A Quick Look at the Pre-Built Website
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A Quick Look at the Pre-Built Website

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Pre-built websites are perfectly suited for use with a large number of web design projects. They give the web designer a number of advantages; resulting in projects that move along much more quickly, while providing superior results. The designer is happy, and the client is happy.

Since coding is unnecessary, there is no need to turn the project over to a developer. Development time, even though it can progress quickly, can be expensive; and especially so if changes will be required at some later time.

Pre-designed websites can serve as an inspiration for a design project, as well as for its baseline. Websites are created one edit at a time, rather than one line of code at a time.

A client can view progress at any time, and watch the product evolve from one set of edits to the next. There are few limits to what can be customized, or to the level of detail that can be incorporated. Virtually any idea or conceptual design can become a reality.

Pre-Built Websites as Sources for Inspiration


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There may be a few artists and designers who are inspired by the sight of a blank canvas or screen, but for most, having a conceptual design in hand provides a much more useful point of departure.

  • A pre-designed website can not only get a designer off to a quick start, but headed in the proper direction as well.
  • A wireframing specialist can produce a wireframe model, or a mockup, in a relatively short time, but that same specialist often has to resort to a time-consuming trial and error approach before the wireframe model begins to take shape.
  • The pre-built website user may also resort to trial and error on occasion; but to a much lesser scale. Most of the work is accomplished through a series of small edits, and having to redo work in mid-stream is a situation that is seldom encountered.
  • Pre-designed websites almost always give excellent performance, they are time savers (and money savers for the client), and they rarely require coding and the extra expense involved in rewriting code when changes are necessary.
  • Pre-built websites can’t do everything. Creativity is still up the designer. If the designer doesn’t have a good feel for customizing, the results could be poor.

Making Life Easier for the Client – and the Designer


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It can take a great deal of time to show a client what is to be expected. Freehand sketches are cheap and easy, but they are only useful as far as showing concepts is concerned.

Wireframes and mockups are much better, but much of the design work, and the bulk of the development work remains, plus there is always a possibility of necessary changes that will tend to set a project back.

While much can be said about a prototyping approach, the clear advantage of using pre-designed websites is that serve as working prototypes from day one.

As they are edited and fine-tuned, and when the client’s last minute changes are incorporated, the “prototype” suddenly becomes the finished product as the last necessary edit is made. There’s nothing to be turned over to a developer.

Pending final approval, the client can see what the website looks like every step of the way, and can understand its functionality as well. Everything is crystal clear. If a change is needed, there’s no need to go back to the drawing board.

It’s more a matter of “give me a few minutes and I’ll make the change.” Designers love pre-designed websites. Clients also love them, and the designers who use them as well.


Less Time Needed to Do Higher Quality Work


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Time savings and productivity are important web design issues. Some designers focus on a particular niche, while others offer their services to clients representing a variety of niches.

Finding a niche-related layout to get a project off to a good start can take valuable time. It can be a process that has to start all over again with the next client.

This is where professional pre-designed website creators enter the picture. They have done the upfront work of providing these valuable tools for a wide range of business niches and other topics. More often than not, the designer is able to choose from a number of websites that relate to a given niche.

The ability to start a project with a pre-designed website can lead to time saved, increased productivity, more money due to more projects, and a string of happy clients. What this does not mean is that you, as the designer, can hurry through a project.

You still need to take the time to attend to detail and superior workmanship. Hurried work is seldom quality work. Take your time. You’ll be amazed at how much time you will actually save. Check out Be Theme’s more than 190 pre-built websites.