, which makes it easier for the customer to read.

Superhero Cheesecake


This Dutch company focuses on “creating unforgettable interactive experiences”. They achieved this for Bacardi, DFNS, and Porsche’s campaigns and provide an outstanding digital experience through their modern website.

Major Tom


Major Tom is an elaborate and interactive website. It combines evolving visuals and gripping simple text, making you eager to learn more about them.

Mooze Design


Mooze Design showcases an amusing mascot, which is an excellent example of simplicity and consistency in a one-page website. The yellow background brings light and vibrancy to this website.

Y Media Labs


This is a customer-oriented company that works for users’ pleasure and entertainment. The slide show from their website compiles some of their biggest management projects, such as Apple, PayPal, Google, and Forever 21. Their figures are promising and attractive.

If you want your customers to have memorable experiences, you need their help.



This is a digital agency website that presents their portfolio in a carousel display. The content on the website flows naturally and the whole experience feels like an adventure. Their interactive solutions and digital innovations have given life to marketing campaigns around the world.

Be Heard


This website displays the “call to action” button “be heard” in many different handwriting styles. As you continue navigating the website, you realize this is more than a company – this is a community. There are more than 300 employees who “believe that none of us are as smart as all of us”. The team spirit is exuded through the minimalist design of the website.

Hello Monday


With offices in three cities, New York, Copenhagen, and Aarhus, Hello Monday aims to make Mondays good again. They specialize in improving digital experiences along with business growth. The witty animation on their website suggests they can improve everyone’s experience through humor and good technology.



HeadOffice’s website is truly original, based on the interface of Windows ’95. Their “windows”, a web operating system will take you back in time to when PCs were new and exciting.



The idea of this company was born in Tokyo, raised in London. A talented team of developers, advertisers, and video specialists provide full digital services.

Studio Rotate


What makes this site recommendable is the way developers and designers maintained the initial symbols and style. Sometimes it's hard to read the text because of the faded contrast. However, the experience is mesmerizing with photos and the rotating hollowed-out circles.



This company’s website has a strong west coast feel, by featuring moving waves, a background with blue nuances, and surf-themed photos.

They master the algorithms of the digital world, so they can define themselves as being “embracers of change”.



The layout of this marketing agency’s website is classic and simple. White and black backgrounds come one after another with informative and creative content.

The page depicts the professionalism and the vast experience of this team, whose work motto is “discover, design, and build.”



SBA is not only caring to their customers, but can also build a creative, innovative, and informative website. The team presentation section is absolutely stunning .



Haberman is an attractive website highlighting video content and bountiful stories. The smooth-scrolling and the side menu have a classic touch. Yet, the color contrasts with the visual content makes the website look modern and fresh.

Red Collar


Red Collar has skillfully managed projects on a wide range of topics, as their scrolling portfolio shows. As a result, the CSSDA have given them the Agency of the Year Award at DOTY twice.



Foke's website offers inspiration. The mild contrast of light brown and black gives an elegant and sober touch to the website. One of the most complex designs is used in their portfolio section. Every web marketing agency should examine this website closely.



Everything about this website is bold. Our attention is drawn to the realistic dog in the shady background. Their motto: “We Make Good Shit” is a clever way to attract attention in a competitive market.

Clay – UI UX Design Agency


This company based in San Francisco creates world-class products for better brand awareness and websites’ appearance.



This is not just another side-menu website. Rocket 55 pays attention to detail, clearly seen by how the cloud shot on the front page perfectly matches the call-to-action button “Watch Video”. The background completes the experience with a mystery touch.

Ending thoughts on the best agency websites

This article has given a list of websites to inspire and equip you. The rules are relative and what matters most is having courage, and listening to your inspiration.

Clients appreciate authenticity and utility more than complexity. Not only should you think about the style or the colors, but also focus on what the customers prefer.

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