Parallax Scrolling Websites That Wow and Engage
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Parallax Scrolling Websites That Wow and Engage

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October 18, 2023
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Stunning Gradient Website Design Showcase
October 18, 2023
Inspiring Websites with Video Backgrounds for Designers
October 23, 2023

So, you've been hearing about parallax scrolling websites, huh? It's like the hottest trend in the web design world. Imagine you're strolling through a park, and you see trees close to you moving faster than the ones far away. That's kinda the vibe parallax gives to websites. Some elements hustle, while others take a leisurely stroll. It's this play of speed that makes it seem like there's depth on the flat screen.

When we talk about parallax scrolling, think about backgrounds chilling at a slow pace while the stuff up front zips by. It's a whole 3D experience on your 2D screen. And the best part? It's not just for the aesthetics. It can keep peeps glued to a site and make them want to explore more. So, besides being uber cool, it's a sneaky little trick to boost engagement, SEO, and get those conversions up!

Now, I can go on and on about how cool this is, but let's dive into some mind-blowing examples I've come across. Prepare to have your socks knocked off!

Epic Examples of Parallax Websites in Action



Ever dreamt of a hair dryer clip that lets you use both hands? Here's the magic of Clingr! And their website? Just pure visual goodness. Dive in, and feel like you're grabbing that flawless hair opportunity with both hands!

Webflow Interactions 2.0


This isn't just about parallax. It's a treasure trove of mouse tracking, timeline animations, and a bunch of other snazzy stuff. The best bit? Zero coding. Yeah, you heard that right!

Blockchain AI. ChainGPT


Into cryptocurrency and blockchain? ChainGPT is your go-to guru. Their site is a virtual power-packed punch of blockchain knowledge!






Got a thing for cars? Especially Porsche? This site is like a time machine. Cruise through Porsche's evolution, from the vintage vibes of the 1930s to the modern swag of 2021.



These French dudes are not playing around. Their design is like a carnival of colors and motion. Every scroll, every click reveals some epic creativity that's just waiting to pop out and surprise you.

Dyvo AI


Here's a site introducing three AI powerhouses. Whether it's crafting an avatar, chatting up with AI templates, or generating product photos, Dyvo AI is where tech meets creativity.

Get Some Fresh Air


Now here's a site that'll catch your attention. Combining the drama of parallax scrolling with a powerful message about domestic violence. It's not just cool, it's important.



Hey beer lovers! ULTROM is here to shake up the beer world with some patent-wielding tech magic. And their landing page? Fresh and frothy as their brew.

Qode Interactive Catalogue


Starting off with some slick parallax action and then BAM! You're hit with a rad menu, images poppin' as you hover over WordPress theme names. And the theme showcases? Pure gold!






Not your regular site, folks! Dive into this WebGL-fueled interactive picture book.

Landor & Fitch


These guys have a bold statement: "Transformative brands, made extraordinary by design." And guess what? Their website is living, breathing proof!

Agence Norry


Digital design with a twist! Norry's all about crafting those pixel-perfect interfaces. The design is sizzling, and kudos to Maël Ruffini for nailing the development.



Picture this: Scrolling through exquisite furniture collections like you're in an art museum. Mooi's parallax game? Strong! Depth, movement, drama - they got it all.



A hub for gamers! A creative agency adding the visual spice to the gaming industry.






Refreshing, vibrant, and bursting with color. Phyll's parallax game is on point with berries floating around and greens dancing, just like in their smoothies.



It's all about that marine vibe and preserving the underwater wonderland. Dive in!

The story of The Goonies


Nostalgia alert! Dive into this retro classic tribute. Characters, stories, and some parallax love, crafted by the genius, Joseph Berry.



Ethan's journey from Wall Street highs and lows, all packed in a book. And the website? It's the appetizer to that main course.



Imagine an old-school Polaroid pic stretching and shrinking as you scroll. That's the vibe with Unfold. And hey, there's a "Digital Collectibles" section – move your cursor, and the images do a funky dance, growing and shrinking to your beat.




Louie Sellers


Louie's portfolio? Fire! Using parallax to showcase his skills, it's like a visual treat, taking you on a tour of what this UX maestro can pull off.



Chris, born in the Bay Area, wears multiple hats - designer and art director. His portfolio? As sleek as his designs.



Ever seen a 3D doggo (or is it a wolf?) spinning and sizing up on your screen? That's Dogstudio for you! Plus, play around, hover over their projects, and see the lights change. Mind-blown!



Eidsiva, all the way from Norway, has a story to tell. Their journey towards greener energy is showcased with all the web glam: fade-ins, cool counters, and yes, some classic parallax scrolling.



Dreams turned to reality, DOIMO doesn't just make kitchens, they craft experiences. Dive in and see for yourself.






Leather love alert! Bagigia's flagship bag is not just a product, it's a story. Scroll over and see the bag from angles you didn't know existed.

New York Times: Tomato Can Blues


NYT took storytelling up a notch with "Tomato Can Blues". Blending parallax scrolling with comic-style art by Atilla Futaki, this is long-form journalism like you've never seen before.



Powering the future with clean energy, Verse's site spreads the word with style. It's not just about power; it's about educating folks.

Rossini Caviar


Rossini and Michelin chefs? A match made in heaven! Dive into a luxurious experience, designed by Checkmate, and see why the best opt for Rossini.



Meet Jonny and Leigh, the brains behind ToyFight. But here? They're quirky 3D figures getting into all sorts of adventures. The parallax? Makes their adventures pop out even more!



Bored of the regular? Dive into this cosmic shooter game treasure hunt, all on your iOS or Android. Oh, and snag some real-world prizes while you're at it.

Diesel: BAD Guide


Diesel’s throwing some rules with their 'BAD Guide'. Crafted by 84.Paris for their BAD scent, it's not just a site, it’s a vibe. And hey, they got the social media game strong.

Javier Sánchez


Meet Javier, a design genius from Madrid. His playground? Crafting stunning brands and digital products. His tool? Motion and interaction.

Dockyard Social


Get a taste of Scotland’s street food markets, right here. Those bold yellow arrows? They dance up the screen, pulling you into Dockyard Social’s world.



Evmos: A futuristic OS for all your app dreams. Deploy it once and unlock every ecosystem. Rad, right?



Dive into the Firewatch game realm. Six layers, moving and grooving, creating some killer depth. No annoying scroll surprises, just pure parallax perfection.



Feast your eyes on a parallax medley. Text, visuals, layers – everything's alive and moving, playing the parallax dance in their own unique way.

Delassus Group


Craving a visual treat? Delassus Group, with their fruity goodness, serves it right. Their parallax website? A kaleidoscope of vivid, cycling images.

Alamance Foods


Foodies, here’s Alamance Foods dishing out their innovative stuff. Fluid animations and snazzy 3D, all woven together. Hungry yet?



20 years in the game, TASTE is shaping the global food scene. Studios in NYC, LA, and Vienna, and a portfolio that’s pure fire.



From nifty logistics apps to futuristic AI, Loka is the guru transforming mere ideas into market-ready legends.



WWF, the planet’s guardian! Built with Vev, it’s a digital spectacle, zooming into the heart of ecosystems and biodiversity, all with a parallax touch.

Tatort Ruhrpott


Dark and intense. A photography project shedding light on the shadows of the German metropolis. Crime, disasters, and tales that linger.

The Tech Playground


From guarding cyber realms to mastering Data & AI, The Tech Playground is where LVMH's digital wizards play. Dive in!

The Haircut


Ever wanted a rad haircut like a celeb? Frances To sure did. Her artistic venture here captures her journey to rock hair like the Japanese pianist, Aimi Kobayashi. Expect tumbling letters, spinning pics, and all sorts of wild designs!



Meet Matin, the code wizard. Dive into his world, a cool corner of the web where he flaunts his software skills and some slick team management mojo.

Kawi Crossfit


Kawi ain't just about lifting weights. Whether you're fit, unfit, or downright lazy, Kawi's got your back. And their website? It shouts and flexes with bold type. The parallax vibes? Strong!



Music lovers, tune in! This site's like a visual orchestra, blending animation and sound. It's all about riding the web scroll like a sweet symphony.



Into animations? Okalpha’s space oozes with engaging ideas and sick execution. Their parallax game? On point, dragging you deep into their visual tales.

Noomo Agency


LA's pride, Noomo Agency, is where design gets interactive. Dive in and witness how they blend user experience with immersion.

OnCorps AI


AI's future is right here. OnCorps AI, with their edgy AI solutions, paints a digital landscape that’s both colorful and structured. And the parallax? Like hiking a digital mountain!



Money talks, but loOt sings! A financial rebel, their site not only grabs attention but spins a new story on wealth.



Artistry meets the future with Unveil. From unique NFTs to a community bubbling with creativity, it's a digital haven for artists and collectors.

Jomor Design


Jomor is where digital dreams take flight. A haven for visual treats, the site dances with videos and bold texts, all sprinkled with some parallax magic.



You like salads? This place is all about that fresh green crunch. They wanted a site that's as vibrant as their salads, and man, did they nail it. Fresh ingredients? Check. Playful vibes? You bet.

Avenir Creative


Ever met design rebels? That's Avenir Creative. These folks design interiors like no other. And their site? It’s got this funky white arrow as a mouse. Pure parallax genius!



Stepping into Openlands is like stepping into a digital wonderland. Dive in and explore the innovative side of LVMH.



AMPLIFIDOR is the big gun when you wanna harness collective influence. It's like the digital megaphone for your brand.

Zion Adventure Photog


Got a thing for adventurous snaps? Zion's your crew. They capture the wild spirit of Zion National Park. Their site? A visual treat with epic clicks, sprinkled with some parallax magic.

Cielia Life Design Selection


Cielia brings together brands that vibe with their "good lifestyle" mantra. It's like a global party of cool brands.

Polymer Workshop


Bike nerds, gather 'round! Polymer Workshop crafts state-of-the-art equipment for your speedy bikes. Wanna pedal faster? Check 'em out.



Thirsty? Dive into Nixie's sparkling world. Healthy, sustainable, and a dash of bubbles. Their site? A burst of color and bubbles, with parallax in every sip.

Brisbane Olympics


Gear up for the 2032 Brisbane Olympics. Take a digital tour, exploring the city's transport vibes, both now and the future.



Barcelona's secret? Only 8% of its streets are named after women. Dive into Anton & Irene's project, shedding light on this quirky fact.

Zen Art


Art advisory, but make it fancy. Zen Art is your buddy in the artsy world, giving you the lowdown on where an advisor could make things pop.

Content Lab


Stories. That’s what Content Lab cooks up. Dive into tales that grip your soul, all crafted with love and a splash of marketing.

Royal Savoy Hotel & Spa Lausanne


Fancy a luxury escape? Royal Savoy in Lausanne is the dream. Their site? A digital red carpet, unfolding the royal experience, one parallax scroll at a time.



Tech wizards unite! This space is where tech brains and consultancy champs brainstorm to craft tomorrow. It's like a playground for tech-savvy peeps hungry for the next big thing.

Carlos Alcaraz


Talk tennis to me! Dive deep into the story of Wimbledon's star, Carlos Alcaraz. Dude's on fire, giving off vibes like Nadal, Djokovic, and Federer. Game, set, match!



Enter the world of elite European printing. SETAPRINT's site? A digital canvas, echoing their game-changing stance in the print universe.



Fashion but make it furniture. Couture isn't just for runways; it's for your living room too.



Ever dream of Barcelona-designed furniture? OWL's got you. Alfredo Lopez and his crew craft some sick designs, mostly in wood. So rustic, so chic.



Ready for a wild digital ride? .Flaw merges art and tech, serving you a buffet of animations and experiences. It's art for everyone, y'all.



Branding magic happens here. Amadeo's site layers it on thick with Vev's parallax touch, putting their projects center stage.

Visual Track


Caution: this site might give you an urge to bust a move. Visual Track promises a burst of creativity and a good dose of happy feet vibes.

Margrete: Queen of the North


Fancy a historical trip? Cruise through Margrete's tale, a queen who juggled ruling three countries. This site, made in Vev, unfolds her saga act by act.



Step into the art-filled corridors of IDP, a design school in Verona. Whether you're into interior design, web jazz, or visual arts, they've got a class for that.



Fasten your seatbelts! DHNN's site is like a digital rollercoaster. Motion, videos, animations – it's an energy-packed party from start to finish.



Meet Leòn, the sleek and stylish Webflow template for creatives. Whether you snap photos or paint masterpieces, Leòn's here to make you look good.

FAQ On Parallax Scrolling Websites

What's the big deal about parallax scrolling?

Oh man, it's all about that immersive, dynamic experience! When elements on the page move at different speeds, it creates a sense of depth and movement.

You know, like how things in the distance move slower when you're driving? That's the vibe parallax tries to capture for the web. It's like bringing a little bit of 3D magic to your website.

How does it actually work?

It's a bit of coding magic! As you scroll, different elements on the page move at different rates. Typically, this is done using JavaScript and CSS. When you move down the page, the background might move slower than the foreground.

The trick is in calculating the speed difference and making it all smooth. Web wizards, right?

Does it affect website performance?

Ah, the million-dollar question. Yes, it can. Adding parallax effects means more code and possibly more graphics. That can slow down page loading times if not done right. But with optimized images and efficient coding, you can minimize that lag. Always a balance to strike!

Is it suitable for mobile devices?

Tricky one! Mobile devices have different behaviors when it comes to scrolling. And because of performance and touch interaction issues, parallax might not always be the best fit. Some designers opt for a different mobile version or just skip the parallax for smaller screens. Adaptability is key!

Isn't it just a trend?

Maybe, but what isn't? Trends come and go, but the key is how you use them. Parallax adds a dynamic touch, but it's not for every website. Like bell-bottom jeans – not everyone's cup of tea, but they have their moments of glory.

How does it affect SEO?

Okay, here's the scoop: While the parallax effect itself doesn’t directly hurt SEO, if your entire website is one long-scrolling page (common with parallax designs), it can limit the amount of content indexed by search engines. Also, the heavier scripts can slow down load times. Just gotta keep an eye on that.

Can I add it to my existing website?

Absolutely! But, it's not just a plug-and-play kind of deal. You'll need to tweak your website's code, probably rearrange some content, and test it out. It's doable, but it might take some work. But hey, no pain, no gain, right?

Are there any accessibility concerns?

You bet. For some users, especially those with certain disabilities, parallax can be disorienting or even nauseating. It's essential to ensure alternative ways to access the content, and maybe even an option to turn off the effect. Always think about inclusivity!

What tools can I use to create it?

Oh, there are tons! Some popular ones include Stellar.js, Skrollr, and Parallax.js. These libraries and plugins make it easier, especially if you're not super comfy with coding from scratch. There's always a tool out there to help.

Any tips for using parallax effectively?

Keep it subtle. Overdoing it can turn your cool effect into a dizzying nightmare. Focus on storytelling, and use parallax to enhance, not overshadow, your content. And always, always, test on different devices and browsers. Can't stress that enough!

Wrapping it up

Parallax ain't just a trend; it's a whole mood! It weaves a visual story, making users feel they're part of the narrative. From the examples above, it's clear: if you're not on the parallax train yet, it's time to hop on. Let's make the web a cooler place, one scroll at a time!

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