Inline shortcode

Fancy Link

You can add this item with Inline Shortcode:

Default code:

[fancy_link title="" link="" target="" style="" font="" font_size="" margin="" icon="" class="" download=""]
Attributes Description
title Title of the Fancy link
link Link (with http://)
target Link target - 0 (default), _blank (new tab or window), lightbox (lightbox - image or embed video)
style Choose one of available styles: from 1 to 9
font family Google font name
font size Font size in px
margin Set margin for element
icon Select an icon from the list of available icons
class This option is useful when you want to use scroll
download Download file when clicking on the link. Enter the new filename for the downloaded file.

Example of this shortcode below:

[fancy_link title="Vestibulum dapibus" link="#" target="_blank" style="5" class="scroll" download=""]