Inspirational Tattoo Website Design: 33 Examples

Inspirational Tattoo Website Design: 33 Examples

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July 28, 2023
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Simplicity at Its Finest: Minimalistic Website Design Inspiration
July 28, 2023
Realtor Website Design: Inspiring Examples for Success
August 26, 2023

Tattoos aren't just a splash of ink on the skin. They're stories, tributes, reminders, and a whole lot more. They're a way for people to express themselves, and they inspire not only those who wear them but also those who create them.

In this piece, we're diving into some of the most captivating tattoo website designs out there. Whether you're hunting for your next tattoo idea or just fascinated by the art of tattooing, these examples are sure to catch your eye.

Creative Tattoo Website Design Examples

Create - Tattoos & Art


Imagine a place where fine lines meet bold statements. That's Create for you, a tattoo studio that's also an art gallery and a creative powerhouse. They're on a mission, and that mission is to bring color to the people.

Goodkind Tattoo Co


Goodkind is all about unique and custom work. The website spills the beans right in the intro, giving you all the info you need. And that's not all! There's a gallery, testimonials, a map, and a contact form. Everything you need, right at your fingertips.

Paper Crane Tattoo Studio


Ever seen a sleek black-and-white website that suddenly bursts into vibrant imagery? That's Paper Crane for you. It's like a sneak peek into what you can expect from your tattoo experience. And don't miss the gallery at the bottom. It's a clear showcase of their style.

Lass Tattoo


A portfolio website for a tattoo artist from Hamburg. Simple as that.

Ink & Iron


Modern vibes all around. Ink & Iron's tattoo website design is all about small fonts and white space, but don't let that fool you. The pictures of different tattoos from various artists are a feast for the eyes. And with testimonials, a map, and contact info, getting in touch is a breeze.

Atelier Eva


Last but not least, Atelier Eva. This one's got an animated header image that's overlaid with bold, readable text. It might not be of anything in particular, but it sure does catch the eye. And don't overlook the geographical info for SEO. It's all part of the package.




The Black Rose Tattoo Company


So, you land on The Black Rose Tattoo Company's homepage, and boom! Two pathways right in your face. Tattoos or piercings, what's it gonna be? Click on either, and you're in for a treat. A combined portfolio, info about the service, and links to each artist's profile. It's all there, easy to find, just like it should be.

Lark Tattoo


Lark Tattoo's got talent. I mean, one of the most talented crews in the tattoo business, right in New York. Want your dream tattoo? These folks have the artistic creativity to make it happen. No fuss, just pure talent.

Guns N Needles


Guns N Needles knows what's up. Their tattoo website design is packed with info but not in an "I'm drowning" kind of way. Getting a tattoo can be stressful, right? They make sure you've got all the facts before you jump in. FAQs, aftercare instructions, all there, all easy to follow.

Jessi Cramer Tattoo Artist


Jessi's got her niche down, and it's right there in the main header. Great for SEO, great for letting customers know what's what. Big fonts, clear and bold. Images? Crystal clear and vibrant. Colors? Pastel aesthetic with black and white overtones. It's all there, and it's all good.

Tattoo Studio


This one's a design-layout implementation for a design-studio partner. HTML-coding, GSAP animations, and guess what? Wordpress integration in the future. It's like a sneak peek into what's coming, and it's exciting.




Kings Avenue Tattoo


Kings Avenue Tattoo NYC, right on The Bowery. A street that's like a history lesson in tattooing. Opened its doors in April 2011, and it's overlooking some of Manhattan's big cultural centers. It's not just a tattoo place; it's a piece of history.

Dinkytown Tattoo


Dinkytown Tattoo keeps it simple. Some written content, a showcase of what they offer, and then the real deal. A section for the work they've done, organized by the artist. You like one artist's work more than the others? Easy pick. It's all there, all organized, all ready for you.

Living Art Tattoos


Picture this: a tattoo studio that's not just about ink and needles. Living Art Tattoos is all about a personal touch. International award-winning artist Rob Donovan is at the helm, and the studio? It's as welcoming as they come.

smallshop tattoo


Brooklyn's got something special. smallshop tattoo's Squarespace website is a visual feast. That BOLD sliding header? It's like a welcome mat. And the black-and-white scheme? Classic, but with a twist.

Bang Bang


Ever heard of Bang Bang? If not, Rihanna, Justin Bieber, and Miley Cyrus have. He's the tattoo artist to the stars. The most famous in the world? Maybe. But definitely the most famous to the most famous.




Nokomis Tattoo


Red. Bold red. That's Nokomis Tattoo for you. It's not just about the color; it's about the info. Appointments, walk-ins, they've got it all. And don't miss the blog, social media links, and contact form. It's all there, loud and clear.

San Sakura Tattoo Studio


A Japanese Tattoo Studio. Simple, elegant, and full of tradition.

Ten Torches Tattoo


Boom! That bold header video content? It's like a visual punch. But it's balanced, with clear calls to action and vibrant images. Text? Who needs it when pictures say it all?

Leviticus Tattoo & Piercing


Cool pictures, tattoo designs, a video tour of the shop. Leviticus Tattoo & Piercing's website is like a visual buffet. And the navigation? Easy as pie.

Revolt Tattoos


Revolt Tattoos doesn't mess around. Red color scheme, bold capital letters, and everything's organized. Artists, locations, videos. It's all there, ready for you to explore.




Catanzaro Tattoo Fest


Calabria's first tattoo convention. Three days of ink, art, and artists. Catanzaro Tattoo Fest is more than a website; it's a celebration.

Katy Wiedemann


Science and tattoos? Katy Wiedemann makes it happen. A Scientific Illustrator turned tattoo artist, she's all about natural themes in an engraving style. It's like a love affair between science and art.

Classic Tattoo


Classic Tattoo's got some funky vibes. Matte red colors, crisp artist photos, and a layout that's just right. The SEO data in the main header? It's the cherry on top.

Grand Avenue Tattoo


Ever seen circular pictures on a website? Grand Avenue Tattoo's got 'em, and they're creative as heck. A gallery of past work? Check. A list of artists? Check. Want to connect? Facebook, Instagram, contact form, phone call - they've got it all.

MPLS Tattoo Shop


Imagine landing on a tattoo website and seeing a video of someone getting inked. That's MPLS Tattoo Shop for you. Need more info? They've made it super easy to reach out. Phone numbers at the top and bottom, and a handy "Contact Us" link. It's all there.




Mysta Electric


A portfolio site for Mysta Electric, a French tattoo artist. Simple, elegant, and all about the art.

Riverwest Tattoo Company


Location data in the header, a beautiful logo, vibrant photos, artist portfolios. Riverwest Tattoo Company's website is a feast for the eyes. And the text? Only the important stuff, clear and emphasized.

Golden Rule Tattoo


Golden Rule Tattoo keeps it simple. White space, a bit about themselves, and links to the rest. No information overload here. And don't miss the slider featuring the artist. It's a nice touch.

Bellwether Tattoo


Bellwether Tattoo's website is a design treat. Content centered, a grey background with a black plus sign pattern, and links galore at the top. And the pictures? A showcase of what they can do.

Tattoo Life


Tattoo artists, this one's for you. Professional advice, industry trends, free art plates for download. Tattoo Life adds three new styles each week. It's like a treasure trove of inspiration.

Amaryllis Tattoo Artistry


Lehigh Valley's got something special. A Tattoo Artistry & Design studio with a modern, clean layout. Black and white with touches of color. It's like a breath of fresh air.


Gold Rush Tattoo


Header images, videos, team and artist photos. Gold Rush Tattoo's website is a visual feast. Friendly, passionate vibes all around. And the info, CTAs, and testimonials? They're the icing on the cake.

FAQ about tattoo website design

Man, everyone wants their site to pop, right? Well, authenticity is your best friend here. Show your unique style. Incorporate high-res tattoo images and maybe a cool background story about how you got into the ink world. Sharing personal anecdotes can make visitors feel connected.

What platform is best for my tattoo site?

Hmm, there's a bunch out there, but the big ones are WordPress, Wix, and Squarespace. Honestly, it kinda depends on your vibe. Want to customize every tiny detail? Go with WordPress and use BeTheme

How much should I budget for design?

Budgets, ugh. But they're necessary. Design can range from a couple hundred bucks for templates to a few grand for custom designs. But remember, it's an investment. A badass design can really boost your clientele. So, you gotta weigh what's worth it for you.

Should I have a booking system on the site?

Absolutely! A booking system makes everything streamlined. Clients can pick their slot, you get notified, and bam – less back-and-forth emails. Plus, it looks super professional. There are some pretty nifty plugins out there that can make this happen for ya.

How often should I update my portfolio?

Listen, if you've got some fresh ink that you're stoked about, show it off! At the very least, try updating every few months. Keeps things fresh and shows potential clients that you're active and evolving in your craft.

Is a blog section necessary?

It ain't necessary, but it's a cool way to engage with folks and improve SEO. Share tattoo stories, trends, or aftercare tips. It's a fun way to show you're not just about the ink, but also the culture and the community.

What about mobile optimization?

Oh, dude, that's a must. More and more peeps are browsing on their phones these days. Make sure your site looks killer on mobile. Nobody wants to pinch and zoom to see that awesome sleeve you just did. Most modern design platforms handle this for you, but always double-check.

Any tips on SEO for tattoo sites?

Alright, SEO, let's dive in. Use specific keywords like "geometric tattoos in [your city]" or "best portrait tattoo artist near me". Local SEO can really help you out. Oh, and don't forget to set up a Google My Business account. That's gold for local businesses.

How can I keep my site safe from hacks?

Internet can be a wild place, huh? Always keep your software and plugins updated. Consider a security plugin or service, and for the love of ink, use strong, unique passwords! If you're on a platform like WordPress, there are some dope security plugins that can give you peace of mind.

Should I integrate social media?

100%! Integrate those social feeds. If someone digs your work on Insta or Facebook, they might pop over to your site to book. Plus, it's a super easy way to keep your content fresh. When you post a killer tattoo on IG, it shows up on your site. Seamless!

Tattoo Website Design: The Final Brushstroke

Imagery: The Heart of Tattooing

Tattoos are like visual poetry, aren't they? It's all about the image, the art. You don't need a thousand words to say how good you are. Your work? It speaks for itself. People see it, feel it, and know if they want to book with you. So, make sure you're painting a clear picture of what you or your studio can do.

User Experience: The Pathway to Connection

The best tattoo shop websites? They're like a well-laid path. Clear pathways to find answers, portfolios to find the right artist, and easy ways to get in touch for consultations or appointments. It's all about making it easy for the visitor, connecting them with what they need.

Diversity and Beauty: The Many Faces of Tattooing

Minimalist, colorful, traditional, modern, simple, complex. These aren't just words; they're the faces of tattooing. Tattoo website design is a canvas that reflects this diversity and beauty. It's a world of ink and pixels, and it's a world that's as varied and beautiful as the tattoos themselves.

Inspiration: The Spark for Your Next Project

Did you find some inspiration here? I hope so. Whether it's for your next tattoo or your next web design project, let these examples be the spark that lights your creative fire. It's a world of ink and pixels, and it's a world that's waiting for your unique touch.

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