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You can setup any youtube or vimeo videos to play. Instead of videos you can also open other things like images or other links. Open videos or images inside popup window or regular.

Open image in popup

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You can add this item to website in 2 ways:
Attributes Description
Title Title visible on the left side of the item
Icon Select an icon from the list of available icons
Content Content visible on the right side of the item
Options | Button Title Fill in this field to show a button instead of an icon
Options | Link Link for action icon in the middle of the item (with http://)
Options | Target Link target - _self default, _blank new tab or window, lightbox image or embed video
Advanced | Class This option is useful when you want to use scroll
Advanced | Animation Choose entrance animation on scroll or leave not animated
Custom | CSS classes Type your own class for the item - this is a useful option for those who want to create a special style.
For example: you can type my-class-big-font class and then go to BeTheme options > Custom CSS & JS > Custom CSS and write your own styles for this class:
.my-class-big-font { font-size:150% !important; font-weight:bold; }
Examples of use:
Pre-built website: Link: