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Sidebar Menu Builder

Create Stunning Sidebar Menus
& Vertical Headers with ease

Sidebar Menu Builder

Create unique sidebars
with BeBuilder

Stunning sidebars at your fingertips. No coding. Just fun!

On Click

Always Visible

Create Vertical Headers that are always visible. Use any of the BeBuilder elements inside.


On Click

Trigger off-canvas sidebars on click. Infinite possibilities simpler than you might think.

Full control over the sidebars

Create as you like, style, color, rearrange, mix. The enormity of possibilities allow you to create whatever you dream of. With complete ease.

Style as you like

Design Sidebar Menus & Vertical Headers without having to write a single line of code. All the necessary options are at your fingertips.

  • Width
  • Background
  • Padding
  • Shadow
  • Z-index
  • Overlay

Sidebar position

Switch between right and left positions. Make it off-canvas or visible. Or just trigger on click when needed. It's that simple.

Content position

Align sections inside sidebar to top, center, bottom or use space between for even more interesting layouts. Pixel perfect sidebars you could only dream of until now.

Entrance animation

Switch between default animation and moving content off the screen. Light and pleasing to the eye. Your visitors would love them.

Made for all
kinds of devices

Switch between devices and customize the appearance on each of them as you like. Thanks to this, you ensures that your sidebars perform well on all devices. Enjoy mobile friendliness!

Create any number of creative navigations or helpful sidebars and trigger them using Burger Menu in Header Builder

Endless possibilities, will allow you to create something unique and great looking every time. And all this without writing a line of code.


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