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Header Builder 2.0

Design any type of header you want,
without coding and limits

Header Builder 2.0

your header layout

Choose between various positions: Static, Fixed and Absolute positions


The most popular type of header, hung at the top. Customize its appearance on any device the way you want.


A header that follows the visitor as they scroll down the page, across all devices. Smooth and pleasant.


Put the header into the background of the page, no matter if it is a slider, video, picture or something else.

Sticky and
Auto Sticky Header

You decide whether you want a sticky header or not, and if so, whether you want to build it separately or maybe you want to use the one created automatically based on the main header.

Control Header Layout

Adjust the container properties to your needs. Do not limit yourself and build exactly what you need in no time. It's easier than you can even imagine.

Draggable elements

Especially for Header Builder 2.0, we have created 7 elements which in combination with many other, gives unlimited possibilities of creating header layouts. From now on, there will be nothing impossible for you to create.

New items arrived


  • Customize Menu & Submenu styles
  • Choose whenever you want to display Submenu on Click or Hover
  • Set Icons and adjust its animation
  • Switch between various Submenu animations
  • and many more...

Burger menu with custom side panel

Minimalistic menu that can be set not only on tablets and mobile but desktop as well. Set it up as additional or main menu and customize its style as you like.


Fully customizable icons available on demand. Choose between built-in default icons, set custom or upload self-hosted images. And that's just the beginning!

Promo bar

Define multiple slides for single bar, set autoplay speed and style as you like. A perfect solution not only for e-commerce stores but any type of project.

Payment methods

Choose from many built-in payment methods or upload custom. Grayscale, invert colors, set opacity, change size and so much more. Control their appearance, position and arrangement at every stage of building.

Fully adjustable on mobile

Pixel perfect headers
that works across all devices

Thanks to Header Builder 2.0, for each device you can create a separate header that will look and work exactly as you expect. After all, it's crucial to deliver solutions that works.

It's all simpler than you might think. This drag & drop builder will help you create whatever you want in no time.

Default Sticky Mobile

Create interactive headers
that call to action

Design headers that call to action. It doesn't matter if it's making a phone call, sending an email or doing something completely else. It's important to connect potential customers with your business in the simplest and fastest possible way. This really pays off!

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14 prebuilt headers

Dozens, pixel perfect prebuilt headers for an even easier workflow. Import the header you like and customize or just use it as it is. It's that simple!

Create your
mega menu easily

Something many have been waiting for. Create the mega menu you want, easy and fast. Use the elements you need, combine as you like and surprise more than ever. Enormous possibilities and simplicity of operation, which you will love from the first use.

Mega Menu Builder

Create mega menu drag and drop

It's as simple as drag & drop. Literally anyone can do it.
The most intuitive builder you've ever dealt with, without a doubt.

Set the layout width

Grid Width

Keep the mega menu content in the grid just like the rest of the elements on the page.

Full Width

Make it full width to fit as much as you need. Use elements including sliders and so much more.

Custom Width

Adjust the width of the mega menu to the content inside. Increase the width at any time with ease.

Easily connect to any navigation link

Easily connect to any
navigation link

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All the features
you need

Header Builder 2.0 contains all the features you will ever need to use. Huge amount of elements, interesting animations, autoplay slides, closeable header bars and so much more... No more restrictions when creating!

6 Fancy Animations

Choose from 6 built-in fancy animations on click or hover. Make your menu stand out from hundreds of thousands of similar looking ones with just a click.

Closeable Header Bars

Header bars that can be closed at any time. Define the period after which bar should appear for the visitor again or change closeable button position. And that is only a small part of the possibilities.

Function Icons

Icons that have their own predefined tasks like: call phone number, send e-mail, display shop cart, manage "My Account" details or list products from the wishlist. You can also define own, custom icons and link your own tasks to them.

Work smarter with Betheme's Header Builder 2.0

Design any type of header you want.

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