The Most Exquisite Barbershop Websites You Can Find Online

The Most Exquisite Barbershop Websites You Can Find Online

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A barber shop business can shine a spotlight on their brand through a one-of-a-kind online presence. Great barbershop websites should be cutting edge, accessible to their target market, and inclusive. Combined with the effective use of social media, a barbershop business will be able to attract attention in a crowded and ambitious market.

A barbershop website benefits business in a variety of ways: it helps give exposure for services provided, pops up on search engines, and builds a credible name with clients.

This article compiles a collection of some of the best barbershop website examples out there –from the oldest barbershop in the world to dapper and more avant-garde barbershops of today.

FreshCut Barbershop


FreshCut Barbershop's new site was inspired by the American style and boasts a blog with hair and beard-care tips; it’s a first-rate destination for men's hairstyling.

Play with your cursor over the logo and be moved, literally. This is a good example of capturing customer’s attention.

Be Barber


This e-commerce site is dedicated to eco-friendly hair care for men. The website design showcases a homepage with an asymmetrical layout.

DON Barber & Groom


This barbershop’s website design emphasizes the affordable luxury of this exclusive men's brand. Which is presented in the taste and tone of the place.

Scrolling puts words and images into motion; this creates a vibrant page that captures the modern essence of this signature barbershop. “BOOK NOW” is the first CTA.



The Hammer & Nails' website gives potential clientele access to a number of informative web pages. This is also an example of barber websites that feature a gift card tab.

Be Barber 2


The web designer went with a moving image background for the landing page of this barber website. It manages to capture the fun and eclectic vibe of the business. The design is more intricate than other barbershop websites, but it captivates and invites website visitors to stay.

Social media presence is given prominent attention. Colorful photos of staff shine with personality, and this showcases the brand wonderfully.



The clean design of Steven Tabach's website allows the font and muted colors to jump out. Black is a great design choice for a barbershop website, as it is bold but allows other design elements to hold the attention of visitors. It is a classic canvas for barbershop web design that makes typography and images that much more elegant.

Be Barber 3


Westside Barber Co. is owned and operated locally and provides an online booking system via the site. Client feedback is important, and every great barber deserves praise. It helps visitors to identify the best barbershops for the best haircut, and can be placed on just one page on the website. Westside Barber & Co. make good use of this on their landing page.



This barbershop website is a celebration of the last decade of openings, parties, and everything else making the cut in the hairstyling world of Blind Barber.

Be Barber 4


This website design is straightforward and engaging and combines a bold headline with an attractive asymmetrical image. These design elements, along with a CTA, introduce the business in an elegant way.

Bonefade Barbers


Bonefade Barbers’ barbershop website catches your eye with a rustic image and a hip combination of typography. A seamless scroll function highlights positive feedback from customers and makes it easy to make online bookings. The logo is its drawcard.

Be Hairdresser


The best barbershop websites catch and hold the attention of visitors, and Legends is no exception. The website makes good use of video clips, audio, and classic imagery to create an engrossing experience. The photo gallery boasts a lineup of celebrities who have enjoyed the services provided by Legends, creating credibility and prestige for the business.

Lloyd's Barbershop


The clean design of this website’s layout makes it both user-friendly and functional. The visitor is immediately encouraged to book an appointment. A CTA is an integral feature on a barbershop website.

GENTLEMEN Barber Clubs


A premium barbershop not only offers quality services, but a standout experience. Gentlemen Barber Clubs is an award-winning barbershop offering men of all ages a place to retreat.

ASSEMBLY Barber Shop


The value and traditions associated with the brand come across in the elegant simplicity of this barbershop website. Assembly's history, which transcends decades and half a continent, is wonderfully captured through vivid storytelling and old-time photos.



An engaging barbershop website will fuse minimalism with modern sensibilities, and that's exactly what we find with Blind Barber's design. The “WATCH/LEARN” section is an exhibition on creative writing and photography where visitors can even listen to music via Spotify.



Capturing the true spirit of manliness, Balls Barbershop offers an electric yet cozy atmosphere unlike any other in Kyiv.

Fun icons on the drop menu include barber blades, a mustache, and more, which move when you hover over them. Click on “Barbers” and meet the various characters who work there.

CAPPELI'S Gentlemen's Barbershop


A smooth slider allows the eye to glide over an appealing selection of images in the hero header. An off-canvas menu provides enhanced navigation. Visitors to the website can register a profile and see examples of the various grooming options available.

cutler Salon


The elegant simplicity in the website design captures the modern twist of this brick-and-mortar unisex salon. The online booking system allows you to request a specific stylist. The site is mobile-friendly.

Stan's Downtown Barbers


Stan's barbershop website design is user-friendly. All the crucial information is on the landing page. The site also features a style gallery. There is an intimate feel to the website design that helps the visitor learn more about the founder, Stan, and his extensive experience.



Al's is one of those barbershop websites that features a menu that is easy to navigate, allowing visitors to make appointments, check out the stylists, and even read up on Al's-related news.



Tweed is a barbershop business offering award-winning services to men since 2006. The black-and-white header image forms the background for the brand's motto. The choice of typography is creative and encompasses the retro feel of bygone barber shops.



A sophisticated layout introduces visitors to the array of services and products on offer from Bruno's Barbers. The navigation panel at the top of the page creates the opportunity to learn more about the brand, stories related to the business, and other related content.



Barber Blades is an e-commerce store catering to the master barber. The website features a satisfying omnichannel strategy and allows for visitors to browse "virtual shelves" of quality products.

Mustache Barbershop


This barbershop website puts its brand front and center with a neon logo that draws inspiration from the barbershop heyday. Here again, we see a great barber website that takes client feedback seriously.



Just the name alone evokes the suave masculinity of a bygone era. Scissors & Scotch's barbershop website talks in everyday language and appeals with its lighthearted approach to men's grooming.



Master Barbers is a signature barbershop with a strong sense of brand. Click on each master barber to find out more and enjoy how easy it is to navigate this barber website when looking for specific grooming needs.



Some notable features on this trendy barbershop website include a blog and the option to engage in live chat. B&H Barber Shop is a fantastic example of incorporating the theme and feel of a place into the overall design.



Contemporary barbershop websites are able to capture the personality of the shop, and the Web designer for The Beardsmith definitely succeeded. This e-commerce site showcases products for the bearded gentleman, as well as a gallery and a blog.



Business information is readily available by means of a well-designed scrolling page. The services are showcased alongside quality images for a more immersive client experience.

The Dascola Barbers


This barbershop has been cutting hair and shaving beards in Ann Arbor for over 70 years. The history of the shop, along with some historical snaps, are found on this barbershop website.



Swagger & Jacks is the UK's leading barbershop with a wide range of products available on their barbershop website. The website design highlights their brand and products with style.



A great barber website, like this one, will give customers a feel of the shop through the design theme. An entertaining and informative history page always helps build a warm rapport with potential clientele.

RUDY'S Barbershop


A Rudy's Barbershop can be found in neighborhoods across the United States. Its barbershop website is designed to deal with the service and product requirements from a broad customer base.



This is a barbershop website that puts a modern touch of class into men\'s grooming,a distinction which serves as their brand motto. A clear example of how to increase the online business aspect of a barbershop in conjunction with haircare and maintenance.

Folicuré México


The website design draws inspiration from the classic barbershop aesthetic. This is one of many website examples that have the aim of informing customers.



The Forth Worth Barber Shop has an appealing barbershop website by Motto. Its hip layout and theme has a scope that incorporates UI/UX, responsiveness, and design.

ABEL'S on Queen


This barbershop website design uses a sticky header to feature the brand front and center as both menu and logo. The light-color fonts, reminiscent of a bygone time, contrast beautifully with the black background.



Barbon\'s Barbershop opens up its website with a great photo of the shop itself. The graphic style on this barber website helps to set it apart from the rest of the industry crowd.



Pankhurst is a world-famous brand in the men's grooming industry and has one of the best barber websites on the web. Their branding targets sophisticated businessmen and evokes a sense of the “haven of masculinity” that has become synonymous with the modern man of refined taste.



The top barber websites draw in their potential clients by creating a digital space that does more than just advertise. On the Adam Grooming Atelier barber website, the client can book appointments, select a barbershop in their preferred location, or browse a concise product catalog. The barbershop website design features a journal where visitors can read many helpful tips.

A Cut Above With the Top Barbershop Websites

It is easy to feel overwhelmed when wanting to put together a barbershop website. Picking up design and content tips from the best barbershop websites out there is a good place to start.

Some of the standout stylistic elements involved typography that is bold and masculine. Most barbershop websites went for striking images on their landing page that introduced the customer to the brand and the business motto.

The top barbershop websites were those that made visitor usability a priority. Ease of access in making appointments, reading up on the shop, and product catalogs are a must.

In the end, the best barbershop websites will help increase business and let your potential clients know exactly who you are and why your brand stands out in the industry of men's grooming.

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