Top-notch Hairstylist Websites to Use as Inspiration

Top-notch Hairstylist Websites to Use as Inspiration

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The Best Dentist Websites That Are Doing It Right
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Imagine your website is the digital storefront to your artistry. Every pixel a reflection of the shears and combs you wield with such precision. Hairstylist website design examples aren't just about pretty fonts and snazzy images—they embody your brand, your style, your unique flair. They're the silent ambassadors of your craft, working around the clock to showcase your masterpieces.

In this space, I'll guide you through an array of stellar designs that do more than just stand out.

They're strategized to captivate and convert—think virtual hairstyle consultations right at your fingertips and a gallery that echoes the latest trending hairstyles. You'll learn the secret sauce that marries salon SEO optimization with a sprinkle of beauty website builder know-how.

By the end, you’ll be equipped with killer insights to elevate your virtual presence to a work of art.

Ready to unravel a web of creativity where responsive web design meets hair, beauty, and business? Let's dive into the designs that define the cutting-edge of digital salon sophistication.

Hairstylist Website Design Examples

Lasse Pederson


Scroll through a modern photo gallery design on this hair salon website featuring both commercial and editorial styling. Lasse Pedersen is based in Denmark but has left a worldwide mark on the hairstyling stage.

Be Hairdresser


Justine Marjan is a self-confessed "hairstylist & beauty addict". Visitors to this salon website can click on the 'get inspired' button for a collection of hairstyles to inspire your next best "hairdo ." If you like learning some skills through hair tutorials, , just click on 'videos' and the 'portfolio' page is a showcase of Justine's talent. She also adds a personal touch to her site by sharing her experience with pregnancy and motherhood.

Salon Bon Vivant


David Landry of Salon Bon Vivant was voted Montréal's number one hairstylist in 2007, 2008, and 2010. His work as a stylist and colorist is forward-thinking and industry-defining. Salon websites like this one that are bold and modern, easily catch the attention of its visitors.

Be Hairdresser 2


This hair salon website design features an earthy aesthetic with brown and white contrasts. Tori has created a powerful brand around her passion for curly hair and this comes through in her aesthetic and website design.

Emi Styles


Emi Styles is a session stylist that focuses on bridal hair. The salon website features a minimal and classy design that is user-friendly, allowing visitors to access  bridal packages, classes and a gallery.

Be Hairdresser 3


Marco is a hair stylist from Italy who exhibits his hair extensions and coloring skills using video and animation. The salon’s website also gives visitors the opportunity to engage with the brand through social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok

You need to start with your Instagram name. Since your business name is what people use to find you and your content, it is best to use this Instagram name checker. You can also consider using an AI business name generator.

Lavish Salon


This salon’s website welcomes you with a pop-up box—sign up and receive 10% off on your first online hair care purchase. Promotional offers like these can make the difference between attracting and keeping salon clients. The contemporary and minimalist design elements make it easy for clients to book services online and check out the roster of fantastic stylists offering their services.

Be Barber


A well-produced video featuring flashes of hairstyling moments opens up the homepage for this Vancouver-based hair salon. Social media icons at the top right-hand corner connect you with the salon's online presence and keep visitors engaged.



BLAST BLOW DRY lives up to its name by offering professional blow-drying and styling services, which include an indulgent wash and scalp massage. The salon also markets quality products. Clients can choose from a variety of add-on services, an experience that no doubt satisfies new and existing clients.

Be Barber 2


STUDIO 27's hair salon website prides itself with a polished design which is both attractive and simple to navigate. This salon proudly specializes in African American hair, which is reflected in its content and use of images.

Portrait pics and drop-down menus provide an exhibition of the stylist's skill set and salon style services offered by the salon. . The side menu makes it possible to book online.

JVN Hair


A modern and easy-to-navigate hair salon product site featuring sharp images that put the products and brand at the forefront.



The design for this hair salon website highlights the brand on a soft pink background with clean, modern black typography. PINKABLONDE is a line of professional hair care products which also provides training in hair styling and beauty care excellence.

The website builder worked with the goal of reconstructing the hair salon's aesthetic identity and creating a simple UX.

The Parlour


The Parlour's salon website design makes it easy for website visitors to explore the drop-down menu—learn more about the story behind the business, book appointments or apply to work as a stylist.

From Caviar


This classic one page website showcases the premium quality Slavic hair extensions offered by From Caviar. A call to action button at the bottom right of the page gives visitors the opportunity to book a private consultation with one of the team members.



A WordPress salon website for a UK-based franchise. Website designers looked to merge smooth UX with a meticulous use of organized data in order to combine 56 salons with the Google My Business app.

Mop Hair Salon


Hair salon websites like this one use a simple menu design to help visitors move around the site easily. A group of dedicated and skilled stylists began working on the salon in 2013 with the goal of helping clients  achieve the best look for their 'mop.'



VERSA Salon makes use of classic design elements on their website. Among these, we find captivating pictures that showcase what they do. . Visitors can easily book appointments and pick their stylists. The site also features testimonials, which can help turn visitors into clients.

Fringe NY


Hairstylist websites are successful when they are also used   as platforms that promote the salon's stylists and what they specialise in. The site for Fringe NY does this with design elements that capture the brand of this hair salon based in Lower East Side and Brooklyn.

John Nollet


The hair salon website for this well-known stylist gives visitors the chance to learn more about the man behind the name. Beautiful sartorial photographs capture John Nollet, turning the site into a calling card for this hair artist. Visitors can also check out the online store where they can purchase his book.

Maddie Raspe


Maddie Raspe is a freelance hair stylist based in Northwest Indiana. Her salon website design uses soft pastel colors and illustrations to capture the stylist's personality and work and highlight her knack for bridal hair and event updos.

Urban Lift Salon


"Good hair, good vibes" is the slogan on this hair salon website and that is definitely the feel you get from the site design elements. From the grainy retro-inspired photography to the illustrations and simple UX, Urban Lift Salon's website captures and holds the attention of visitors.

Parfois Hair Salon


A San Francisco hair salon that brings together the intersection of skill and art in hair styling. As visitors scroll down, they will find photos of the stylists' work and reviews from clients.

Catherine Hickey


Catherine is an experienced make-up artist from Ireland who has just opened a beauty salon in Limerick. Those who visit its amazing website can scroll to learn more about the various courses on demand.



Hairstylist websites, such as this one combine bold design ideas with a minimalist approach to content—and MABE Hair salon's website does it amazingly well. The sleek black and white photos stand out against the bubblegum blue background, drawing attention to what the salon offers.

Great Lengths Hair Extensions


Great Lengths is among those hair salon websites that merge an editorial aesthetic with simple elegance.



Après invites you to their salon, a retreat from daily life where you can highlight the best of your quirks with quality hair and beauty care.

SOHO Hair Salon


When hairstylist websites combine a magazine aesthetic with an appealing UX, you get a site like this one for SOHO Hair. The site design makes use of an asymmetric photo layout that blends in well with a creative typography.

Forza Kappers


Forzakappers is a user-friendly website design that showcases a compilation of their large photos to promote the salon, its services and the talented stylists who work there.



This award-winning German salon boasts a modern website design that captures the contemporary fusion of style and quality the clients know it for.  .



COSY Hair is the hair salon website of Markus Kosek—a talented hair and make-up artist from Vienna. Visitors can click on call-to-action buttons to navigate the site and learn more about this stylist, his beautiful salon and his products.

Bruno e Luca


Bruno e Luca has one of those hair salon websites that combines contemporary design and current industry content to promote the salon. Hairstylist websites should aim to merge interesting imagery with up-to-date information.

Lunatic Fringe


This hair salon prides itself on boosting its brand through satisfied clientele, and a reputation earned through a passion for the craft. With salon locations in Utah, Idaho, Tennessee, and Ohio, this is a brand that exceeds guests' expectations.

Arsova Salon Chicago


You will find Arsova in a fashionable neighborhood in Chicago. Their hair salon website offers visitors a virtual tour and a video gallery highlighting some of their techniques and trends.

Salon Sloane


The hair salon website for Salon Sloane opens with a photo of the shopfront with a user-friendly menu bar that makes for a practical UX.

Jochen Pahs Hair & Make-up Artist


The best hair salon websites for individual stylists should serve as a visual storyboard that highlights the talent of the stylist with a digital portfolio.

Album Hair


Album Hair Salon has one of those hairstylist websites that gets right down to business: a video on the home page takes you on a tour of the salon and potential customers can scroll through the price list  .

Mycket i Skövde


This business uses its own salon website to promote the brand through a blog and aims to entice new clients with a relaxing massage clinic.

West End Hair Company + Day Spa


This full service Aveda salon commits to giving their guests the best beauty salon experience. This captivating website uses bold imagery to promote the brand and gives potential customers insight into the services they offer.



The identity of this unique hair salon is solid from the moment the home page opens. From awards to social responsibility, Voila strives to be a leader in the hair and beauty industry.

Modify Hair Lounge


Modify Hair Lounge offers a space for stylists to set their own price and stand out as an individual. The website design allows visitors to shop online, book appointments and learn about the recycling habits of this beauty business. d

Lisa Dinh Hair Studio


Here we have one of those hairstylist websites that shines a spotlight on the team that makes the brand. Visitors can navigate the menu bar to find classes on demand, browse the online store, or book an appointment online.

FAQ on Hairstylist Website Design

What makes a hairstylist website effective?

So, you're scrolling, hunting for that golden nugget of web wisdom. An effective site? It balances style with substance. Envision sharp salon service menus, seamless online appointment booking jazz, mixed with a mobile-responsive groove. Aesthetics married to functionality—that's the clincher.

How can I showcase my portfolio on my website?

Time to flaunt those snips and clips. A digital portfolio is your fame game. Opt for a high-definition haircut gallery. Throw in 'before and after' shots. Make sure the loading times don't drag; smooth, quick views keep eyes glued and intrigue spiked.

What features should a hairstylist website have?

Let's break it down. Your website's gotta have a slick online scheduling system, a spot for gleaming client testimonials, and a chunk of space for a hair care blog integration. Think convenience with a dash of education, and don't skimp on the e-commerce bits for product junkies.

How can I ensure my website is mobile-friendly?

Here's the lowdown: people browse on the go. Your website should be stretchy like elastic, looking sharp on smartphones and tablets. Go for responsive web design and quick taps on that user interface designed for smaller screens. Test, tweak, triumph.

Can SEO really help my hairstylist website?

Oh, honey, it's like asking if a slick haircut makes you look sharper. SEO is the secret sauce—a well-seasoned local SEO strategy should help you pop up like a firework on Google's first page. Keywords need to mingle with content marketing strategies tailored for the beauty industry.

Should I add a blog to my hairstylist website?

Absolutely! A blog breathes life into your site. It's the heartbeat, pumping out styling tips and tricks, and showing your savviness. Plus, it’s good grub for the SEO beasts. Regular, juicy posts keep your site fresh and visitors curious.

What role does website speed play in user experience?

Speed's a deal-breaker. A fast-loading site is like a swift, satisfying snip of the shears. It signals a swift, snappy user experience. If your site drags, visitors bail—and that's a lost opportunity to connect and dazzle.

How important is it to have an 'About Me' section?

People dig stories. An 'About Me' gives your site soul. Spill your journey, show your face, share your passion. It personalizes the experience and plants trust. Like a firm handshake, it's the intro that can lead to a lasting relationship.

What's the best way to integrate social media into my website?

Social media is where the chatter's at. Embed those feeds. Flaunt those Insta-worthy snaps and stories. Make sure those social media icons are visible—beckoning visitors to join your online tribe. This integration's a must for the modern stylist's cyber spot.

How often should I update my website design?

The style world never stands still. Give your site a makeover every few years. Keep it looking fresh, feeling relevant, and functionally in vogue. It's not just about the looks—it's about staying ahead, staying sleek, staying you.


As we've journeyed through an array of hairstylist website design examples, you've seen the canvas where aesthetics and functionality coalesce. It's clear that a stellar site isn't just a nice-to-have; it's your brand's digital DNA—deftly weaving together responsive layoutsonline scheduling savviness, and e-commerce prowess for that salon product lineup.

Let's wrap this up. Take the inspiration from today's visual feast and envision your site’s transformation. A place where virtual hairstyle consultations glide with ease, where your portfolio radiates skill, and client testimonials glow. Keep one eye on the functional, the other on the fabulous.

Remember, your website is the heartbeat of your digital presence, pulsing with every click—an ever-evolving entity in a web of creativity. Here's to crafting a site that's not only a reflection of your unique artistry but also a bustling hub for your growing community of style aficionados. Now, go ahead — sculpt your online masterpiece.

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