Inline shortcode


You can add this item to website in 2 ways:
Attributes Description
Height Divider height in px
Style Style: 0 (default), dots or zigzag
Line Line width (works only with style: default): 0 (default), narrow or wide
Color Use color name, hex or rgba, e.g.: grey, #626262 or rgba(98, 98, 98, 1)
Themecolor Line color the same as the theme color (works only with style: default)
Custom | CSS classes Type your own class for the item - this is a useful option for those who want to create a special style.
For example: you can type my-class-fancy-divider class and then go to BeTheme options > Custom CSS & JS > Custom CSS and write your own styles for this class:
.my-class-fancy-divider {border-top: 6px solid #626262; border-radius: 8px;}