Squarespace Competitors: What Alternative You Can Use Instead
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Squarespace Competitors: What Alternative You Can Use Instead

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Squarespace is a good website builder —it’s sleek, it’s design-driven, it works like a charm. But if you just don’t seem to resonate with it or there are some functions that you don’t enjoy, you should know that there are other sites like Squarespace that can help you get the job done.

Using Squarespace competitors might be more appropriate for your specific situation. Squarespace can be overestimated at times, as people don’t know that its alternatives are just as feature-packed and some of them are much more affordable.

This being said, we’ve put together a list of Squarespace competitors that are worth trying for all sorts of different sites.

Are Squarespace Competitors Better?


Before moving on to the actual list, let’s list a few reasons why Squarespace competitors can be a better-suited option. Squarespace does have plenty of features to work with indeed, but it is far from being the best website builder on the market.

Squarespace is good for those who are just beginning with owning a website, as Squarespace shoulders most of the technical aspects. The downsides of Squarespace are:

  • The editor: it is quite limited and minimalistic, to make you feel like it’s easier to use, when —in fact —it’s not very different from other website editors.
  • Pricing: the plans at Squarespace are pretty expensive, considering that you can use some website builders for free and obtain a similar result; the plans start at $12 and go up to $40 per month, with no option to use Squarespace for free.
  • SEO and speed: Squarespace’s forte is not SEO for sure —you get a low level of SEO customization, as well as a bog-standard template loading speed, a factor that can negatively impact your Google rankings.

Squarespace Competitors That You Can Use as an Alternative for Blogging



Without a doubt, the best solution for blogging remains WordPress. It is a powerful platform that offers you plenty of features to play with, as well as the possibility to expand through plugins and integrations.

WordPress.org is the right choice, considering that the .com version is quite restrictive and won’t allow you to build a successful website, nor does it support monetization.

With WordPress, you are not bounded in any way when it comes to customization. You have a tremendous number of templates to choose from, both paid and free, and you can personalize them even further.

Plus, there are WordPress plugins for all sorts of purposes, from turning your website into a multilingual one to setting up scheduled website backups or creating membership pages.


A multipurpose theme that is incredibly popular with WordPress users would be Be Theme. It’s one of the most appreciated premier themes considering its functionality and ready-made layouts to help you with putting pages together.

You should choose WordPress instead of other Squarespace competitors for blogging because it is flexible, you don’t have any limits regarding customization, and the pricing is done based on usage, meaning that the software itself is free to use and you only need to pay for the extras —hosting, plugins, themes, and such.

Squarespace Competitors That You Can Use as an Alternative for eCommerce



Among the most popular Squarespace competitors lies Shopify, the perfect builder for eCommerce websites. If WordPress rules the blogging sector, Shopify is the best fit for online stores, currently combining up to $100b in sales.

Shopify’s appstore is massive, with thousands of apps that can expand your website’s functionality according to your needs. For instance, you can display your orders on a map using one app only, without struggling with adding this functionality to your website through coding.

Shopify is a standard solution for eCommerce websites, giving you the chance to start your own online business without having to pay a fortune to developers.



BigCommerce works well for eCommerce websites too, as a Squarespace alternative. Although Squarespace does the job for small online stores, you can’t really advance with it.

If you need extensive services and order management for a large number of products, BigCommerce is the Squarespace competitor that you’ll want to look into (especially if Shopify doesn’t float your boat).

The website builder lets you integrate your website with Amazon, Facebook, eBay, and other big platforms, enabling you to increase your website’s inventory and conversion rate quickly and efficiently.

You get to use a wide range of editing features, including the way the website looks on the front-end, through the Storefront tab included in BigCommerce.

Squarespace Competitors That Charge Less



Squarespace is not the cheapest when it comes to offering website building services. You only get a 14-day free trial and then you’ll have to pay a considerable amount for it. One good alternative would be Weebly.

The Weebly website builder has a free plan that contains all the functions you would need for getting a website up and running —unlimited bandwidth, convenient subdomains, eCommerce functions, and more.

Weebly doesn’t stand out from other Squarespace competitors design-wise, but it is powerful and responsive. The looks of your website won’t be as professional as it would be with Squarespace, yet it’s enough to get started with.

Feature-wise, Weebly is similar to Wix, and it is beginner-friendly. It offers everything you need to create a basic website and have it running in minutes.



People are familiar with One for hosting services, not knowing that they also have a website builder ready to be used. The most basic offering they have is very affordable and it returns good value for the money you invest in it.

If you want a more complex builder than Weebly, One should do the job without any issues.

Squarespace Competitors That You Can Use as a Photographer



Photographers require websites that are more visual-oriented. This means that good design is on top of the list when searching for a website builder. Format is one of those builders that focus all their attention on the needs of photographers.

The features you get are not common for other Squarespace competitors: Adobe Lightroom integration, proofing features, themes for showcasing photos, and others designed exclusively for digital artists.



Pixpa is similar to Format, but it brings something new to the table: integrating an eCommerce store within your photography website, as well as a blog function.

Pixpa is a popular alternative of Squarespace for those who seek a visually-driven site, including photographers and designers that need to showcase their work.

Squarespace Competitors with a Multilingual Option



Multilingual websites are simply required sometimes, and Squarespace is not the best if you require this feature. Duda is one of the first website builders that focused on mobile-responsive site creation with an included multilingual option.

None of the other Squarespace competitors out there have made this the primary focus, only offering workarounds and complicated solutions instead.



Mozello is less known and hasn’tmanaged to build a huge reputation for itself yet, but it’s worth looking into if you are planning to create a multilingual website.

Their website builder gives you the chance to add multiple language versions for your site by default, which makes the job ten times easier. When language is a priority, Mozello can help.

Choosing the Best-Suited Squarespace Competitors

Squarespace is a builder that’s worth all the money if your goals align with the services they are offering, but sometimes it’s not the number one solution. This is why you should be up to date with what Squarespace competitors offer and how they are different from it.

Your decision will be highly influenced by what you need from a website and how are you planning to manage it in the long run. Considering the level of customization, as well as the costs involved, the best option for a general website would be WordPress, which is a Content Management System.

With WordPress, you get full control over your site and you’re not limited in terms of how big and complex it may get in the future. For other purposes, take a look at platforms that are specifically oriented towards what you need, like Mozello or BigCommerce. And if you still need help in finding the right CMS for your blog, business or store, etc then Alternativoj recommendations will help you.

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