The Latest Pre-built Websites for WordPress
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August 2, 2016
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August 8, 2016

The Latest Pre-built Websites for WordPress

Pre-built websites offer a better, faster, and simpler way to initiate a web design project than is the case with wireframes. They provide a much better picture of how your initial design effort relates to your client’s needs, and where you are headed.

Not only is customizing the look of a pre-built website faster than creating a wireframe or prototype, there is another advantage to taking this approach. UX patterns are already embedded in the pre-built websites. You don’t have to waste valuable time creating them, nor do you have to waste time coding, since coding is not required.

Web designers, like you, are always interested in the latest design trends. Some of these trends are evident in these pre-built website creations, and this is especially the case in the releases launched this July.


How these Pre-Built Websites Reflect the Latest in UX Trends

Be Theme is currently launching new pre-built websites on a weekly basis, and by doing so, the Muffin Group professional design team continues to add new styles and topics to its collection of more than 210 of these WordPress design tools. These July releases are but a few examples of how choosing Be theme, and using these awesome tools, will benefit you, your clients, and your websites’ end users.

Be Agency 2

1-1 The Latest Pre-built Websites for WordPress

No matter what business you are creating a website for, you already know that good design is imperative when that business is a creative agency. These agencies set high standards for themselves, and expect no less from other designers, whether their business focuses on public relations, web design, marketing, content, or whatever. By putting forth a little effort on your client’s behalf, you might succeed in encouraging a slew of potential clients to beat a path to their door.

Several important design principles that have been incorporated into the Be Agency 2 website are worth noting:

  • The layout of this one page website is crisp, clean, user oriented, and provides the necessary user essentials.
  • The business atmosphere is professional, which is to say serious; yet the friendly elements convey warmth and approachability.
  • The calls to action is not intrusive. Instead, by keeping the user focused, the website guides the user through the sales tunnel.
  • Important sales elements, including testimonials, company history, and of course the all-important portfolio are linked to, well organized, and supportive of the website’s readability.

Be GoodFood

2-1 The Latest Pre-built Websites for WordPress

An entirely different niche, whose websites take on a different look and feel is the food industry; and in particular, small food shops and restaurants. In this highly competitive niche, businesses need to develop clear brands, and communicate them to potential customers in clear and attractive ways.

There are emerging trends in the food niche, just as there are in the web design area, and one of these is that of ready-made lunches and nutritional snacks that are designed to promote healthy lifestyles.

Consequently, a web designer with a restaurant or food store as a client needs to heed these tips:

  • Keep everything simple, by letting every pixel convey a sense of relaxation, unity, and clarity.
  • The About page is a popular one in almost every website. It is twice as popular in this niche. Users will want to familiarize themselves with the business and its team.
  • High quality pictures are also essential. Food, whether raw, cooked, or in some ways prepared, must look good enough to whet a user’s appetite.

Be Barber2

3-1 The Latest Pre-built Websites for WordPress

Today’s barbershops combine the modern with the traditional –  a look and feel that a pre-built website like this one can easily replicate. Here, the graphics elements are vintage, yet they fully bring into play the fact that a barber is a craftsman of the highest order. The modern look comes into play through the use of clean, crisp, imagery that projects an almost elegant or luxurious effect.

The wide header, studio page with its large images, and the team photo, all combine to reinvent and transmit a traditional vibe; one that is so deeply a part of this business.


Be Mechanic 2

4-1 The Latest Pre-built Websites for WordPress

Be Mechanic 2 is dedicated to mechanics’ shops. Beneath the fold you’ll find a clever use of video, and get a close up introduction to the auto repair team. The overall effect of this WordPress pre-built website is engaging, informative, and one that conveys a sense of trust.


Be Writer

5-1 The Latest Pre-built Websites for WordPress

Be Writer features all the elements needed for a project dedicated to building a writer’s website. The focus is on the writer’s personal brand, as it should be. The header image projects a clear message: this website is dedicated to a creative person, and a person you should get to know better.

A writer’s website is an ideal one for featuring a blog, where you can read the latest announcements for book signings, and reviews; plus, there are separate pages for each book written by the author.


Be Biker

6 The Latest Pre-built Websites for WordPress

This WordPress pre-built website is dedicated to a bike shop. No storefront image here. Instead you are given a crystal-clear example of a sporting atmosphere. The image is designed to engage the user, and can either serve as a call to action or steer the user in that direction.

A page devoted to the latest products is a reminder that the content is dedicated to a business, but there is also space devoted to relevant biking information such as routes, competitions, tours, and maintenance services.


How to Install a Be Theme Pre-Made Layouts

As the video demonstrates, it takes but one click to load one of the above pre-built websites, or any of the more than 210 in Be Theme’s huge selection. This, the biggest WordPress theme ever, boasts a powerful collection of core features, including:

  • The easy-to-use drag and drop Muffin Builder.
  • A versatile Admin Panel that provides you will every design option you could possibly need.
  • The Layout Configurator that will enable you to jump-start a page from a blank canvas.
  • A shortcode generator that allows you to incorporate design detail and functionality with any need for code, and –
  • Lifetime updates and 24/7 support.