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Design any type of slider, blog, portfolio
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Muffin Builder

Customize your loop layout

You can use either a section or wrap to build the loop



List posts, portfolio, clients or even products with no limits, the way you like.



Create slider from any post or taxonomies type like categories, products and more.

Feed your loop with dynamic content

You can fill any list or slider with dynamic content. It's as easy as clicking a mouse button. No complicated declarations or settings.

  • Post
  • Page
  • Portfolio
  • Clients
  • Offer
  • Product
  • Slides

How it works?

This is automatically generated content from post and taxonomy types that can be freely displayed in the form of customisable lists and sliders. You don't have to bother with duplicate content because if you enter this data in one place, it can be displayed on any subpage. Change data in one place, display in many. Using dynamic content tags, you indicate where and what should be dynamically downloaded from individual items of a previously designed post loop or taxonomy.

Dynamic Data Content

Dynamic data content allows you to access data such as content, images, links, etc. used on a site hosted on Worpdress using our BEBUILDER. An intuitive modal with a list of all dynamic tags at your disposal anywhere on the page.

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Navigation tabs and intuitive search

All data has been sorted in terms of the places they come from and are available on the fly thanks to the search. Always keep them handy.

Customise look and feel
of your loop

Feel free to customise the loop as you like by setting up padding/margin, design arrows, adjust pagination and much more.

Style the item

Every item in your loop has its own style settings. Background, overlay, border and much more options for each loop item.


Padding Margin Border Radius Border Background


No more default arrows. Style them as you like by setting up sizes, colors, border and much more.


Offset Width Height Opacity Color Border radius


First invent, then adapt the styles to the desired look in an extremely simple and pleasant form.


Width Height Size Border Color Background


Scroll settings

Enables or disables the ability to scroll the slider with the mouse wheel


Several predefined layouts for displaying the sliders

Autoplay speed

Set the time after which the slide should switch automatically


Customize the slider on individual devices like desktop, tablet and mobile

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