Artsy Websites with Lovely Web Designs to Inspire You

Artsy Websites with Lovely Web Designs to Inspire You

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One tool all emerging artists need at their disposal is a website to showcase their work. Having a well-designed website will help you build a positive reputation. It will also help you promote your work and market it.

This list of artsy websites combine all the best elements of aesthetic with business strategy and smart design. This list includes over 20 art websites that were chosen to help you find inspiration.

Jeanne Artiste Peintre


This website showcases the skills of the artist through contemporary art and an easy to understand layout.

Be Artist 3


This website has a clean layout that is easy to navigate. It gives a good introduction to the artist while showing off her work. The light, neutral color scheme of the website is eye-catching without distracting from the artwork.

Florian Monfrini


This website has a clean layout that is easy to navigate. It gives a good introduction to the artist while showing off her work. The light, neutral color scheme of the website is eye-catching without distracting from the artwork.

Be Artist 2


This is an amazing art website where the art takes front and center. The site is very minimalistic in its design, and it features several different pieces.

Samantha Keely Smith


Smith's art attempts to reflect the inner reactions people have to the world around them. Her site is easy to navigate, which makes it easy to view her collections.



Karen J. Revis


Here is another good example of a simple, easy to follow website. The simplicity of the design allows visitors to dedicate more attention to the artwork.



This started out as the website of an artists’ representation agency. Now they showcase the work of over 80 artists around the world. Their online platform displays the various forms and styles of the artists they represent. The homepage is eye-catching and sleek to draw people in.



The fun and interactive home page for this website is a great source of inspiration for artists who want to engage visitors.

Owen Gent


The nice things about artsy websites is that you can get creative. The homepage of this website features colorful illustrations. Each illustration has a link imbedded to take visitors to sections of the site that feature similar items from his portfolio. The site also includes an online store where visitors can purchase items that interest them.

Almost Real


Almost Real is a marketplace where people can buy art online. The design comes across a lot like an art gallery. The layout is simple, and gives the entire focus to the art.

Louise Hourcade


Louise Hourcade draws people in with a colorful, custom splash page. The bright colors lend an inviting feel to the website. On the home page, the white background perfectly highlights the vibrant, bright colors of her art.



This is a great source of inspiration for a photography website. The homepage has background music, which is original. The artist has organized images and portraits to exhibit his art on the homepage.

Bapusaheb Patil


This website features the work of a online brand designer. The simple design focuses on helping visitors gain trust and confidence in the designer.

Benjamin Hardman


The homepage of this photography website features breathtaking photographs from Iceland and the Arctic. The site also has an art market where people can buy from a selection of photos.

Art Gallery of Ballarat


Here is an example of online art galleries. They highlight some excerpts from their art exhibitions on the home page, as well as information on when the art galleries are open.

Ellen Von Wiegand


A slideshow is a great way to introduce people to your art collection and to any new art you have. This art website uses this feature to give people a taste of the artist's work. She also makes the most of her marketing efforts with a lightbox offering a discount to people who sign up for her email list.

Kelly Rae Roberts


This is a great example of how artsy websites can draw people in and introduce them to your business as well as your art. This artist offers in-person retreats and workshops. Her website also includes an online store.

Kate Vass


The Kate Vass Gallery is an online art community specializing in photography and new technology. Their contemporary art can be found in museums and galleries around the world.



This Quebec artist is known for his unique methods and style. His website focuses more on his live painting sessions than on his artwork. However, there is section for his online art shop.

Asya Lisina


This website showcases creative, modern art. The site is easy to navigate, and the store is easy to find so that people can purchase prints of her original art.

Maegan Guerette


Meagan is a freelance photographer. She works with everything from weddings to travel photography. The main page of her site features another one of her skills. Her watercolors of plants and flowers lend an artistic feel to the website.

Solani Illustration


This Japanese illustrator features some of his portfolio right on the home page. The images are in black and white, but when you hover the cursor over the images they burst into color. The website also has light and dark mode options which match the tone of the art.



The Art Institute of Chicago has an extensive collection of high quality art. The website is organized to highlight their current exhibitions. The website offers a glimpse into the museum galleries.

Lorraine Nam


This website is well-organized and has a clean look. The side bar makes it easy for people to find their way around the website.

The Blackboard Artist


The London-based team provide custom murals and boards to clients. The website features the good reviews they have received from happy clients.

Charly Palmer


This is a great example of how artsy websites can make a statement right from the homepage. The background video is captivating. Seeing the artist at work gives the website a personal touch.

Mel Volkman


This great website acts as a virtual portfolio for the artist. To that end, the website is simple. The focus of the site is to showcase her work and sell prints.

Jafen Art


This studio is driven to create brands that are unique and memorable. The purpose is to enhance people's lives though meeting the client's objectives. The site conveys that sense of purpose, while retaining a creative vibe.

Zaria Forman


The homepage of this site immediately draws people in by showing the artist working on an unfinished painting. Using an approach like this on the home page intrigues visitors.

Art and History


The Museum of Art and History website homepage is essentially a one stop shop. It makes it easy for visitors to book museum tours. It also features current art exhibitions. The layout is clean to allow people to find their way around.

Jason Arkles


Jason Arkles' website revolves around his work with sculpture. His works reflect a certain respect for the classical history of sculpting. In addition to sculpting, he offers classes.

Lisa Brandon


This is the website of an artist who creates fine art in many forms. The classic, dark setting of her website perfectly blends with her contemporary style. She gives her art the center stage, while blending elements like font style and color scheme to support her style.



This beautiful branding website is a lovely example of embodying their image. The website is elegant and they create an experience for the visitors right from the home page.

Art of Symbols


This is another example of how branding companies can take an artistic approach to their websites. The Art of Symbols is informative about how symbols affect people's perception, and how companies can use that.

Jannicke Hansen


The white backdrop and minimalistic design of this website direct all the visitors attention to the artwork. Every page except the bio section focus on showing off the artist's work.

Elena Iv Skaya


This photography website features a unique collection. The photos are displayed in such a way that they look almost like a painting instead of a picture. The whitespace and the layout of the hero scene help to showcase her photographs.

Lirona Ashkenazi


Even small details can make a big difference . A large font and a conversational tone gives an attractive and confident feel to the website. The large grid-style gallery gives some breathing space to the website.

Jessica Chou


This photographer likes to keep a raw feel to her photography. This gives her work a documentary-style vibe. The website keeps that feel.



Punch is a graphic designer website based in Japan. The modern design and background video give a good overall view of the style of the artist.

Reed Art Department


Here is another branding art website. The company tries to help clients to find what reflects them best and connect with customers at the same time. The website is designed to be informative.

Irina Pandeva


One idea to draw people into art websites is to include a blog. Irina Pandeva does just that. By including a blog, she does more than introduce people to her artwork. She also introduces them to her thoughts and her artistic development.

Livia Falcaru


The creamy background color works as a great backdrop for the portfolio on this website. Each of the illustrations on the main page also include links to the titles and a brief description.

Street Art


The design and layout of Street Art help showcase artwork . You can browse their collections of street art from around the world on the website. They even have a section for street art-style online art.

CypherCon & Illustratetheweb


This interactive website is intriguing and keeps the visitor engaged.

The Art Center


This art website is dedicated to art classes for kids. The layout is simple and colorful. They offer art classes that give a new artist a good grasp of the basics.

Piergiorgio Del Ben


This painter introduces visitors to his artwork right on the home page. The background is a painting from his art collection. This is another idea for the homepage of your art website.



This homepage features a unique take for an art website. There is a lot of animation and an original navigation menu.



Bloom is an art website where people can buy online art. Visitors can organize prices starting low to high, or by other filters. They can view limited edition works, or make an offer for a whole collection.

Spoke Art


Spoke Art focuses on helping people get access to affordable fine art. The galleries feature artists from around the world. Their galleries feature contemporary art, with a special focus on pop culture artists.



Many of the drawings in this gallery revolve around women and their traits. But the gallery also features other themes.

Brett Williams


The animations on this site are engaging and capture the visitors attention.



The graphics for this website are vibrant and bold. Using bright colors is a great way to make a statement on your art website.

Ribant Creative Office


RCO uses graphics and creative fonts to capture and hold the visitor's attention as long as they are browsing the site.

Carmen Hunter


This photographer has earned her reputation as a skilled portrait photographer. Her’s is one of the artsy websites that showcases her work and includes a shop to buy prints.

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