Website inspiration: where to look for the recent design trends
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Website inspiration: where to look for the recent design trends

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All web designers have to gather their website inspiration from somewhere. Without proper inspiration, they can’t come up with unique ideas for their projects, which could affect their entire career. Having a go-to website inspiration list is always a good idea for people who work in this industry. For creatives, inspiration is paramount to come up with great projects that satisfy the demands of their customers.

This article includes a few examples that should help anyone find their long-lost web design inspiration. The best web design websites out there are meant to give you a starting point for your own project. You shouldn’t be discouraged by seeing great websites. Instead, you should push yourself harder and keep yourself creative to come up with great website design as well. Here are the resources that you should know about and that should challenge you to perform even better.

Best Website Gallery


This is the exact inspiration that designers would need. It is a premium gallery consisting of the best web designs out there, all curated and organized by one single person. The person behind this is David Hellmann and he started the gallery somewhere around 2008. The gallery is still being one of the most appreciated inspirational sources for people all around the world.

David uses it as his own, personal collection of website inspiration. Shorted BWG, the gallery is based on tags, meaning that you can find pieces of work that could inspire you based on style, approach or even color. There are over 2000 good web design websites to choose from.



Behance is quite popular so there is no wonder why it is worth a place in this article. Not only that it serves as website design inspiration, but it is also the place where artists search for a creativity boost. Behance gathers together creatives from all industries, encouraging them to share their work on the platform. What is great about this community is that you can also interact with the pieces of work you see in this collection.

Behance is part of Adobe, which is basically the best friend of creatives that work with visuals of all sorts. Some people consider Behance the largest and best community of creatives on the web, which makes it very comfortable for people who seek inspiration. The filtering options on this website are diverse, which means you can find what you want within seconds. You can even make searches based on location and see what’s trending in your area.

CSS Winner


What’s great about this site is that it has a good web design itself. It is well-structured, it has great content, big thumbnails and makes navigation so much easier than with other galleries. It is similar to other websites such as Awwwards which will be discussed later, but it is simpler and more suitable for people who are looking for website inspiration only. Their collection of the best web designs out there is curated on a regular basis. The only downside of CSS Winner is that it is quite difficult to access the entries, but it is still a great place to seek inspiration from.



As mentioned before, Awwwards is a website that has to be included on this list. To come up with great website design, you need to find appropriate inspiration and Awwwards is the website that combines art and web design. Awwwards, as the name says it, has an awarding system that helps designers review their own work.

In order to stay up to date with the most important trends in the industry, as well as gathering inspiration from other people, this is definitely the website to keep in mind. Moreover, you can acknowledge what people prefer in the present and what they consider relevant. It gathers the highest-quality web design trends together. This is the main reason you should give it a try.



This is a showcase of pieces where you can get your website inspiration from. What stands out regarding siteInspire is the filtering options you have. Depending on the field you work in, you can find inspiration for that specific area in a hassle-free manner. The website also comes in a grid layout which is very pleasing to navigate.

A List Apart


A List Apart is a very unique place to get your website design inspiration from. As the name says it, the website includes lists of words that are supposed to give you brilliant ideas. The website is very unique and is great for the design community, encouraging creativity and personal ideas. Because it only offers words, it stirs the imagination of the user who can use that to create something brilliant.

Brutalist Websites


This is a bit different from what you would expect from a website design inspiration page. Brutalism may not be appropriate for everyone in terms of web design, but for people who want to step away from the current trends, this is definitely one option you should try.



Pinterest is a great way to find inspiration in all sorts of areas, including web design inspiration. The website is also based on a grid system that makes navigation very easy and comfortable. The results are easy to manage, and users can create pinboards that they can check later for further reference. There is one drawback that might not be considered a downside by some people – you need to click the image in order to see the main source.

Admire The Web


Admire The Web is a strong platform for viewing curated content. It is perfect to get your daily website inspiration and the content here is very abundant, meaning that you will have some options to pick from.

WebDesign Inspiration


WebDesign Inspiration is specially designed to provide website inspiration for all people who are in need of it. Whether you are a designer that seeks ideas for his new project or a web design passionate that wants to see what’s new, this website is a gold mine that you should take advantage of.



Calltoidea is called the designer’s favorite. The great part about this website is that you can use it as a utility. Not only that it is a great inspiration tool, but it also gives you great tips on how to build websites.



Sitesee has a similar feature to Pinterest, which means it lets you create your own collections and browse them afterward. It has a very similar feel to it as well, as it is based on a similar layout and has the same features.



For designers that have trouble finding the right website inspiration for their headers, this website will solve the issue. You just have to enter it and you will be welcomed by hundreds of website header styles to choose from.



This is another curated gallery that should inspire web designers for their future projects. Httpster only presents what’s trendy at the moment, including all the elements that you might be interested in when designing a website.



Website inspiration can be found at Lapa very easy, as it is a collection of landing pages. It offers designers a great starting point to create something unique, yet trendy. The website is updated daily, which is a huge benefit in an industry that constantly changes.



Uijar is a handpicked collection of real-life projects that could inspire any website designer out there.

Landing Folio


Landing Folio is another gallery-like source of inspiration that has landing page designs included.



Dribble is a collection of designers’ work. Designers can upload their work on this website and share it with others. They can also interact with the work of other web designers and exchange their ideas. It is a great place for networking, but the downside is that you need to get an invitation to be able to start uploading.

Website inspiration: Cool looking websites



Setting the global standard, Orano is a major player in nuclear fuel cycle products and services, from mining to dismantling, conversion, enrichment, recycling, logistics and engineering. With 16,000 employees worldwide, the Group is committed to giving nuclear energy its full value.

Google Cloud Infrastructure


A new experience site that showcases the sophistication, scale and power of Google’s global infrastructure through use of case studies that explain complex processes.

Foosball World Cup 18


The 2018 Foosball World Cup is an interactive game, created to celebrate the FIFA World Cup and all the foosball lovers.

Oat the Goat


'Oat the Goat' is an interactive, WebGL, animated storybook launched as a bullying prevention initiative by New Zealand's Ministry of Education.



Portfolio of Robin Mastromarino, interactive designer who lives in Paris.



The epic Nike Reactor let you experience how the new Nike React feel like. Get the world going and walk on feathers while bouncing on bubbles.

Design Canada


Through the lens of graphic design, Design Canada follows the transformation of a nation from a colonial outpost to a vibrant and multicultural society.

Gallery of emerging species


In a world where 1 animal species disappears every 20 min, the concept of "emerging species" was a way to underline the incredible power of creation that Play-Doh offers.

Couro Azul


Couro Azul is a strong player in the Automotive market. It also has a solid presence in the Railway and Aircraft markets.

Active Theory v4


The fourth iteration of our portfolio featuring latest work, experiments, and products.



Race Day requires optimal performance. Take a look at how the Citrix team uses data to analyze, model, & design the car.

In My World


In My World is a collaboration with photographer Robin Hammond. The website aims to raise awareness about the impact war, poverty and conflict can have on mental health issues.

Dunkirk WebVR


To promote the upcoming Warner Brothers' film, Dunkirk, we created a cooperative multi-player 360/WebVR experience allowing fans to escape the enemy and reenact the battle of Dunkirk.



"We The Fans" is a multiplatform storytelling project about life and love as a football fan. We created a digital experience centered around the Chicago Bears' biggest fans.

A World With No Heroes


Explore through 50 cameras the Bolivia of Ghost Recon WildlandsThe country has fallen into the hands of Santa Blanca Cartel who aims to create the biggest NarcoState in history

Paper Planes


Catch and throw Paper Planes with one another around the world: a simple concept using the power of the web and Android to create an instant connection to one another. (Best on mobile)


All the resources listed here are great places to start from when you feel like you are struggling with a creative block. The visions of other web designers or simply seeing aesthetically pleasing images will definitely get you started. Give them a shot and you’ll see how beneficial the results are.

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