Top Recommendations for a WordPress Portfolio
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Top Recommendations for a WordPress Portfolio

Pre-Built Websites for Restaurants and Food Delivery Businesses
March 24, 2016
A Quick Look at the Pre-Built Website
March 31, 2016
Pre-Built Websites for Restaurants and Food Delivery Businesses
March 24, 2016
A Quick Look at the Pre-Built Website
March 31, 2016

To best serve its owner, an online portfolio, like a website, must have certain features and functionalities that will attract viewers, present content that will hold their attention, and encourage them to respond to a clear or implied call to action.

For many businesses and entrepreneurs, an online portfolio is an important marketing aid. For some, having a professional portfolio is critical.

If the purpose of a portfolio is to sell a product or service, it has to be informative, attractive, and well-structured. If the purpose is to help you land a job or an assignment, it needs to present your skills, show what you’ve accomplished, show that you are trustworthy, and show that your business is a genuine one.

Creating an online portfolio with these characteristics is not always the easiest of tasks; but it is well within your capabilities if you have the right tools to help you along.

How to Ensure Your Portfolio will be a Genuine Asset


Image source: Be Freelancer

A professionally-designed portfolio is a critical asset to have for a web designer, a design agency, or anyone in a creative industry, and we will take these business types as a case in point.

We’ve made mention of what the characteristics of a portfolio should be, but just how do you go about satisfying these characteristics?

  • Your portfolio needs to be solid. A portfolio that features a few samples of your work isn’t necessarily good enough. A solid portfolio displays your very best It highlights the skills you have that allowed you to produce that work. It lets the viewer know what can be expected of you.
  • Since your portfolio should feature your best work, filter out anything that isn’t your best work. Nothing impresses a client more than one great example after another. Don’t let a mediocre example disrupt your story!
  • Order, structure, categorize – or do all of the above. Make it easy for viewers to find and focus on what they are looking for. A well-organized portfolio is easy on the eyes, and easy on the brain as well.
  • Testimonials Make sure they are genuine, and just as you choose your best work examples, select only your best testimonials. They are a great way to instill trust.
  • Keep things simple. It can be hard to find a design or creative agency that doesn’t appreciate simplicity. This includes structure, and it includes navigation.

Be Digital


These are but two examples of the many ways in which Be Theme pre-built websites can be used to welcome viewers to your portfolio. While there is an infinity of different designs one can use, the most successful designs are those that allocate space to achieve a look of simplicity or elegance.

What is of most importance however is creating a design that, in one way or another, introduces viewers to your work.

Matching What Viewers Want to See with What You Want Them to See

Designers and creatives have an advantage over most types of businesses with respect to building portfolios. While they may not know the ins and outs of building an online portfolio, they usually have little trouble in selecting great content. Still, the rules that apply to others apply to them as well.

  • Clients may be appreciative of your creations, but what they really want to know is the skills you have that made those creations possible. Create a portfolio that tells a story.
  • Highlight the elements of your portfolio that you believe will make the most impact. If you don’t get the job or assignment you wanted, request some feedback, and make any necessary changes.
  • Focus on detail. Just the fact you have done so can often be seen at a glance, and it makes you look good.

Be Parallax


The right use of parallax can turn a humdrum portfolio into real attention-getter by adding a simulated 3-D capability. Parallax can serve as a powerful aid in telling a story. Notice the beautiful use of white space, and the page’s coherent flow.

Be Portfolio


A simple, straightforward introduction, coupled with an easy means of accessing the gallery are what makes this portfolio page so effective. It builds trust by putting the viewer one on one with the portfolio’s owner(s). A personalized portfolio that is easy follow to work with, suggests the same will be true with its authors.

You’ve Seen What Needs to be Done – Here are the Tools to Do It

These are but a tiny fraction of Be Theme’s large and exciting selection of pre-built websites. These websites give you a quick, easy, and fun way build attention-getting websites, awesome blogs, and stunning portfolios.

There are over 190 to choose from, and more are constantly being added. There are multiple topics, including more than you will ever need that are ideal to build a portfolio around.

Visit Be Theme’s website, and pour over this outstanding collection of stunning pre-built websites. After you’ve done that, check out this WordPress theme’s core features.

You’ll see why more than 30.000 copies of this powerful web-building theme have been sold to date. The support you will receive is not just good, it is prompt, reliable, and equal or better than any other WordPress theme can provide.

Be Theme gives you every tool you need to build a portfolio that will knock the socks off potential clients or businesses looking for top talent.

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