Inline shortcode


You can add this item to website in 2 ways:
Attributes Description
Title Text on the button
Link Link (with http://)
Link target Link target
Align Button align - left, center or right
Icon | Icon Button icon
Icon | Position Icon position - left> or right
Color | Background Button background color - Use one of predefined colors, color name or hex, e.g.: grey or #CCCCCC
Color | Font Button text color - Use color name or hex, e.g.: black or #000000
Style | Size Button size: Small, Default, Large, XXL
Style | Full Width Stretch to the width of a column
Advanced | Class This option is useful when you want to use scroll
Advanced | Download Download file when clicking on the link
Advanced | Rel Adds an rel="..." attribute to the link
Advanced | OnClick Adds an onclick="..." attribute to the link
Examples of use:
Pre-built website: Link: