Well-Designed Makeup Artist Websites to Check Out

Well-Designed Makeup Artist Websites to Check Out

Actually Nice Manufacturing Websites to Inspire You
January 7, 2024
Artsy Websites with Lovely Web Designs to Inspire You
January 8, 2024
Actually Nice Manufacturing Websites to Inspire You
January 7, 2024
Artsy Websites with Lovely Web Designs to Inspire You
January 8, 2024

Imagine your talent, captured on a screen—a virtual canvas that mirrors your artistry in makeup. Makeup artist website design isn't just about pretty palettes and stunning swatches; it’s a strategic exhibition of your unique flair.

Every stroke and shade you choose tells a story. Now, consider your website telling its own. As browsers navigate your digital gallery, they should be stepping into your world.

By the end of this article, you'll know exactly how to spin your style into a compelling online beauty portfolio that captivates at first glance. We'll delve into examples that blend aesthetic website features with beauty site layout essentials to help you showcase your makeup services with panache. Plus, tips to ensure your site is as responsive and gratifying as a seamless blend on the skin.

Prepare to explore design inspirations that mirror the beauty industry’s fine blend of creativity and functionality.

Makeup Website Design Examples

Eva Garcia


Eva is a freelance makeup artist who is passionate about what she does, whether it's fantasy, editorial or bridal makeup. She uses her talent and artistry to search out the "true essence" of each client and her website serves as an elegant portfolio and calling card.

Be Cosmetics 2


Aleph's makeup range is professional, high-performance and minimalist—design principles are found on their website too. Aleph creates quality cosmetics that nourish and beautify. And they continue to be transparent about each ingredient and packaging method.

BJ Batterman


Barbara Jo Batterman is a professional makeup artist and lifestyle consultant with years of experience in the beauty industry. Her website features a portfolio of dozens of quality photos from celebrities and TV work to editorial and advertising campaigns.

Be Makeup


Nina is a gifted hair artist with more than 18 years spent working in the industry. The website features a large, striking photo of a model styled by Nina and by navigating the menu you can view the rest of Nina's fantastic portfolio. The layout of each section is different from the next, making the site interesting and unique.

Be Cosmetics


The best makeup artist websites can capture what the artist is all about, and this site is a window into Jeff Angell's one-of-a-kind artistry. Explore the site with a spotlight-inspired pointer and find out more about this makeup maestro who has been working in cinema, theater, and high fashion print for more than 30 years.

Be Fashion


Simon Ourian M.D. is a cosmetic dermatologist from L.A. who has cared for the celebrity skin of Hollywood's glitterati. He boasts more than 20 years of experience and uses that knowledge and expertise to develop a first-class skincare line. The website is user-friendly, creating a fantastic platform for the SHEN product range.

Be Beauty 4


Shaan is a professional makeup artist and hairstylist out of New Delhi, India. The straightforward menu links you to various portfolio features such as gallery and video which uses a neat square layout. Visitors can view a wide range of quality images that highlight Shaan's talent.

Dana Leviston


Dana Leviston is a freelance makeup artist based in Melbourne, Australia. Each page you click on her site provides a comprehensive blurb on the 'how' of each service she provides. Not only can you check out photos of the client’s final look but go behind the scenes as well.

Rikk Ági


Ágnes Rikk is a world-renowned Hungarian makeup artist and the founder of the Rikk Ági Makeup School. His portfolio website serves to showcase the variety of work he is capable of carrying out. As an instructor he is used to sharing what he knows which is why  , the website has a detailed breakdown of what each course covers.

Michelle Patricio


Michelle Patricio is compelled by her particular vision and her work is both innovative and on trend. She specializes in bridal makeup artistry which is evident by clicking on her gallery to view beautiful photos that capture the elegance of her bridal hairstyling.

Blank Canvas Beauty Collective


A soft color palette with dust pink undertones captures the aesthetic of this makeup studio. Client testimonials, or 'love notes', recommend the business and showcase the client's experience.

r.e.m beauty


Ariana Grande is the force behind r.e.m beauty—a range of accessible eye, lip and face products. Visitors can easily scroll through the site to check out the latest products on offer and their prices.

Kat Sanders Smith


Here is a straightforward website that allows potential clients to find out more about qualified hair and makeup artist, Kat Sanders Smith. Based in the UK, Kat focuses on "soft, natural make-up and hairstyling looks."

Ivana Kostova Beauty


Makeup websites like this one use one page to showcase everything the artist has to offer. Ivana Kostova is a London-based hair and makeup pro who uses her talents mainly for weddings. Customers can find everything on just one page, from pricing-packages and reviews to a vibrant portfolio and details of her working methods.

Jill Stonier


Some makeup artist websites open up with a photo of the makeup artist, which helps potential customers make a connection between the person behind the brand. Jill is a makeup artist, skincare guru, and cosmetologist. Her website provides a portfolio of her work as well as information on her makeup services.

Gehnaa Advani


Gehnaa Advani is a multi-platform social media influencer who is passionate about life, makeup, fashion and travel. Follow her for up-to-date beauty tips.

Bare Beauty Bar & Spa


Monochrome design elements fuse with classy typography to bring this makeup industry website to life. Navigating the site is easy and visitors can find before and after photos for the diverse range of services.

Lash Star Beauty


Lash Star boasts an elegant, modern website that connects you to an online store and informative blog. Site visitors can also learn more about their innovative products and why they are the 'lash authority' in the industry.

Naomi Nakamura


A trendy portfolio website that showcases the talent of this London-based freelance makeup artist.

Rebecca Rose Beauty


Take a virtual tour around Rebecca Rose's lavish beauty lounge and check out the online store to choose from a selection of a branded cosmetic and beauty products.

Anjum Bhardwai


Anjum Bhardwai's makeup portfolio features high-end photos that highlight Anjum's talent and expertise with wedding, editorial and fashion makeup.

Sylvia Spitzbart


A video features as the header with an easy-to-use sticky dropdown menu. As you scroll, quality photography features alongside informative text to help you learn more about Sylvia's Art of Style Studio.

The Glitter Collective


Imaginative makeup body paint artistry is The Glitter Collective's passion. Colorful, bold photography is splashed out on the opening page to catch your eye.

Natalie Goodman Artistry


Working out of New York, Natalie is a freelance makeup artist who concentrates on the TV and movie industry. Professional photography showcases her broad portfolio featuring actors and models.

Annas Beauty Corner


Choose from a wide range of services that go beyond makeup. For example, under the Treatments category you can find a description of the service offered as well as practical makeup tips.

Sara Pascolini


Visitors to Sara Pascolini's website can find out more about courses on offer and interact with a smooth, appealing slider image display.

Jaimee Rosko


Jaimee Rosko is multi-talented—from weaving her makeup magic on TV, movies and commercials to using her photography skills for weddings, special events, food, as well as families and their pets.

Emiko D Hair & Makeup


Emiko specializes in elegant and natural aesthetics for weddings with a focus on Japanese, Korean and other Asian makeup styles. Her dual-language website places English and Japanese side-by-side.

Maria Charles


Maria Charles salon boasts one of the most professional makeup artist websites featuring first-rate images, fonts and UI elements.

Michael Vincent Academy


Michael Vincent Academy is the world's number one makeup school, and its website is first-class too. Scroll to see which top brands the academy has engaged with and click on a video that promotes the brand.

Shawna Ferguson


Here is another great example of makeup artist websites that serve as a vibrant portfolio. Shawna Ferguson's home page opens with an interesting monochrome palette and font that draws you in. Click on the various menu categories to check out the extensive gallery of eye-catching and professional photography showcasing the work of this stylist, art director and costume designer.

Mina Dair


Mina Dair's website highlights the sophisticated and effortless appeal that this international celebrity and bridal makeup artist delivers—which is impeccable makeup application that lasts.

Anthonia Bejide


Anthonia is a self-taught makeup artist and beauty educator based in Ottawa. She also happens to be a talented photographer. A classy black-and-white home page captures Anthonia's aesthetic and visitors can click on the Instagram feed to check out her portfolio or shop from her online store.

Craft Skin Co


This website's use of soft tones enhances the brand and creates an attractive palette that draws in visitors. The color theme features throughout the site and works to highlight the cool and calm feel Craft Skin Co aims to promote. Good color choices are effective design ideas for makeup artist websites.

The Salon


The Salon's website layout really took structure into consideration. Visitors looking to make a booking or look up contact details can easily do so. And social media pages are just one click away at the top of the page, making this a very practical website for potential clients.

Customer reviews at the bottom of your makeup website are a fantastic feature as it promotes trust in your brand and services.

Kristina Gasperas


Makeup websites that are simple to navigate are the best. Kristina Gasperas' website features a dropdown menu with everything you'd want and need to know—from a detailed bio and description of services to an informative blog and professional image gallery.

Dana Matta


Here is another fantastic example of a portfolio website that is aesthetically pleasing. Dana Matta is a super talented Paul Mitchell-trained stylist who is inspired by everything she encounters. She likes to keep up with what's new in the beauty industry and you can see this in her work displayed on her website.

LAB Salon and Brow Studio


The website for LAB Salon and Brow Studio gives clients the opportunity to find out more about the extensive list of brow, hair, eyelash and makeup services available, including cost. The Weddings category gives you the opportunity to book an appointment either in salon or at the wedding venue.

An updated blog gives you the opportunity to connect with your client base and show off your knowledge and experience in the world of hair and makeup.

SE Beauty Studio


SE Beauty Studio's website allows visitors to click on an image with category heading to find out more about their eyebrow and eyelash services, permanent make-up application, make-up and hair for photo shoots, as well as their cosmetic treatments.

Amanda Roberts


Amanda Roberts draws attention to her skill and talent by showcasing her certification on her website. Soft pastel tones highlight a feminine aesthetic and a slider gallery at the top of the page draws attention to her work.

A Services category features all of Amanda's specialties which includes weddings and other special occasions. Visitors can even book a one-on-one makeup class.

FAQ on Makeup Website Design

What are the essential elements of a makeup artist's website?

User experience takes center stage. Swift load times, a stunning portfolio display that captures your range of skills, and simple navigation are must-haves. Incorporate a booking system, list your services, and sprinkle in some testimonials for that trust factor.

How can I reflect my personal brand in my website design?

Inject your personality through color schemes and typography that match your makeup style. A tagline that resonates with your philosophy can do wonders. Tailor every corner of your site, just like you would custom blend a foundation for a client.

What makes a portfolio on a makeup artist's website stand out?

Diversity and quality. Show variety in your work—bridal, editorial, special effects, everyday looks. Use high-quality images. Add personal stories or the concept behind each look. This gives context and makes your portfolio memorable.

How important is mobile responsiveness for a makeup artist's website?

It's a game-changer. Most clients are on-the-go, scrolling through their phones for inspiration or making bookings. A mobile-responsive website ensures your beauty site layout looks flawless on any device, just like one of your makeup looks.

Should I include a blog on my makeup artist website?

Absolutely. It’s the perfect platform for sharing LSI keywords like 'beauty tips', 'makeup reviews', and 'tutorial videos'. It not only boosts your SEO efforts but also keeps clients coming back for more of your expertise.

What's the best way to incorporate testimonials into my website design?

Blend them seamlessly within your site's flow. Displaying client praises on your homepage, or creating a dedicated 'love notes' section can add a dose of authenticity. Make it visually appealing so that it attracts potential clients to read and trust your magic hands.

How can I make my contact information stand out on my website?

Make it accessible. Place it in the header, footer, or as a bold call-to-action button. The aim is to make reaching out to you as easy as finding the perfect lipstick shade on a cluttered makeup table.

What are some tips for optimizing my website for search engines?

Structure your content with clear headings. Incorporate SEO entities and semantically relevant keywords strategically. Regularly update your beauty blog with fresh, relevant content. Secure those all-important backlinks by being featured on other credible sites.

How should I showcase prices for my makeup services on my website?

Pricing can be delicate. Create a dedicated services page with clear, concise pricing. Maybe even offer packages. The key is transparency—you want to ensure potential clients know what they’re getting, and for how much, avoiding any eyeshadow-like smudges of confusion.

Can I sell products on my makeup artist website?

You bet. Integrate an e-commerce feature where clients can purchase your recommended products or your own line. Just ensure the shopping experience is as seamless as applying mascara—smooth, clump-free, and definitely rewarding.


Wrapping things up...

Makeup artist website design examples, eh? We've seen some stunners. Styles that shine, layouts that make you lean in closer, features that practically give you a virtual brush with beauty.

But let's get real. It's not just about slapping on the glitz. It's deeper. Your website? It's your digital face. And let's face it, it needs to tell your unique story.

So, what's next for you—a fierce creator in a foundation-filled world?

  • Embrace those responsive designs that fit every screen like a glove.
  • Weave semantically relevant keywords into your content.
  • And, make your portfolio pop like that highlighter you can't live without.

Remember, the canvas is yours. Make it reflect who you are, professionally, and artistically. Let visitors walk through your online doors and leave feeling like they've just had the makeover of a lifetime. That's the real goal. Now, go create some digital magic!

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