May: Latest Pre-Built Websites for WordPress
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May: Latest Pre-Built Websites for WordPress

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May 27, 2016
Addressing Different Audiences in Web Design
May 31, 2016
Brilliant Stock Photo Resources You’ll Definitely Want to Use from Now On
May 27, 2016
Addressing Different Audiences in Web Design
May 31, 2016

Web designers like to keep up with the latest trends. This is partly due to a desire for technical self-improvement and increased productivity, partly because of the competitive nature of the industry, and partly out of curiosity about all things technical.

Be Theme, with its large and ever-growing collection of pre-built websites, has long been a web designer’s favorite. While the number of these pre-built websites continues to grow, giving designers added options to work with, other things are happening as well.

Although Be Theme keeps getting bigger and bigger, it is at the same time, constantly improving in terms of its quality and performance. The professionally-designed pre-built websites are continuously being improved upon as well, and with their strong focus on online marketing, they represent a growing trend in web design.

What The May Launch of Pre-Built Websites Has in Store for You

New pre-built websites are currently being released on a weekly basis. In the 2 years since the first releases of these WordPress website-building tools, Be Theme has assembled a collection of over 200.

Be Car


Notice the lines of design, and how your attention is directed immediately toward the product. The openness of the background makes it possible to balance the logo, the unique value proposition, and the menu, to perfection so as to not draw attention away from the car. The icon area directs you to the car’s features and strengths.

Be Make-up


This one-page website is dedicated to the professional makeup artist. The information you need to know about this business is clearly presented. Icons point you to the services available, followed by the gallery, pricing information, business location, and the contact information.

Be Architect2


Laced with special effects, yet casual and not the least bit overwhelming, this website is well suited for a small architecture agency or freelancing architect. “We in numbers” is a clever and informative alternative to the the traditional “About” page, and the slider is an excellent way of presenting a gallery. All in all, this clean and crisp website design is befitting for an architecture studio.

Be Wedding2


Beautiful and innovative, this pre-built website is a perfect choice for a tech-savvy couple making plans for their wedding. The day the wedding is to take place follows the hero shot of the couple to be wed, which is in turn followed by a gallery that could tell the story of a wonderful love affair. Separate pages provide the details friends, family, and invitees need to know. A countdown adds a nice touch.

Be Technics


Be Technics is dedicated to small electronics businesses or agencies. This pre-designed website is so well structured that you can almost visualize the lines of some very clean code. The product line is well presented, while the icons point the viewer to the various services offered. The hero image manages to convey a professional, yet at the same time, a relaxed and somewhat informal, atmosphere.

Be Aquapark


A welcoming statement and introduction, an image depicting fun and enjoyment, a menu, and even a call to action, all fit nicely on this home page, while still leaving plenty of open space. The main attractions are well presented. The See All button invites you to investigate the attractions in greater detail. There’s also a map and pricing information.

How to Edit a Pre-made Layout Quickly

This video, which takes slightly over a minute of your time to watch, shows you how to install a pre-made layout and initiate the editing process. The video appears to move along at lightning speed, but you’ll be building pages at the same rate in no time at all. Be Theme is like that – fast and easy.

It takes but a single click of the mouse, or a tap of your finger, to install a layout. A couple of clicks later, in less time than it took you to watch the video, you are off and running.

Be Themes Main Features

The following features are those you will find of greatest importance when building your websites.

  • Drag and Drop BeBuilder – The latest edition of this premium page builder, BeBuilder 3, working in tandem with the Admin Panel and Shortcode Generator, gives you extremely powerful page-building capabilities.
  • Admin Panel – The versatile Muffin options panel allows you to customize a page or theme easily and simply, and it eliminates any need for coding while building your website.
  • Layouts Configurator – This versatile feature allows you to build an unlimited variety of custom layouts. It also makes it easy to give one or more pages of the same website a different look and feel.
  • Shortcode Generator – The Shortcode Generator is an invaluable website-building tool, and together with a library of 200+ shortcodes, it’s easy to introduce fine detail and special effects on a page without having to resort to code.
  • Lifetime Updates – We work hard to ensure that Be is up to date. We take customer feedback seriously, and we take good care of our product. By doing so, we help you take good care of your business.

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