Story box

You can add this item to website in 2 ways:
Attributes Description
Image Select image from Media Library
Style You can select style for Horizontal or Vertical image
Title Story Box title
Content Story Box content text
Link | Link Enter link if needed
Link | Target Link target - _self default, _blank new tab or window, lightbox image or embed video
Advanced | Animation Choose entrance animation on scroll or leave not animated
Custom | CSS classes Type your own class for the item - this is a useful option for those who want to create a special style.
For example: you can type my-class-big-font class and then go to BeTheme options > Custom CSS & JS > Custom CSS and write your own styles for this class:
.my-class-big-font { font-size:150% !important; font-weight:bold; }
Examples of use:
Pre-built website: Link: