Map Advanced

You can add this item with Builder item:

Number of free dynamic map loads is limited. Google Maps API key is required.

If you need more than 28500 map loads per month please check current Google Maps Pricing or choose Map Basic instead.

Attributes Description
Latitude Google Maps Lat Type Lat value for your position
Longitude Google Maps Lng Type Lng value for your position
Zoom Zoom level of the map
Height Map height in px
Options | Type Select one of 4 map styles
Options | Controls Choose which controls to show
Options | Draggable Select if map should be draggable
Options | Border Show map border
Advanced | Marker icon Select image from Media Library (.png format only)
Advanced | Map color Use color name, hex or rgba, e.g.: grey, #626262 or rgba(98, 98, 98, 1)
Advanced | Styles Get predefined styles from snazzymaps.com or generate your own here
Additional markers | Add new Lat,Lng,IconURL Separate Lat,Lang,IconURL[optional] with coma [ , ]
Separate multiple Markers with semicolon [ ; ]
Example: -33.88,151.21,ICON_URL;-33.89,151.22
Additional markers | Lat,Lng,IconURL This option has been deprecated, please add markers above.
Contact box | Title Contact box title
Contact box | Address Enter your address. HTML tags are also allowed
Contact box | Telephone Telephone number
Contact box | Email Email address
Contact box | WWW Website URL
Contact box | style Choose style of contact box
Custom | CSS classes Type your own class for the item - this is a useful option for those who want to create a special style.
For example: you can type my-class-big-font class and then go to BeTheme options > Custom CSS & JS > Custom CSS and write your own styles for this class:
.my-class-big-font { font-size:150% !important; font-weight:bold; }
Examples of use:
Pre-built website: Link: