Included with Betheme

Build websites
and WooCommerce stores
like a pro with BeBuilder

The most flexible page builder for WordPress ever


pages to import

Copy builder content from any given Betheme's pre-built website & adjust to your own needs.


pre-defined sections

Constantly growing library of pre-built blocks ready to use at the click. Amazing, isn’t it?



Add, edit and move the way you like, visually live or from the dashboard. It's that simple.


Blazingly fast and light with 100% score on GTMetrix and Google PageSpeed Insights

View an example page

Build your own layout

Drag & Drop everything

BeBuilder is the fastest and most flexible page builder for WordPress. Simply drag, drop & customize. What you see is what you get. Live & instant.

Dimensions, paddings and margins

Set custom dimensions for any section, wrap or element. Adjust padding/margin for any element on the page. Define individual padding and margin for desktop, tablet & mobile.

Flexible Positioning

Choose between position for section, wrap or element, set vertical spacing & horizontal alignment and much more thanks to Flexbox.

You can also position anything regardless of the grid with Absolute Position.

Sticky Wraps

Make any element sticky by putting it inside a sticky wrap wherever you need on the page. Increase the attractiveness of the elements you care about the most by "sticking" them to the screen.

Order Columns & Wraps

Control the order in which wraps or elements appear in the flex container. Reverse its order on mobile automatically with built-in option.

Global Wraps & Sections

Create global sections & wraps and use anywhere you like with just a single click. If necessary, customize them later in one place. Incredible time saver!

Theme Options in the BeBuilder

Change global theme options directly from the BeBuilder. Live & instant! A great solution for those who like to have everything in one place.

Full width option

Make whole sections full width regardless the grid width.

Responsive Visibility

Make sections, wraps or elements visible/invisible for desktop or mobile.

100% Responsive

Make any website pixel perfect for any device easily.

BeBuilder: Better than ever

Better than ever, faster than any other website builder for WordPress!

  • ~200%

    faster than

  • 20x

    less builder
    data storage

  • 3x

    loading speed
    of the builder

Completely rebuilded

The BeBuilder has been completely rewritten with Vanilla JS. Thanks to this, the code is much lighter and the content created in it, loads in the blink of an eye. No other website builder has ever been so fast and stable.


Load: 0.9s

in the v27.0

Divide page with
sections, wraps and elements

100% beginner
Divide your
website to sections
200+ elements to built
Build unique layouts
thanks to wraps
Full website in few hours
Add your content
using elements

Design anything as you like

Define style of any container with
a built-in set of options

Box Shadows
Border width
Border radius
Border color
Border style

Backgrounds as you always want them to be

  • Background Videos
    Bring the page to life by uploading a video into a section.
  • Background Images, Colors and Gradients
    Customise backgrounds using images, colors, gradients or even mix them together. Change its position, size and much more per device, even on hover.
  • Background decoration
    Choose between built-in patterns or upload own top & bottom images


Put any section, wrap or element in the front or back by setting the appropriate z-index

Vector SVG icons and images

Thousands of icons included. Choose between the default & Fontawesome sets.

Upload own SVG icons and images. Use them anywhere you like.
One-Page websites

Easily create one-page websites with click to scroll navigation wherever you need.

Custom CSS, Classes and IDs

Set custom Classes / IDs names for sections, wraps or elements and apply declarations globally or individually.

Truly live builder now
included with Betheme

Simply drag, drop & customise.
What you see is exactly what you get.


Available only on Envato
All pre-built websites are included in a one single theme

Display content using conditions

Create as many templates you like and assign them for specific kind of pages. Moreover, you can control if the specific template should be displayed on pages by given categories or tags.

  • Create template for
    Shop Archive or Single Product
  • Set conditions
    for your template
  • Customize the store details
    using Theme Options

Improve your workflow.
No coding required.

In-line Editing

Create content directly in its target location with the help of a floating toolbar that appears when the editable text is focused. Choose typography, select color and much more. Styling text has never been so easy and fun.

Auto Save every 5 minutes

Sometimes you forget to hit the ‘save’ button, and all of your progress gets lost - we get it that this can be very frustrating.

That’s why we have included the most advanced backup system with autosave and revisions features, so your changes get saved automatically, and if you want to revert to any of the old versions, you can easily do it.

Redo/Undo with Revision History

No more lost changes. Restore the content from any point of your work.

Simply undo or redo any action you’ve made and forget about mistakes

  • Undo
    Ctrl / ⌘ + Z
  • Redo
    Ctrl / ⌘ + Y or Ctrl / ⌘ + Shift + Z

Paste and import anything.
From a single element to the entire page.

Single Page Import

Copy builder content from any given Betheme's pre-built website.

Export / Import

Export & Import individual sections or entire content between various pages.

Copy / Paste / Duplicate

Quickly copy & paste any element or just duplicate it next to the existing element.

Responsive Editing

Switch between desktop, tablet & mobile and adjust settings to make it look perfect on any device. Without any fuss.

Watch the video tutorial
Layer Navigator

Navigate between sections, wraps and any other elements of the page with a click.

Handy tools on right click

Effortlessly Edit, Copy, Paste or Remove any part of the content on the right click of the mouse.

Auto, Light & Dark UI Mode

Adjust the colors of User Interface to your preferences and enjoy your work like never before.

TinyMCE vs CodeMirror

Switch between CodeMirror and WYSIWYG editor for Columns for even better content management.

Navigation style

Switch between Classic and Modern navigation for even more enjoyable work.


Preview the content at any time of work without the need to save changes with just a single click.


Create once, use anywhere all the time. Or, if you do not want to struggle with styles, choose from predefined ones.

A paradise for
typography aesthetes

Add custom fonts and use anywhere you need them.
Choose between thousands of Google Fonts available across all elements.

Choose between px em rem vw

Family and style

Line Height



Letter Spacing





Improve workflow
and save your time with keyboard shortcuts

  • Undo
    Ctrl / ⌘ + Z
  • Redo
    Ctrl / ⌘ + Y or Ctrl / ⌘ + Shift + Z
  • Copy
    Ctrl / ⌘ + C
  • Paste
    Ctrl / ⌘ + V
  • Duplicate
    Ctrl / ⌘ + D
  • Confirmation
  • Delete
  • Save / Update
    Ctrl / ⌘ + S
  • Preview
    Ctrl / ⌘ + Shift + P
  • View page
    Ctrl / ⌘ + Shift + V
  • Show / Hide Left Panel
    Ctrl / ⌘ + P
  • Responsive Mode
    Ctrl / ⌘ + Shift + M
  • History
    Ctrl / ⌘ + Shift + H
  • Navigator
    Ctrl / ⌘ + I
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
    Ctrl / ⌘ + ?
  • Quit

Pre-built sections

All of our pre-built sections are built keeping simplicity and consistency in mind so you can choose any one using our highly developed filter option, and it’ll blend in with your existing content. Plus, if you need to make any edits, you can easily do that.

  • Go to the Pre-built sections

    In the BeBuilder menu on the left, click on the icon responsible for the pre-built sections.

  • Find the block you actually need

    Blocks have been divided into several categories depending on the needs of their use.

  • Add a block to the page

    All you have to do now is click the + Insert button next to the block you want to use. It's that simple!

Watch the video tutorial 650+ pre-built websites

650+ pre-built websites

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650+ pre-built websites

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Available only on Envato
All pre-built websites are included in a one single theme