Websites with a Green Color Palette That Look Amazing
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Websites with a Green Color Palette That Look Amazing

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March 29, 2023
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The green color palette is one of the most popular design choices, due to the effect it has on the audience.

Many sites use green to underline their brand and to stimulate a positive perception of their content. Across different regions and cultures, people associate the color green with nature, safety, and reliability. It can also represent growth, wealth, and prosperity.

There are some important points to keep in mind when using a green color palette in web design. Green comes in various shades and each shade can trigger a different emotional response. It's also important to combine it correctly with other complementary colors that will create the perfect final look.

The examples in this green website collection will demonstrate how this color can add value to your website.

Erica Bech


The first example on our list of green websites belongs to the designer and art director, Ericha Bech. She has used a bright green shade to complement her distinctive creative style.



Pachama is an eco-project from Uruguay. Its mission is to protect ecosystems, restore forests, and improve carbon markets.



Flamingo brand make feel-good body care for daily routines and self-care rituals

Flamingo Estate


Flamingo Estate is a farm located in LA and a brand inspired by the orchard. Their web design features a dark shade of green.



Not all green websites are related to nature or the environment. This brand offers information technology solutions and services.



The green color palette of this insurance company evokes trust and reliability.

Waste Not


Many green websites promote eco-friendly products and services. Waste Not’s mission is about sustainable lifestyle practices and waste reduction at the scale of business.

Real Happiness Project


This is a BBC Earth project that uses animated pictures of nature and animals to create positive emotions. The web design features shades of green found in the forest and other natural settings. It serves as a great background for the text written in large white fonts.

Reed Art Department


The next green website uses a very bright shade of green to stand out. It belongs to a creative agency.

Maui Studios Aotearoa


Māui Studios Aotearoa is a creative agency that uses a fusion of bright green with black and blue which results in a beautiful visual effect.



When designed correctly, green websites are very pleasant to browse on. The green palette is very relaxing and natural to the human eye. Teachable is a brand that helps to build a course, a brand, and a business.



The developers of the Mint website know that green boosts trust and a feeling of safety. It’s well applied in the web design of this personal finance app.



Fable uses a dark shade of green in combination with white and pink to create an appealing look and sense of comfort. The brand promotes a modern way to discover, read, and talk about great books together with friends.



The web design of Cloverly uses green in connection with eco-friendly products and practices. They offer technology to help the world go green and offset the carbon footprint.



Geckoboard helps you streamline data from spreadsheets, databases, and other tools, and present it in the clearest possible way. The web design features green call-to-action buttons.



Fjaka is a digital design studio that also chose a dark green color palette for their website. They use a green background and fonts.



Green can be used in combination with black and blue to create a sleek design for an app platform. The color combination is pleasant to the human eye; all these colors being common in our natural environment.



BalanceTech uses green to accentuate important parts of the text, and in the design of the call-to-action buttons. The brand promotes a sustainable relationship with technology, and green is often associated with balance.



Maddad used bright green to create eye-catching call-to-action buttons and text.

Cash App


This is a good example of a green color palette website where the designers skillfully incorporated the color that is often associated with the color of money.

BB Agency (Balkan Bros)


This digital solutions agency subtly combines green elements with the rest of the design features and colors.



Segment creates solutions to help businesses to collect, clean, and control their customer data. The web designer chose green for the call-to-action buttons.



Opal features a very creative web design. It is a digital mindfulness assistant that disconnects distracting apps like Instagram, Twitter, and many others until you decide to use them.



Squadeasy is a well-designed best green website. Landing on a bright green home page quickly engages your attention. Green is used for multiple reasons, including being related to health.



The brand name reminds us of the green fruit. So naturally, there are some green design elements on the website. Avocode is software that allows you to centralize design collaboration, version control, prototyping, feedback, and developer hand-off.



Anygood combines dark green and dark yellow design elements to create an attractive look for this to-do app.

Figma Store


Figma Store uses a natural shade of green which serves as a great background for the white fonts on the homepage.

Organic Mountain


It's no surprise to find some green web design elements on the platform of this all-organic brand. "Eco-friendly" and "sustainable" are two words closely associated with a green palette.



The web design of this wealth management brand platform creates a feeling of security and trust.

Lift Type


Lift type is a French type foundry that offers typefaces and trials. The artistic green elements in the web design match this creative brand.

Hopewell Brewing


This craft brewery and taproom presents its services and products on an attractive green color palette website. The dark green shade is a perfect choice that compliments the rest of the web design elements.

IN Team


The light green color is carefully incorporated in the professional-looking web design of the In Team platform. Green adds a modern touch to the interface.

Humbly healthy


As a healthy lifestyle promoter, Humbly Healthy has chosen a natural green color palette web design. The dark shade, in particular, is very appropriate.

Glyphs 3


Glyphs 3 features a bold bright green color in their eye-catching web design. This Mac font editor platform is clean and engaging at the same time.



The web design elevates the brand of this metal fences and security gate manufacturer to another level. It uses many creative features, including green color elements.



Clerksy is a provider of online HR services. The website makes this brand stand out from the competition. The dark green background and the light green call-to-action buttons complement the original look of this platform.



This brand brings all-natural cocktails with clean flavors. The web design reflects the mission of the company. The green floral background gives the website a fresh feel.



Runway uses cutting-edge machine learning to power an entirely new way of creating, editing, and exporting videos. In the web design, you can see subtle green elements.

Clint Agency


The Clint Agency comes with services and products for digital innovation. The creative web design brings out dark shades of green in the fonts.

Wray and Nephew


The next green color palette website belongs to a traditional Jamaican white rum brand. The green, yellow and black combination reflects the colors of the Jamaican flag.



Practice is a creative brand-building house. Green letters on a white background accompany large photos. The result is an outstanding look.



Uggy invites visitors to treat themselves to more than 5,000 exclusive good deals. Light green is used to attract attention to sales and call-to-action buttons.



Calico explores the science of aging and develops medicines to address age-related diseases. Some green color elements are skillfully incorporated in the elegant and professional-looking web design.



This is a green website of a brand that offers Shopify stores the tools to thrive.



Ripeplanet's mission is to set a new standard of sustainable, fresh produce and systems. It's no surprise that we find green design features on this platform.



This personal website of a freelance art director and designer stands out thanks to the bright green luminescent color.



Lupii is a sustainable, plant-based protein. A green color palette website is a natural choice for this brand.



Wunder's green platform offers sparkling drinks infused with cannabinoids.



This brand achieved a modern web design by using a popular blue-green shade.

Studio Chenchen


The creative design of this website nicely incorporates dark shades of green.



This app offers the perfect HR solution to sustainable eco-friendly practices in companies. "Greenlist" with a green mission naturally features green color in the web design too.



Report.Cards is a digital platform for sports education organizations, schools, or programs. Bright green features stand out on the white background.

Hume Supernatural


This brand offers clean and non-toxic deodorants on a beautifully designed green platform.



The designers of the TreeCard website have chosen their green color very well to enhance the mission of the brand. When you pay using TreeCard the merchant will pay the company a small transaction fee which they use to fund reforestation projects.



Neoverv is a brand that provides technology services. They use neon green in their web design to create a modern interface.



The Markus agency fights against being boring. Their web design including some bright green features definitely underlines their mission.

FAQs about green color palettes in web design

Why choose green color palettes in web design?

Green is a versatile and popular choice in web design due to its association with nature, growth, and tranquility. It can evoke feelings of freshness, vitality, and harmony. A green color palette can help your website stand out and create a visually appealing experience for your visitors. By selecting the right shades and combinations, you can achieve a design that aligns with your brand identity and message.

How can I create a balanced green color palette?

To create a balanced green color palette, consider using complementary, analogous, or triadic color schemes. Complementary colors are those opposite each other on the color wheel (e.g., green and red), while analogous colors are adjacent (e.g., green, blue, and yellow). Triadic color schemes involve three colors evenly spaced on the color wheel (e.g., green, orange, and purple). Experiment with different combinations and shades to find a palette that suits your design objectives.

What emotions or feelings can green evoke in web design?

Green can evoke various emotions and feelings, depending on its shade and context. Lighter shades of green, such as mint or lime, can convey a sense of freshness, energy, and innovation. Darker shades, like forest or olive green, can communicate stability, elegance, and a connection to nature. Consider the emotional impact you want your website to have on your visitors and choose shades of green accordingly.

How can I use green effectively in my web design?

To use green effectively in your web design, consider its impact on visual hierarchy, readability, and user experience. For example, you can use green as an accent color to draw attention to essential elements like call-to-action buttons or headlines. When using green as a background color, make sure the text is readable by selecting contrasting colors for your typography. Additionally, maintain consistency in your color usage throughout your website to create a cohesive and professional appearance.

Can I combine different shades of green in my web design?

Yes, combining different shades of green can create depth and visual interest in your web design. Using various shades can help establish a sense of hierarchy and guide users through your content. For instance, you might use a darker shade of green for your header, a lighter shade for your background, and an even lighter shade for hover effects or highlights. Remember to maintain balance and harmony in your color choices to avoid overwhelming your visitors.

What colors go well with green in web design?

Several colors pair well with green, depending on the specific shades and your design goals. Some popular options include:

  • White or light gray: These neutral colors provide contrast and help make green elements stand out.
  • Brown or beige: These earthy colors complement green and can create a sense of warmth or nature.
  • Blue or teal: These cool colors offer a harmonious effect when paired with green.

Experiment with different combinations to find a color scheme that works best for your website.

Are there any popular brands or websites using green color palettes?

Many well-known brands and websites use green color palettes to create a unique and memorable visual identity. Examples include Spotify, which uses a bold green and black combination to evoke energy and creativity, and Evernote, a note-taking app that uses various shades of green to convey productivity and organization. These brands demonstrate the versatility and effectiveness of green color palettes in web design.

How can I ensure accessibility with a green color palette?

To ensure accessibility with a green color palette, consider the contrast between your text and background colors. Aim for a contrast ratio of at least 4.5:1 for normal text and 3:1 for large text to meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). You can use online tools like the WebAIM Color Contrast Checker to verify your contrast ratios. Additionally, be mindful of colorblind users when selecting color combinations.

Pairing green with colors like red or brown can be problematic for some users, so consider alternative combinations or use patterns and textures to help differentiate elements. Always test your design with accessibility tools and guidelines to ensure an inclusive user experience for all visitors.

Ending thoughts on green color palette websites

Every web developer has a favorite color. However, when it comes to brand creation, there's much more involved than just the personal preference of the designer.

Color is closely related to brand recognition and remembering. Additionally, different color shades can convey various meanings.

Some colors are easier for the eye to process than others. Green is one of them, so it is a popular palette on the web.

A green color palette will make your brand look reliable, trustworthy, safe, and eco-friendly. It's a perfect match for tourist, scientific, or medical and health-related websites. It's also a good choice for financial institutions.

Additionally, there are many creative design studios that use a bright shade of green to make them stand out. For whatever reason you decide to use green in your web design, this article is sure to provide some inspiring ideas.

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